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6 Zodiacs That Fall In Love Quickly (And 3 That Take Forever)

Falling in love looks different for everyone and doesn’t happen the same way every time for individual people. Some fall hard and fast, others slow and steady. Some follow their heart without question, while others need to be more strategic and rational, opting to follow their head.

Here are the zodiac signs that fall in love the fastest, and three that go slowly.

Fast! đź’¨

1. Taurus 

A Taurus won’t fall in love on a whim or with just anyone. They know exactly what is they want… and when they find it, they fall hard and fast with no hesitation. They don’t just go where their hearts lead and fall in love not merely because it feels right but because it is right. When a Taurus commits, they commit hard and they won’t give up on a relationship so easily. If they’re in it, they will commit their full self to make it work and won’t quit without putting up a solid fight. 

2. Aries 

Impulsive and energetic Aries don’t waste time on anything, including falling in love! An Aries is usually immediately aware of whether to not they’re into someone and whether or not they want to jump into a relationship. They don’t always think things through and can sometimes fall out of love as quickly as they fall into it. They also love the “falling in love” stage a little more than the being in love stage. The best partner for Aries is someone who is equally engaging and dynamic to keep that fire burning. 

3. Cancer 

Sensitive Cancer is a romantic at heart who falls in love easily and loves the idea of love. When you love, you love hard and when it ends, you won’t ever forget and carry both the love and the pain with you for the rest of your life. But no matter how badly you’ve been hurt, you never give up on your quest to find true love and value this above almost all else. 

4. Libra 

Known for being indecisive, Libras may not move as quickly as some of the other signs who love to love, but they too fall in love fast. Libras can easily get swept up in excitement and beauty and this can cause them to fall in love before really even knowing someone. They are known to get easily drunk on love and when things get too intense, a Libra will typically pull back to recalibrate. 

5. Gemini 

You fall in love relatively quickly… but true to your “two-faced” nature, you can fall out of love just as easily. It’s easy to seduce you and you are naturally curious about others so you can very easily get swept away by someone. 

6. Sagittarius 

You are open, free, and fun so it makes sense you fall in love fast. You aren’t afraid of taking risks or chances so nothing holds you back from diving in head first. It’s fine to go all in, but just make sure you’re falling in love with the actual person and not just the idea of them. 

Now let’s look at the signs that are a little more cautious when it comes to love…

Slow! 🟡

1. Virgo

Virgos fall in love very slowly and have a hard time truly letting someone else in. They have a bit of a pessimistic view of love and can’t fully put their heart on the line, knowing how easily it can be broken. But when Virgo does fall in love, they go all in and love hard.

2. Capricorn

Strong and strategic, Capricorns are not quick to give their hearts away. They approach love the way they approach most things in life, it has to be a strategic investment. Capricorns fiercely protect their independence and don’t want to feel too dependent on someone else. When a Capricorn does make the decision to go all in, they are very loving and loyal partners.

3. Scorpio

Scorpios don’t trust easily and as a result, are slow to fall in love. Scorpios value self-control and you need to relinquish at least some of that when falling in love, which is why they fight so hard against it. When they do ultimately decide to let someone in, they go all in and are loving, loyal, fiercely devoted partners.