7 Red Flags All Leos Are Guilty Of In Relationships

Let’s be honest—Leo signs can be pretty irresistible, especially when it comes to dating. Often the center of attention without trying, Leos tend to have a particular charm that many are effortlessly drawn to. Yet that doesn’t mean they are always the most perfect relationship partners. 

While there are red flags that all of us have, there are a few that Leos, in particular, can be guilty of if they aren’t careful.

Needing to be the number one priority 24/7

Make no mistake—when Leo’s are invested in a person, they are all in. While they may be known for seeking out the spotlight for themselves, Leo signs are actually quite generous in nature with their loved ones. They won’t hesitate to put their partner on a pedestal—but the catch is they desire that same treatment from their significant other. While relationships are about balance, Leos mustn’t require their partner to focus on only them, especially when they have other important people and priorities to maintain. 

Being possessive 

Similarly, most Leos will admit they aren’t a big fan of sharing. While in their minds they know that a person doesn’t actually belong to them, it doesn’t entirely stop them from acting like it. If they aren’t checking themselves, they can be a tad possessive over the person they have feelings for, which isn’t always a good thing.

Centering how they feel in a situation over how the other person feels

In the heat of the moment, it’s no shock that this fire sign can get pretty intense. Sometimes, when trying to communicate their feelings in an argument, Leos can be guilty of centering the situation based on their feelings and experiences, rather than taking into account anyone else involved. 

Needing validation and getting upset when they don’t receive it

Leos may not actually need validation, but they certainly thrive on it. This is especially true when it comes to their partners—they want to hear all kinds of affirmation. This isn’t a red flag, because honestly, we all want to be told wonderful things by our significant others. However, Leos can get a tad passive-aggressive if they aren’t getting the validation they seek and can cause more problems than they plan in the process.

Putting their status before other important things in their life

Let’s be honest—Leos aren’t afraid to admit they care about their image. This isn’t always specific to physical beauty but applies to the type of career they have, the group of friends they hang out with, and the type of people they choose to date. Leos want to be impressed and be impressive. Sometimes this can lead to tunnel vision that has them entering into relationships that boost their image more than capturing their heart, which can lead to some awkward conversations down the road. 

Having a difficult time letting things go

While on the outside Leos can see cool, calm, and collected, their inner world can look quite different. When dealing with conflict or an argument, they can often look at things objectively and decide to forgive and try to move on—but more often than not, this is easier than it sounds. While they may choose to move on from the argument, they can still hold a bit of a grudge if they haven’t fully worked through the issue. They will pretend everything is fine, but can still be a bit bitter about something that happened in the past, which can spell disaster later on.

Getting too competitive 

Similar to the desire to have a high status, some unhealthy Leos may struggle to share the spotlight with a potential partner. While they want to date someone impressive, they don’t want to be partnered with someone who will fully outshine them—and they can become a bit competitive if they sense that the person they are dating might be getting a little more attention.