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9 Signs You’re On The Right Path (Even If Doesn’t Feel Like It)

In a world full of unknowns, it can feel like you’re constantly navigating a world that makes you feel lost. It feels like your purpose is so far away from you. It feels like you’re struggling, when in reality, you’re most likely on the right path.

1. You’re no longer resistant. Even though you have no idea what you’re doing in your life, you’ve surrendered to your potential. You’re finally opening your heart to the beautiful possibilities that may come for you. You feel at peace with the fact that you’re meant for something else, even though you’re not sure what that is just yet.

2. You no longer sweat the small stuff. You save your time and energy on things that matter. What used to bother you no longer affects you like it used to. You stop worrying about small things not working out because you know that things will work out in the end. You’ve built a strong relationship with yourself to be that type of person.

3. You believe that your purpose is to keep being you. You stop listening to what others want you to do. Many people will have opinions of what you should be doing with your life. But you know who you are. And you know that being yourself —no matter what your job title—is your only purpose in this world.

4. You love your life as it is. If nothing were to change in your life today, you’d be okay with that. You’re grateful for the life you’ve created. You appreciate your surroundings, the city you’ve chosen to live in, the furniture that makes your home, and even the utensils you use to eat. You’re grateful for the friends you’ve kept in touch with over the years. But it doesn’t mean you don’t want bigger things for yourself.

5. You embrace the fact that you have no idea what you’re doing in life. Others, including your ego, might see this moment of your life as a failure. But you see this as an opportunity to create the life that you truly deserve. You surrender to the idea that when things are meant to happen, they will happen.

6. You don’t feel ashamed to tell others about your plans in life. Whether you plan to live a slow, meaningful life or build an empire, you are proud of it. You’re slowly learning to make decisions that feel right for you, and you happily share them with others. And when you do, people become inspired by you.

7. You’re proud of how you’ve come so far. You don’t regret your choices in the past. You understand that they’ve made you who you are today. You thank your past self for getting you to where you wanted. And now, the higher version of you is taking over.

8. You have big and ambitious dreams for the future. You wouldn’t be on this path if you liked to play small. But you’re different. You want to live a richer and fuller life. And even though it may feel like you’re leaving some people behind, you’re okay with that. You don’t judge them for their choices, but you know you’re worthy of experiences that you want in life.

9. You don’t tolerate mediocre experiences. You only want extraordinary experiences in life. You want peace, love, and joy. And you want to give back to others. You want to lead a life that has an impact that feels equally rewarding and fulfilling—whether you’re writing, painting, or saving lives.