Darina Belonogova

6 Zodiacs Who Wear Their Heartbreak On Their Sleeve


Pisces, you are a sign that is emotional and sentimental to your core. Due to your innate ability to feel deeply, hiding your emotions is nearly impossible. When you are hurting, people know because you are openly express your pain and sadness. Even if you feel you’re hiding it well, your body language and overall subdued state says otherwise. Ultimately, you wear your heart on your sleeve which means, you wear your heartbreak on your sleeve as well.


Heartbreak is one of the world’s most painful and disorienting feelings. Libra, you are motivated by harmony and the need to keep your life in balance at all times. When your equilibrium is thrown off, it’s known because you dive into a hole of not feeling or acting like yourself. Heartbreak shakes up your world, leaving you off balance for a little while; it happens to the best of us.


When a Leo’s pride is hurt, they have a tendency to retreat and lick their wounds. For a sign that’s typically front and center, boasting charismatically about their thoughts, feelings, and ideas, it’s noticeable when they hide away. Heartbreak pushes your confidence away for some time, Leo, and the world takes notice.


For an earthy sign that’s typically very grounded and at peace, heartbreak throws you into a total whirlwind. Your emotions unravel and you lose your innate sense of calm. It’s easy for your loved ones to see when you are hurting because they can sense your distress and watch as you retreat from the creative world you adore. With time, you’re able to return to the arts, but in the meantime, you wallow.


Routine, routine, routine. That’s what keeps a Capricorn going. They are incredibly reliant on their daily habits and naturally want to control every bit of their life so they can prevent the unexpected from throwing them off. But heartbreak is one thing that can’t be controlled sometimes and when Capricorn is thrust into a new reality full of change and routine shifts, they are left completely disoriented. Their mind grows frazzled, they fall behind on their beloved work and hobbies, and their friends can’t help but notice they’re not themselves when their heart is hurting.


A fiery Aries burns red hot when their heart is hurting. When a prideful Aries is wounded, they grow irritable and irrationally mad because their confidence in a relationship that felt so certain has been squandered. Loved ones take notice when Aries is heartbroken because they want to stay out of the line of fire and notice the anger bubbling beneath Aries surface. With time, they will return to the zealous, self-assured Aries everyone knows and loves, but in the meantime, they are ferocious.