Keenan Constance

8 Little Reminders For When You’re Feeling Lost

1. Just because you’re not sure where you are supposed to go doesn’t mean that you will stay in the space of uncertainty forever. Take a deep breath and write down what’s racing through your mind and your heart and your head. Seeing your thoughts on paper might surprise you and give you a bit of a roadmap, too.  

2. Those who say that they’ve got life all figured out aren’t being honest, but you don’t need to compare yourself to them, anyway. Look inward for your answers before you try looking out.

3. Life will often feel overwhelming — you’re not alone in that. 

4. When life feels overwhelming, take inventory of what you’re taking on, and pick the moments you can rest or delegate. Additionally, think about the weight you’re carrying upon your back and permit yourself to place some of it down. You don’t have to hold it forever.

5. Remember that there is a difference between being responsible and playing it so safe that you never take a chance or a leap or a risk. It would be a shame to constantly live your life in your comfort zone and never try.

6. Let failure be your teacher. Making mistakes is part of life, and instead of letting it derail you completely, perhaps you could try thinking of it as your teacher. Now you know what not to do. Now, you know how to pick yourself back up after a fall. Now, you know how to adjust your actions and your plan accordingly. 

7. Let tomorrow be your guide. It’s easy to feel lost if you’re trying to plan 10, 20, 30 years down the line. And while planning is essential, sometimes it can be more effective and productive to take life one day at a time. 

8. Remember that you get to make your own map. You get to decide where to go. You get to choose when you want to pick the compass up and head in a direction or if you’d prefer to meander around the woods or the shore or the backroads for a bit. It’s your life and your journey, so you get to decide what the map looks like, too.