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This Is Exactly How To Display Commitment To Each Zodiac Sign


The number one way to prove your commitment to an Aries (and to make them want to commit to you) is to let them do what they want to do. The Ram values their independence and space. They want the liberty to go out and stay in when they feel like it—alone or otherwise. There are periods in which an Aries is active and social and periods in which they’re isolating to pursue their goals. Respecting just how much both mean to an Aries shows them that you truly understand who they are at the core. Driven, daring, wild, and courageous. A powerful leader. 

Encourage their free spirit. Be excited for them when they’re going on a weekend trip alone or with their friends. Put in effort into keeping up with their adventurous nature without stifling them. Trust that they will come back to you. That they want to come back to you. Aries gets a bad rep for being a player and for pulling back, but they make for loyal partners in the long run. They’ve weighed the situation before even investing time in a relationship, and like anything else, they don’t want to see it fail. Aries cherishes anyone they’ve chosen.  

Support an Aries in their careers and dreams. Praise their accomplishments and never let them go unnoticed. Take them out to a nice dinner where you can show them off while celebrating them. Order champagne. Dance away the night with them, putting them in the spotlight. When it’s just the two of you alone, share your deepest ambitions. Breaking your walls would go a long way with an Aries. Being vulnerable wasn’t easy for them. If you want to show them just how in it you are, give them reciprocation. 

Words don’t mean anything to an Aries. Prove yourself through actions. The Aries wants sincerity, affection, and unconditional love more than anything. Give them your full attention. Show them patience when they’re blunt, but learn to stand up for yourself. Challenge them and don’t let them walk away. Holding them accountable tells them that you’re not going anywhere. 

Aries craves stability and spontaneity. Demonstrate that you are an independent, reliable, and open-minded partner. Give them your loyalty and be sure of theirs. 


Taurus wants to know you’re in it for the long haul. In a relationship, there’s nothing more important to them than emotional security. Taurus is misconstrued as being materialistic, however that isn’t the case. For them money is important because it means freedom. Freedom means security, and happiness lies in security for a Taurus. They want someone who is as invested as they are in love. Taurus takes their responsibilities in relationships very seriously. Commit to a Taurus by showing them that you want to build something genuine and lasting together. 

The Bull is plagued with insecurity, though they may be stubborn and hesitant to admit it. Reassurance goes a long way for a Taurus. Don’t just use your words to reassure them but put it into action. Prioritize them. Carve out quality time with them in a place where you can be alone together. Be present. Make them feel heard and close to you. They want authentic connection and someone to be able to be their true selves around. Make them feel not only accepted but special for being exactly who they are. Love for a Taurus is comfort. 

Ruled by Venus, a Taurus longs to feel desired. Romance your Taurus. Cook dinner for them, a fine meal tailored to their exquisitely curated tastes. Stimulate their senses. Find ways to physically connect with them. A graze on the knee. Holding the hand in their car while driving. Cuddles on cozy Saturday mornings. They love sweetness and the little things go a long way in making them feel your devotion, as does pampering and making them feel nurtured. They find security in their fingers intertwined with yours. 

They crave constancy and stability above all else. Be consistent in your words and actions. Show them that you’re thinking of them. Follow through with plans, calls, and texts. Pick them before anyone else (in the logical realm of things). Prove your loyalty. Bestow them your undying respect for their efforts. 


Tell a Gemini how blessed you were by the cosmos for putting them into your life. Expressing how lucky you are to have them makes them feel reassured. Make them feel like they’re the one and only in this world and every world. The butterfly of the zodiac craves to be adored, but they also want to be secure in the fact that you can be their sanctuary. 

Love for them means friendship. Make an effort to become their best friend. Include them in all your weekend plans. Ask them to do everyday things with you. Surprise them by picking them up for a spontaneous exploit. Be someone they can count on and feel comfortable opening up to. Listen to everything they have to say. Let them go on seven minute long tirades and hang on their every word. Respond thoughtfully. Geminis must feel heard to feel loved. Skip the small talk and dive into the deep waters of conversation. 

Geminis are one of the most generous of the zodiacs. They give a piece of their soul away in love. Settling down isn’t something they take lightly. They need to be able to trust you and know you’ll never lie to them. Communication for a Gemini is key. Be transparent with them, no matter how unpleasant it may be. Be understanding when they give you their truth. 

Don’t try to pluck a Gemini’s wings. Let them fly and join them in the air. Keep up with their lifestyle and make room in yours to adjust for theirs. Be willing to put yourself through new experiences with them. Place energy into becoming intimate with their interests. Be open-minded and allow yourself to be conquered through the mind. 


