Vlad Chețan

A (Growing) List Of Things That Will Nourish You In The Fall

1. A glass of lemon water in the morning, followed by a cup of coffee that you’ve swirled with cinnamon. 

2. The smell of coffee as it brews in the morning.

3. Sticky buns in the afternoon. 

4. Pumpkin spice ice cream on an ordinary Tuesday.

5. Door-dashing your best friend an ice cream sundae just because she’s been having a bad day.

6. Sharing a bottle of red wine on the couch at the end of a long Friday.

7. Brie cheese.

8. Brie cheese, baked and bubbly in phyllo dough.

9. Cheese boards in all of their glory.

10. Charcuterie boards, too.

11. Cocktails that utilize nutmeg.

12. The way late afternoon sunshine makes the leaves glow.

13. The colors of the leaves as they change color—fire red and pumpkin orange, and golden yellow. 

14. Golden hour.

15. Happy hour.

16. Watching loved ones walk down the street, arm-in-arm against the setting fall sun.

17. Watching the leaves as they dance from the branches down to the sidewalk.

18. The crunch of the leaves as you shuffle along the street.

19. The feeling of putting on a cozy sweater as you go outside in the crisp air.

20. The feeling of walking into your warm home after being in the cold outside.

21. The ritual of breaking out those fancy candles you’ve been saving and actually lighting them.

22. Chunky scarves.

23. The smell of a roaring fire.

24. Conversations around a fire pit.

25. Singing around a roaring fire with people who make your heart feel warm.

26. The way the glow of roaring fire makes the room feel softer.

27. The sparkle of the stars as they dance in the inky winter skies.

28. The chatter of the ones you love as they gather around your table.

29. The joy of wandering around a corn maze.

30. Trick-or-treaters—the young babies and elementary school kids and the teenagers who are still somehow holding onto their youth. 

31. Holding your loved ones as you brace for the winter to come.