7 Concrete Signs You're Not Okay (Even Though You Keep Insisting You Are)
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7 Concrete Signs You’re Not Okay (Even Though You Keep Insisting You Are)

You need to be honest with yourself about how you’re feeling. You don’t want to stuff your emotions away until you explode. You don’t want to minimize your own emotions and act like you don’t have the right to feel stressed or upset. Your emotions are valid, so you don’t need to hide them. Here are the concrete signs you’re not okay, even though you keep insisting that you are:

You keep melting down when tiny little things go wrong.

Chances are, you aren’t actually upset over the fact that you spilled a glass of water or dropped your bag. You’re upset over something bigger, but since you aren’t giving yourself the space to process those emotions, all of that anger and sadness and frustrating is coming out at random times, like when something small goes wrong that you normally wouldn’t think twice about.

No matter how long you sleep, you still feel tired.

If you have been getting a decent amount of sleep each night, or have even been oversleeping and still feel exhausted constantly, you might not be physically tired. You could be emotionally tired. Talking through how you’re feeling with a friend or a therapist could help, but the first step is admitting how you’re feeling to yourself.

You’ve been distancing yourself from the people you enjoy the most.

You’ve been withdrawing socially because you haven’t been in the mood to deal with people lately. You have been turning down invitations out and hiding yourself away unless you’re forced to go to work or grocery shop. Unless it’s mandatory for you to leave the house, you stay in – and that’s perfectly fine every once in a while. But if shutting out the people you love the most is becoming a habit, something is wrong.

Little things feel like mountainous tasks to you.

You have been wearing the same clothing for days because the thought of changing is too stressful. It’s the same with brushing your hair and your teeth, or showering, or eating a proper meal. You haven’t been taking care of yourself the way you deserve because every movement feels too tough.

Your negativity has completely taken over your thoughts.

Lately, you are only focused on the bad. You struggle to think positively about yourself or what the future holds for you. Even good things feel like they’re going to get ripped away soon, so you struggle to enjoy them.

You stop pursuing your favorite hobbies.

You aren’t doing what makes you happy anymore because you’ve lost interest in it. You don’t have the motivation to do the things that used to bring you excitement because your energy is depleted. You would rather just sit around.

You only have complaints whenever someone asks how you’re doing.

When anyone asks about your day, you either pretend you’re fine or go on a long rant about everything wrong in the world. You never have anything positive to say because you can’t think of a single good thing going on in your life. But remember, you can always bounce back from whatever you’re experiencing. You can get through this period of your life. You are going to feel okay again eventually. You just have to give it time, and do whatever you can to help yourself, whether that means attending therapy or spending more time on self-care.