Cancers don’t open up easily, mainly because they may have been hurt in the past. They’ve always gone out of their way to care for others, but chances are they may have misplaced their energy into the wrong people. A Cancer needs to know you’re someone they can trust. You must make them feel like you’re not going anywhere for them to crack their hard shell and show you their soft insides. Make them feel comfortable and safe by doing everything in your power to make them feel as secure as possible. They tend to cater to the needs of everyone else, but deep down all they want is someone to make them feel emotionally supported and taken care of. Be dependable and never catch them off guard. Listen to them intently and advise them thoughtfully. 

Cancer needs reassurance that your future is set and happily secure. Nothing would mean more to them than you being vulnerable with them. It’s what makes them feel wanted. You must fully let a Cancer into your life. This is how you truly win their trust and respect. The Crab wants you to put your true emotions on full display. Be open. Get deep. It goes a long way with their huge hearts and sensitive spirits. 

Learn all that you can about them. Ask them everything they want from love, life, and a relationship. Appreciate everything they’re interested in. Make an effort to socialize and become close with their friends and family. Learn their habits and join them in partaking in them. Do domestic things with them. Accompany them to the grocery store, help them with chores, and cook together. 

Be their tranquility. The place they can run to when it storms for calm. Help them relax and show them how to put their hair down. Give them your patience, loyalty, and transparency. Dote on them with your unfiltered affection. Recognize how much they go out of their way to make you feel special. 


Leo longs to be persuaded and wooed. They want to feel like they’re the only one on the earth you could ever dream of being with. No one is as generous as a Leo, and they feel deeply. In love, it’s all or nothing. What they want more than anything is to feel your pure appreciation and devotion. A Lion must be respected and admired. Treat them like royalty. 

Ego and pride are essential to a Leo. Their hidden insecurity stems from a need to feel powerful. Stroke their ego. Avoid behavior that will make them jealous, and when jealousy is ignited, look them in the eyes and tell them that they are the sun of your world. Tell them how amazing they are at all times. They won’t ask you for it, but they need that reassurance. Learn ways to boost their self-esteem. Give Leo your affirmations of love and of their magnificence. Provide them with your undying support and be forgiving, but show them that you’re not afraid to call them out and be honest with them. Leo needs a partner with a spine.

Leo is strong and independent, but they have a soft spot for being taken care of. Swear your loyalty to them. Spoil them. Respect their boundaries. Be understanding of their selfishness and show them you are willing to grow together. Focus on them and no one else. Give them the validation they crave through consistent displays of devotion. Constant reminders of love are important to a Leo. The gestures you use to demonstrate your love can be grand or simple. The important thing is that they prove you listened to them and understand who they are. 

Show them off on IG and let them know you’re proud. Make them feel like arm candy taking them out to dinner. Provide them with the occasional thoughtful surprise gift. More than gifts, emotional connection is what’s crucial to a Leo. Let your natural light shine through and be open about who you really are. Admire them, but let yourself be admired, too, by being a loyal, passionate, and protective partner. 


Virgo needs you to see past their barriers and self-imposed walls. They came into this world with built-in protective barricades, but it’s their dream to be uncovered. Virgo also tends to be extremely analytical and critical of themselves, making it even more difficult to let their guard down. They have an inherent fear of love, so show them that they don’t need to protect themselves with you. Encourage them to not keep their emotions bottled up. Accept their weird quirks. Be patient with them through their trust issues. Compliment their softness and beautiful heart. They don’t show that side of themselves to just anyone, a Virgo is all warmth and tenderness on the inside. Talking openly with them and appealing to their emotions means so much to a Virgo. They will value your initiative and feel more safe with you. 

Pay attention to them and ask thoughtful questions about their passions. Share your own aspirations. Put in energy into figuring them out. Have a clear understanding of their wants and needs. Respect their need for space. Learn their habits and routines and make them privy to yours. Offer a hand in their everyday life and support their work life. Be someone who’s there to help them solve their problems. Provide your help without them having to ask you for it. If they have to work late, surprise them by cleaning up their apartment and having dinner ready for them. The little things help a lot with assuring Virgo you’re someone they can depend on. Prove that you can be their rock. 

Virgo is compassionate and tends to place other people’s happiness above their own. Go deeper with showing your affection by recognizing their efforts in making you feel cared for. A “thank you” means a lot more to a Virgo than an “I love you.” 


For Libra, love and harmony go hand in hand. What they need most from you is a sense of complete and boundless peace. In all of their relationships, they strive for nothing but serenity. Constant tranquility is imperative for a Libra to feel happy. They spend so much time being pensive and constantly assessing situations that they need their loved ones to guarantee calm and relaxation. Be the person who helps them find ways from drowning in self-doubt when they spiral. Assure them everything will be okay and that there’s nothing in the world that they can’t conquer. Remind them it’s not always up to them to make sure that justice is served, and it doesn’t fall on their shoulders to keep the universe in balance. 

