7 Unbreakable Relationship Rules People With High Standards Follow

7 Relationship Rules Women With High Standards Follow

When you have high standards, you aren’t going to settle for less than you deserve. Here are some unbreakable relationship rules people with high standards follow (and remember, even if you’ve lowered your standards for someone in the past, you can always make a change today):

You won’t stay in a relationship that isn’t working. You don’t view the single life as a prison sentence. You’re comfortable with the idea of being alone because you understand that it’s so much better than forcing yourself to remain in the wrong relationship. You won’t stay with someone in order to spare their feelings or make your relatives happy. You’ll do what you know is best deep down in your heart.

You won’t pretend you’re okay when there’s a problem with the relationship. You’ll talk it through with the other person. You’ll voice your opinion and share why you feel that way so you can work toward a solution together. You aren’t going to pretend that you’re perfectly fine when you’ve been crying behind closed doors because you understand the only way the problem is going to be fixed is if the other person knows about it.

You won’t let someone else determine your worth. You know that, regardless of how a partner feels about you, you have value. Your relationship status doesn’t determine your worth. This person’s personal opinion doesn’t determine your worth. You do.

You won’t let someone make a habit out of speaking down to you. Every couple has their arguments, but you won’t stay with someone who fights dirty. Someone who resorts to name calling and throws things you’re insecure about in your face in order to ‘win’ the argument. You demand respect, even when you and your partner are in a bad mood.

You won’t let your relationship become your whole life. You understand that there’s more to life than love. Even though you treat your partners as priorities, you also know the benefit of alone time. You have things outside of the relationship that make you happy, hobbies and passions that you’re excited to pursue. Even though your partner is a huge part of your world, you aren’t relying on them and only them to make you happy.

You won’t change yourself in order to please someone else. You believe in growth and will do your best every single day. But you aren’t going to randomly change the way you look or behave, simply because you think it will keep someone else interested in you. If your partner doesn’t like you exactly the way you are, then you’ll head for the door. You aren’t going to make decisions purely based off of what they want.

You won’t beg someone to love you. You know that you deserve someone who sees your worth from the start. You shouldn’t have to explain why you would make a good partner or teach them how to treat you right. The right person for you wouldn’t make unforgivable mistakes. They wouldn’t hurt you beyond repair. And you know that now.