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5 Zodiacs Who Stay Single Until Their Heart Is Fully Healed

Some zodiacs are going to jump right back into the dating world, even when their heart is still hurting from a past relationship. But other signs are going to keep to themselves for a while. They’re going to wait until they’re really ready to put themselves out there again. Here are some zodiacs who stay single until their heart is fully healed:


Taurus have a hard time opening up to new people and trusting them to do the right thing – and this will be even harder for them right after a heartbreak. They will need some time to move on from what they experienced, to process their emotions and heal. They aren’t going to be in the mood to flirt with anyone new, let alone get in a relationship with anyone new, for a long time. Closure takes them quite a while, but that’s okay because they don’t mind being alone.


Scorpios aren’t great with forgiveness. They hold grudges. They stay bitter. When someone hurts their heart, they aren’t going to be able to think about anything else. Even after they’ve kicked that person out of their world, it will be hard for them to concentrate on other things. It will be hard for them to accept the horrible experiences that they’ve gone through and come out on the other side. Heartbreak makes them extra cynical, so they need a while to calm down. To remember that not everyone will treat them the way this person treated them.


Virgos are emotionally intelligent. They always try their best to do the right thing for themselves, and they know it wouldn’t be healthy for them to jump into a new relationship without fully getting over their last relationship. They want to make sure that they aren’t rushing into things, because they don’t want old insecurities to resurface in the future. They would rather deal with their problems now. They would rather take some time for themselves than distract themselves with a new love because they know those types of distractions are only a temporary solution.


Pisces are an emotional sign. When their feelings get hurt, they aren’t able to recover quickly. That’s why they need some time to themselves after breakups. They need to process their emotions, to cry their eyes out, to feel sorry for themselves. They won’t mope around forever, but they need a period of mourning in order to make it through the experience. Once they get it out of their system and heal their heart, they can start to love again.


Cancers are pessimists. Even though they dream of being in committed relationships, it’s hard for them to trust that another person genuinely cares about them. It’s hard for them to be open and vulnerable – and this is extra hard after a heartbreak. They won’t want to get hurt again, so they will hide themselves away. They will assume that everyone is out to hurt them and will have a hard time believing that people have good intentions. Even if they miss being in a relationship, they won’t be able to get into another (healthy) relationship with someone new until their heart is fully healed.