You must also make it clear where you stand with a Libra. Libra needs to know that you’re as invested as they are in the relationship. They have a need to be in control of their own destiny, and if they want you to be end game, they need to know that they are yours too. Make plans for the future with them. Make them feel like they’re the apple of your eye and the only one in the world who matters. Take out time from your busy schedule to spend quality time together. Love them by focusing on their wants and needs without being prompted. 

Unveil your beauty to a Libra. They need someone they can speak openly with and really get to know. Libra likes to tell it straight and they need someone who will do the same for them. Make your presence feel like home to them. Demonstrate that you can see their perspectives, even if they deviate from your own. Learn to enjoy the comfortable silence when it comes. Form bonds with their loved ones. Satisfy their need to spend as much time as they want to spend with you, but encourage their space and independence. 

Never stop with the sweet sentiments and stay on top of your romance game. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but dreamy dates, picnics under stars, and gestures that make them feel special go a long way. Say “I love you.” 


That thing you’ve heard about never having to prove yourself to anyone doesn’t hold true when it comes to Scorpio. You’re going to have to provide them with receipts of your love, loyalty, and devotion. Scorpio wants to be in love forever but struggles with opening themselves up to even those who are closest to them. There’s always something simmering beneath a Scorpio’s tough exoskeleton. They’re closed off about their inner workings and are masters at only showing you what they want you to see. Being as highly private as they are, they may not even speak half of what’s on their mind. Letting someone in doesn’t come lightly to them. Be patient in the reciprocation. 

Their deepest yearning and fear are the same—to be discovered. Put in work into figuring them out. Take time peeling back their protective layers. Never share anything a Scorpio has entrusted you with. Be consistent in your efforts to strengthen your romantic and emotional bond. Make them feel comfortable opening up by disclosing your own deepest, darkest secrets. They want to hear about those things you’ve never told to another single soul. Remember everything that they ever disclose to you. Be an open book. Make your intentions clear. Go to any length to prove that you’re worthy of their vulnerability. 

Don’t play games. Be direct and transparent. Remember that omission is lying and lying is betrayal. Scorpio may act like they’ve forgiven, but they will never forget. Reassure them that you couldn’t ever hurt them and follow through with your actions. This is how you demonstrate your loyalty to them. They need to know you will be faithful and are someone that can always be counted on. Know how to quiet their jealousies. Be the one who shows them that they never have to be possessive with a lover because the real thing will always come home at night. 

Always do what you say you’ll do. Keeping your word is of utmost importance to Scorpio. Deviate in any form and you will be triggering their trust and abandonment issues. Scorpio is haunted by their heartbreak’s past. Don’t give them any reason to deduce that you’ll do them dirty the way their exes did. When they assume the worst, help them not get caught up in the details, but instead see the biggest picture. Tell them that for you it’s them. Only them. 

Be a match to their intensity. Scorpio can’t bear to think you’ll be just another person who will look at them and tell them, “You’re too much.” They’re incredibly selective, so act as if the simple act of holding their hand is a privilege. Convince them that you are completely and utterly seduced by them. Tell them that you want them to be the most fierce and lasting love of your life. 


The Archer doesn’t settle easily, but when they do they honor their commitment. Sag wants you to be their friend and partner in crime. They yearn for someone to make them feel accepted and embrace their affinity for the unconventional. 

Provide them consistency without sacrificing their liberty. Balance them out without trampling on their free spirit. Let them shine. Never try to hold them back from the experiences they want to have and goals they want to accomplish. Recognize their needs inside and outside the relationship and respect those. Make sure they are heard and understood. Appreciate their values and those things they hold the most dear. Those can be as equally serious as they are exciting. Cherish their spontaneity, as well as their drive and ambition. Support their aspirations and do all you can to help them realize their dreams. Share your passions with them and express that you want them to be a part of the life you’re building. 

Encourage them into new experiences instead of talking them out of adventure. Join in on their escapades to show them that you want to come along for the ride of a lifetime. Keep up with them when they want you to. Surprise them by traveling together to a place that’s home to a language they have always wanted to learn. Be willing to leap into the unknown together. Don’t overthink it with a Sag! 

Allow them to fly like a bird when they need to explore the views alone in the air. Demonstrate that you never will be one to want to make them feel constrained. Celebrate them for being exactly who they are. Make them feel like a treasure. Open up to their friends about how wonderful they are. Acknowledge and reciprocate their sweet gestures and generous nature. Be patient through conflict and their bluntness. Practice forgiveness, but stand up for yourself to show them that you aren’t planning on going anywhere. 


