Matheus Bertelli

8 Zodiacs Who Will Always Attract An Aries


Aries adores Leo’s entire being. From their moral code of honesty to their bright sense of wonder, the fire sign loves how much Leo knows what they want and doesn’t take no for an answer.


Aries love their fellow fire sign’s sense of adventure. They love how there is never a dull moment with Sagittarius and how they can truly call each other best friends. They understand each other entirely and can depend on each other during tough times.


There is forever an invisible string tied to Aries and Libra. Either the best of friends or romantic partners, the fire sign loves Libra’s mind and their sense of consideration for others. They love being around them and learning from them.


Aries is inspired by who Aquarius is. They are especially attracted to the air sign’s unapologetic way of embracing their uniqueness. They love how they march to their drum and everything they learn from them.


Aries loves Gemini the way they are. From their mind to their enthusiasm of the world, the fire sign enjoys more life when they’re around them. They love quirkiness and all the ways they make them smile.


Aries adores Pisces’ heart, which is why they’re most attracted to the water sign’s compassion and kindness. Whether lovers or friends, Pisces will always be someone the fire sign wants in their life.


Aries relates to Taurus’ ambition. They love their determination and structured way of getting the things they want. They’re also attracted to the earth sign’s love for their family. They love how dependable and trustworthy Taurus can be.


Aries adores Scorpio’s level of loyalty and determination and how fearlessly they love. They’re attracted to the intensity and air of mystery that looms over the water sign. They love their passion and how much Scorpio is willing to step into the unknown.