5 Zodiacs Who Just Want To Cuddle And Watch Horror Movies

Some zodiacs shy away from horror – especially on dates. They only want to do stereotypically sweet, romantic things with their partners, so anything gory is off the table. However, some other signs can’t get enough horror. Here are a few signs who would love nothing more than to cuddle their person while watching horror movies on the couch:


Aries want to date someone who makes them feel alive. To them, there’s no better feeling than their blood pumping, which is why they want to go on fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled dates. If they don’t have the time or cash to head to an amusement park to ride roller coasters, or to a haunted house to get jumpscared in person, then they’ll settle for a cozy date night on the couch while watching horror movies. They’re fearless, so they don’t mind holding their partner close and ‘protecting’ them during scary scenes.


Aquarius love horror because they’re fascinated by the choices people make in tough situations. Not only do they enjoy watching scary films with their partner, but they also love talking through the what-ifs with their partner. They love asking questions about how they would handle movie situations in the real world. Even after they’re done watching the film, they’ll still be talking about it for hours (or days) to come.


Sagittarius crave adventure, whether it’s in person or on a screen. If they aren’t able to whisk their partner away on a real-life journey, then living vicariously through their favorite characters is almost as good. Horror movies give them a chance to feel like they’re going through something special together, like they’re the only two people in the world. This sign is also big on humor, so they won’t mind if the movie is bad. In fact, sometimes they prefer horrible horror movies because they get a good laugh.  


Since their emotions are impacted by the people around them (and the people on their screen), scary movies can be hard for them to watch – unless they’re with their partner. The right person will make them feel completely safe. They will give a Pisces the chance to enjoy scary movies in a way they never could alone in a dark, empty room. Even though Pisces might not realize they’re a fan of horror, they will after watching some classic films with their partner. After all, a Pisces will take any excuse to cuddle. They want to be as close to their partner as possible at all times.  


Scorpios aren’t big talkers, so they would rather watch a movie while they’re cuddling than whisper sweet nothings into their partner’s ear. Horror is one of their favorite genres to watch because there’s a lot of mystery involved – and they’re the most mysterious sign in the zodiac. They aren’t always open about their emotions, but when watching horror, they feel like they’re allowed to feel something. They’re allowed to be scared. They’re allowed to be vulnerable. They don’t have to play it cool.