Gabi Brasiliano

What The Weekday You Were Born On Says About Your Inner Essence

Did you know that the days of the week are named after planets and celestial bodies in Hellenistic astrology? Sunday is named after the Sun (Sol or Helios), Monday is named after the Moon (Luna or Selene), Tuesday is named after Mars, Wednesday is named after Mercury, Thursday is named after Jupiter, Friday is named after Venus, and Saturday is named after Saturn. These planets are named after Greek and Roman gods and goddesses, and they are believed to have their own distinct personalities which correspond to the days of the week and influence those born under them. 

Below we’ve broken down what the day of the week you were born says about you.


According to astrology, people born on Sundays are considered to be full of fortune. The ruling star of Sunday is the Sun, which is associated with traits such as brightness, creativity, boldness, and confidence. A person born under the Sun is said to be someone who is seeking their own path in this life and who tends to stand out in any room they enter. Additionally, being the start of the week, Sunday babies are believed to possess natural leadership skills. These souls are known to be unwaveringly cheerful, bringing charisma and light to everything they do and touching the lives of others while they do it. 


Monday is governed by the Moon in astrology, which is often associated with maternal qualities such as dedication to kindness and a deep loyalty to family. Therefore, those born on Mondays are believed to possess a tender sensibility, and they hold within them a deep amount of sensitivity, adaptability, and kindness. These souls are borderline transcendental, and they reveal their thoughts in enigmatic ways due to their psychic abilities — their minds are soft and dreamlike. 


In Greek and Roman mythology, Mars (also known as Ares) is the god of war. Therefore, people born on Tuesdays are said to possess a fiery and combative spirit. They are associated with characteristics such as bravery, impatience, energy, and a strong desire for success, which can sometimes be excessive. Tuesday babies can give off an energy that feels assertive, and when they put their mind to something they are passionate about, they almost never back down. These human beings are obsessive when it comes to coming out on top. However, despite all of that fiery energy, these souls are also said to be full of grace, showcasing just what it takes to be both soft and strong in this world. 


Mercury, the god of finance, travel, and communication, governs Wednesday, which suggests that the human beings born under this energy are highly communicative and expressive with their feelings. Wednesday babies are known for being versatile, however they also possess a tendency to be impossibly impulsive. With that being said, these souls tend to explore multiple options before settling on the best one, and these scattered efforts may feel like failures at times, but they actually help these human beings to experience greater outcomes in life due to their curiosity. Out of all the other days, those born under Mercury’s energy hold within themselves a deep melancholy, and they are known for being quite internal when it comes to their darker emotions. 


Thursday is named after the Norse god Thor, who is best known for his unyielding strength and awe-inspiring optimism. Souls born on Thursdays are said to possess many of Thor’s personality traits, such as being hopeful, genial, and sociable — they ooze charisma and power. Therefore, those born under the influence of Thor are often the life of the party and may find themselves in positions of control, management or leadership due to their likability. Due to their engaging nature, they tend to be ambitious and curious within the world, as it always seems to reward them for who they are. 


Friday is governed by Venus, the dreamy planet associated with love, balance, beauty, romance, elegance, and pleasure. The souls that were born under Venus’ energy are believed to be social, artistic and they have a strong interest in aesthetics and romance. However, their obsession with external motivators can influence them to be narcissistic, and they sometimes fail to dig deeper when it comes to what actually matters in life. Friday babies always move in the direction of whatever is eye-catching, and they live lives that are rooted in luxury and hedonism. 


Saturday is governed by Saturn, the god associated with wealth, freedom, and agriculture. However, this does not guarantee that people born on Saturdays will be wealthy, and they are said to possess qualities rooted in modesty, studiousness, wisdom, practicality, and strictness. Those born under Saturn’s energy are also believed to be hard workers, and they are always looking to expand their knowledge and their security in life. These souls may appear as very strict and in control, but they possess a refined poise and philosophical outlook on life, making them an undeniably intriguing friend or partner.