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5 Zodiacs Who Spend Their 20s Doubting Themselves

Some zodiacs have a hard time in their twenties. They’re struggling to find themselves and create happiness for themselves. Here are a few zodiacs who spend a huge chunk of their twenties doubting themselves:


Virgo, you excelled in a school atmosphere. You always felt like you knew what you were doing, at least when it came to your academics, because you’re a hard worker who never gives up. But now that you’re in your twenties, you’ve been feeling a little lost and uncertain. After all, your hard work won’t automatically pay off anymore. Your effort won’t always lead to the results you were hoping to see. But you can’t let that get you down. Success takes time. The road in front of you is long, but you are determined enough to reach your destination. You’ve got this. You just have to stay patient. 


Since you care so deeply about your family and friends, you have always defined yourself by the people you surround yourself with. But now that you’re in your twenties, you don’t have as much time to spend with your loved ones. You’re mostly on your own. Which means you have to create a life that makes you happy. You have to focus on your own wants and needs – and you’re not used to this type of thinking. You’re not used to being so independent. But you’re going to get used to it. You’re going to thrive. It’ll just take a little while for you to adjust.


Leo, you’re used to being the most confident person in the room. However, as you’re getting older, you’re starting to doubt yourself more and more. But that can actually be a good thing. That means that you’re challenging yourself. It means you’re facing new obstacles instead of remaining in your comfort zone. Remember, if you’re always the smartest person in the room, then you’re unable to learn anything new. It’s good that you’re pushing yourself. It’s good that you’re refusing to settle. 


You’re a logical sign, so you always have a plan. But when you were younger, you thought your life would stick to a certain timeline. You thought you could plan out your future better. But now that you’re older, you’re realizing that it’s hard to predict what the world is going to throw at you. It’s hard to reach milestones at the moments you intended to. But that’s okay. Life is unpredictable. You can’t control how long it’s going to take to reach certain goals and that’s okay – as long as you never give up. As long as you keep fighting for what you want from this world.


Aries, you like to pretend that you have your shit together, but you aren’t as confident as everyone thinks. You are struggling too. And that’s perfectly fine. You don’t have to know exactly what you want when you’re in your twenties. You have time to figure it out. You have time to learn about yourself and time to change your mind if you head down the wrong path. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself because you don’t need to predict your whole future right this second.