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5 Zodiacs Who Give Second Chances After A Breakup

Some zodiacs will never want to see you again after a breakup. Other signs are more open to reconciliation. There’s a chance that they’ll get back together with their ex, even if it isn’t the best idea. Here are some zodiacs who might actually give you a second chance:


Libras are big believers in forgiveness. They believe people are capable of changing and don’t fault anyone for making mistakes. They also believe that timing is everything, so if they end up reuniting with an ex, they might decide to give the relationship another chance. Libras aren’t going to hold what you’ve done in the past against you, especially if you have acknowledged your mistakes and apologized. They care much more about peace and connection than resentment and revenge.


Once a Cancer grows attached to someone, they have a hard time saying goodbye. It takes them a long time to heal from a broken heart, so if their ex wants to get back together before they have fully gotten over the relationship, they will probably be open to giving this person another chance. Although Cancers might not forgive you completely, they are willing to put effort into fixing whatever is wrong with the relationship. They are willing to fight for the person they love because they understand relationships are rarely easy.


Virgos think with their heads over their hearts, so if they believe you deserve a second chance, they will give it to you. However, they aren’t going to get back into the same relationship if nothing has changed. They need to know that you have grown, and that you aren’t going to get into the same exact fights with them that you used to get into in the past. But if it’s clear that you’ve overcome the issues that tore you apart once before, then they might consider giving you a second chance.


Pisces care deeply about the way others feel. If their ex approaches them and wants to try again, then it’s going to be hard for them to say no. They are people-pleasers, so they don’t want to disappoint anyone. They don’t want to lose a friend, either. Pisces get incredibly attached to the people they care about, so even if it’s in their best interest to leave, there’s a chance they’ll get back together with an ex because they feel obligated.


Geminis feel differently from day to day. They might be mad at you in the moment, but they will forget what caused them to be so upset a few months down the line. They’re flexible and impulsive, so there’s always a chance the breakup won’t stick. If they realize that they’re interested in you again, they won’t think too much about whether or not getting back with you is a good idea. They’ll go with their gut. They’ll choose to have some fun. They won’t consider how this might impact them down the line if in the moment it feels right.