A Letter To The People Pleasers: Start Giving That Energy To Yourself

Are you tired of your reasonably good efforts going unnoticed? Do you feel you’re the last dying breed of Earth angels? Do you feel as if you’re constantly on the receiving end of “negative vibes?”

Call 1-(800)-Stop-Overextending-Yourself-Because-You’re- Not-A-Sacrificial-Lamb

Once I realized the love I thought I was overextending was actually meant for me, it was a game changer.

God, The Universe, or whoever you believe in created you with love to pour into YOU.

The overextending is simply that. Once you lead by example by being the definition of love, you’ll help people more than you think.

Being a retired people pleaser, I now see how overextending was a one-track path to becoming a bitter person. I also realized I was creating a savior complex that wasn’t translating my intent.

It took for me to sit back and ask myself, “Am I overextending or am I inserting myself into someone’s life with hopes of them seeing my worth and wanting me to stay?”

When you read the room, you will see everyone has the inner knowledge of saving themselves. Who made you so special to think you can take on others’ challenges?

In life, obstacles are there to test your strength. Obstacles are placed there for you to dig deep and see you had the answers the whole time.

While I was out in stressful situations with no one to help me, in hindsight, I see these were moments to rely on my star player. Me. I wanted to be upset that people weren’t showing up for me the way I did them, but this wasn’t the case.

The best thing you can give yourself is the gift of knowing you will always have you. Not in a hyper-independent way, but the peace you grant yourself knowing you can make things happen for you.

Faith is the inner knowing this too shall pass with a greater reward. But when you’re in the shit, you can’t see that shit. You can naturally think God is picking on you when he’s simply picking you to learn who you are.

Life is beautiful chaos we are placed in to create our own peace. Take the time to ask yourself, “What does that look like to me?” then go out there and get it. What you seek is looking for you as well.