Анна Галашева

9 Good Habits That Will Never Fail You

1. Drinking more water is always a good idea.

It’ll help you feel hydrated, and therefore you’ll be more clear-headed and refreshed. 

2. Thinking about what you say before you say it.

Of course, there will be times in life when you might have a moment of verbal diarrhea, but more often than not, it’s best to think before you speak.

3. Read the entire article—not just the headline.

It’s easy to scroll past news articles and think that you know exactly what the rest of the piece will say, but chances are you’d be incredibly wrong. 

4. Read more.

Read more books, more articles, and more plays. Read poetry, great novels, and nonfiction. Read about the things that intrigue you, and read about the things that make you feel as if you could catch the moon in the palm of your hands. 

5. Move your body for at least 15 minutes a day.

Not everyone will have time for a workout, but you can find 15 minutes to move, whether it’s taking the stairs, vacuuming your home, or walking down your block before the sun goes down. Moving your body will instantly put you in a better mood—and it’s good for you, too.

6. Make a “to-do” list.

The older you get, the more demands life will throw at you, and the more things will require your time and attention. It can get overwhelming to juggle it all, but it’s far more manageable when you write down all of the things you have to do. Or, utilize digital planning tools if a pen and paper planner is not the thing for you.

7. Keep your phone off the table when you’re dining with friends, family, or loved ones.

You don’t need to have your cell with you 24/7. You’re allowed to disconnect every once in a while, especially when you’re engaging with the ones you say you love and adore.

8. Do not feed the trolls.

The internet can be a beautiful place of creativity and connectivity—and it can also be a place where decency goes to die. You don’t have to engage with those who seek to pour their own bitterness, cowardice, and frustration onto the web. You’re allowed to scroll on by and leave them to flounder in their misinformed, sad diatribes that are nothing more than a call for attention and a plea for relevance. You don’t have to feed the egos of others via their comments section. You don’t have to meet hate with hate. 

9. Keep an open mind.

You will start to form opinions as you age and experience more and more of what life has to offer, but it would be a sad day to think that you have nothing left to learn. Learning is how we grow, and growing is how we live.