6 Signs You Are Too Trusting For Your Own Good

6 Signs You Are Too Trusting For Your Own Good

Whenever someone hurts you, you forgive them without a second thought.

If someone makes the same mistakes over and over again, they are no longer mistakes. They are conscious choices. You don’t want to keep someone in your life who disrespects your boundaries and ignores your needs. If you’ve already explained to someone that their actions are hurting you and they refuse to take steps to change, it’s okay for you to cut them out of your world or limit contact. You’re not a selfish person for standing up for yourself.

You focus on the best in others and ignore the worst.

It’s wonderful that you see the best in people. However, you need to be careful with the behaviors you choose to ignore. You don’t want to tolerate all of the horrible things someone does, simply because they’re usually nice to you. Everyone makes mistakes, but if someone is rude half the time and sweet half the time, you don’t have to put up with them. You don’t have to withstand their abuse, hoping that their tune will change sometime soon and they’ll be nice again. The right people will treat you well all the time, not half the time.

You end up doing a lot of favors that are never returned.

You shouldn’t treat others well in the hopes you’ll get something in return. However, you shouldn’t accept one-sided relationships, either. If you’ll answer the phone at any time of night and come running when a certain someone needs you, but they don’t even text back half the time, the scales are unbalanced. You aren’t receiving the same amount of effort that you’re putting in. You don’t want to exhaust yourself trying to make someone happy who couldn’t care less about your happiness. Time is precious. Be careful who you spend it on.

You never question the stories you’re told.

You believe everything that your loved ones tell you, even when the details aren’t lining up. You assume the other person is being honest with you, even when they’ve given you every reason to distrust them. It’s beautiful that you have so much faith in other people. You don’t want this world to harden your heart, but you should still be careful. You don’t want to let the wrong people take advantage of your soft heart. Not everyone has intentions that are as pure as yours. If something isn’t lining up, it’s okay to ask why.

You come up with excuses for unfair behavior.

When someone hurts you, you assume they had a perfectly good reason. Even if they refuse to apologize, you decide that they deserve another chance. However, you need to remember that you deserve to be treated better. You don’t deserve to be treated like a backup plan or inconvenience. You deserve to be treated right.

You keep getting disappointed in the same people.

You keep putting your heart in the wrong hands. Whenever you get excited, your hopes end up dashed because the people in your life never follow through on their plans. They make promises they have no intention of keeping. They tell you what you want to hear in order to keep you around – and it works. You let them get away with hurting you, so they keep doing it again and again.