You had to dig deep to get to their heart. Don’t stop digging for all that Capricorn gold. It is a privilege to know them so profoundly. Their strong convictions didn’t make it easy for you to win them over. Keep going out of your way for their time and attention. There’s a deep desire in them to devote their heart and soul to you, but love is serious for them. Cap is analyzing and formulating, wondering if you’re in it for the long run. Can you provide the affection and support they ache for? 

Be someone they can be proud of. For Capricorn, love means home. Provide a shoulder and hand during rocky periods. Be present even when they don’t need you. Be a partner in every sense of the word. Behave in ways that show you’re dependable and reliable. Satisfy their longing for steadiness. Practice forthrightness. Earn their trust and keep it—it’s a delicate, precious gem to hold. Capricorn needs to know where you stand and that you’re on the same page. Give them the certainty that there’s potential to build a future together. Make a plan with them. 

Create unique traditions together—things that can bring you closer into becoming family. Brunch picnics at the park every Saturday. A trip to a special place on their birthday every year. Put them before your friendships and social obligations. 

Reciprocate emotionally and financially. It’s not about the money for them but about being confident in the fact that you are as invested in building a secure life and home together as they are. Capricorn needs stability to feel safe. They need reassurance that you’re creating something lasting and strong

Shower them with affection. The little things mean a lot to a Cap. Praise their hard work and celebrate their accomplishments. Send them thoughtful messages. Tell them they inspire you. Be self-sufficient and clear in your expectations. Show them that their approval is the only one that matters. 


Give Aquarius the sovereignty to be themselves and love them for it. They’re strange and mystical. They love to dream. They require constant stimuli. They hop on the next train out West on a moment’s notice. Then, get silent chasing their intellectual pursuits. Show them that you won’t be possessive by respecting their space when they need it. Freedom means everything to them, and so would your refusal to constrain it. Demonstrate to Aquarius that you sincerely and wholeheartedly trust them. Let them be their own person, all the while nurturing a solid relationship. Love and accept who they are. 

Understanding an Aquarius is key. Put in effort into unlocking their mysteries because they deeply value intimacy. They need someone they can talk to about anything—someone they can have deep conversation with. Form a deep friendship with your Aquarius lover. Be their companion. Appreciate their bizarre antics, quirks, and eccentric nature. Make them feel like you cherish their company. Take responsibility for your failures and mistakes. 

Show interest in the causes they care about and understand their ideals are important to them. Appreciate their obscure taste in literature, music, and art. Encourage their interests. Aquarius is constantly challenging to improve themselves, prove your desire to learn and grow with them. Travel the world with your Aquarius. Romance them in those magical places you find off the beaten path. 


Pisces wants true love and lives for it. They dream of finding the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with who will make as excellent of a long-term companion as they will. Their love is rare and deep. Pisces needs you to be their lover, partner, and best friend. An equal. An ideal relationship for The Fish is a harmonious one. Talk your way out of conflict with calm and bury your aggressiveness in the backyard. When you make mistakes, make it up to win them back. Be their serenity. 

Learn to read your elusive Pisces. They’re not likely to say what they want or what’s on their mind. Pisces is a great listener and needs someone to make them feel seen and heard. Be as nurturing and compassionate with them as they are with everyone else. Pisces is emotional and sensitive. Praise that sensitivity as a strength and a testament to their deep sense of caring. There’s a long history of people who have tried to beat the beautiful softness out of Pisces. Worship their tenderness and thank them each day for it. Keep up with their feelings and learn how to accommodate and hold space for them. 

Encourage them to be free and come back home to you. Pisces can’t live without a creative outlet to express themselves. They’re artistic and poetic souls. Encourage their hobbies and imagination. Understand that Pisces values their alone time to be able to not only create but to move freely. They live by the flow and waves of their waters—don’t try to keep them contained. Make Pisces feel needed, but never attempt to control them

Don’t stop sweeping the Pisces in your life off their feet. Their idea of love is the fairytale kind. Cultivate passion and romance. Be generous with your displays of affection. Take them as they are and dive into their bottomless ocean. For Pisces, love is a connection of souls. Crack your chest open and pull your ribs back to completely bare yourself to them. Tell them exactly what you think and how you feel about them. Wear your heart on the sleeve of the sweater they gave you. Let them know you’re in it until the end. 

Although they have a powerful intuition, they’ve taken the plunge and been overly trusting in the past. Don’t let them get caught up in their own thoughts. Swear to them that you’ll never abandon them. Give them as endless of a love as their boundlessness.