Vlada Karpovich

A Tarot Reader Predicts What Each Zodiac Sign Can Expect For The Rest Of 2022


Your card: Four of Cups

The rest of the year might feel boring, underwhelming, and even disappointing for you, Aries. It’s possible that plans you’ve been looking forward to will fall through or you’ll simply feel stagnant, like your life has become too predictable. The good news is that as awful as this might sound to you, you truly do have the power to change this over the next few months—you just have to be willing to reframe your reality. What things in your life are you taking for granted? What opportunities have you overlooked simply because you’ve assumed they aren’t for you? What small routines or hobbies can you start adding into your life to keep things interesting? How you deal with your satisfaction is really up to you, but know that you can do something.


Your card: Strength, reversed

The rest of the year will be challenging for you, Taurus—you may find yourself feeling stressed, insecure, or even depressed. It’s possible you’ve even started questioning your own abilities or your place in the world—something that’s a difficult pill for someone like you to swallow. Just know that everyone goes through periods of feeling like this every now and then. Even if you feel like you’re stumbling in life a little bit now, it doesn’t mean that you’ll never find solid footing again. It just means that you need to be kind to yourself and do the necessary work to make you feel confident and comfortable in yourself again. Just remember: No matter how things look in the moment, you’ll get out of this okay. Just trust yourself.


Your card: The Magician

The rest of the year will feel like magic for you, Gemini, and you can thank yourself for that. You have all the resources (and the motivation) you need to succeed in whatever you put your mind to and to create the life you’ve always wanted—you just have to choose to take the first steps. This is the time to really sit down and envision what you want your future to look like, because the more clear you are with yourself, the more likely you’ll be able to achieve what you’ve envisioned. This is an incredibly strong position to be in, both mentally and emotionally, so don’t be afraid to use this energy to make sure your 2023 is even better than this year.


You card: Knight of Wands

The rest of the year will be filled with passion and action for you, Cancer. Things are happening in your life, and though sometimes it feels like things are moving a little fast, you’re in the right energy to accept it and act accordingly. You may feel more motivated and courageous than ever, because even when you know what you’re doing is risky, you also know there’s a chance for expansion, adventure, and success. Just be mindful about leaping before looking—it may feel like the right thing to do in the moment, but sometimes it’s worth thinking through your actions or even making sure you have a safety net ready just in case. But so long as you’re calculated in your actions and determined to keep charging forward, this energy could serve you well as we reach the end of 2022 and head into the new year.


Your card: Five of Wands, reversed

You may be more avoidant than usual in the last few months of the year, Leo. It’s possible that you know there’s a problem, but you’re reluctant to face it head-on, either because you’d rather just avoid the conflict or because you know that once you do acknowledge it, something will have to change—and that’s scary. So instead of fighting the necessary battles, you’re bottling up your feelings, turning a blind eye to the red flags, and trying hard to convince everyone around you that you’re fine. Just know that the longer you do this, the more it will wear you down, because whether you want to believe it or not, you won’t be able to ignore this forever. The nice thing about this is that once you finally choose to acknowledge the problem, you’ll feel a sense of relief that’ll make you wonder why you didn’t just deal with it a long time ago—just remember that there’s a light at the end of this tunnel.


Your card: Eight of Swords

You might feel more limited than usual for the rest of the year, Virgo—but the good news about this is that you have the power to get yourself out of this rut. You probably feel trapped by your circumstances or like there’s a certain situation where you lack all control. Just know that there’s always another way—it may not be easy, and it may take a lot of courage, but it’s there. You just have to change your perspective, consider the resources you have available, and trust that the actions you take can and will make a difference. It’s when you decide that you have no power that you really lose it—and all it takes is recognizing that you can take matters into your own hands that gives you that power back.


Your card: Queen of Swords, reversed

The rest of 2022 may be a particularly emotional time for you, Libra—and not in a sweet, touchy-feely way. No, you may find your feelings are more volatile than ever, either making you see situations in a certain light or clouding over your vision completely. This is a sign that it’s time to listen to your head over your heart, because your emotions are leading you astray and will probably leave you heartbroken or disappointed. On the flip side, this card can also mean that you’re perhaps listening to your head a little too much, and it’s making you come off as cold-hearted, unfeeling, and uncompassionate. Either way, it’s important to really think about the way you interact with the world around you and find a good balance between your head and your heart.


Your card: Justice, reversed

It’s possible that you’re running from yourself, Scorpio—and you’ll continue to do so for the rest of the year. You may be trying to get away with something—maybe a lie, a wrongdoing, or even a mistake—and rather than deal with the consequences, you’d rather just keep trying to avoid it, even if the guilt is eating away at you. Just know that the past is the past, and all you can do is choose how you’re going to move forward, which means it’s important to do what you can to right your wrongs and create as much positivity from this situation as possible. Alternatively, you may find yourself stuck in situations that feel unfair to you, and despite your best efforts, you don’t get the justice you deserve. Whatever it may be, just know that at the end of the day, the universe’s scales tend to balance out eventually.


Your card: Knight of Cups

I hope you have your rose-colored glasses ready, Sagittarius, because the rest of the year is about to be romantic as hell. This may be because there will be a Big Love in your life—yes, capitalized—but it also may be because it just feels like everything is falling into place and your wishes are finally coming true. You may feel inspired, compassionate, or open-hearted, ready to accept the gifts the universe is willing to offer you and share them with those around you. Let your intuition guide you through the rest of the year—because no matter what comes your way, deep down, you’ll know what to do. 


Your card: Two of Cups

The rest of your year is going to be full of new connections, fruitful partnerships, and above all, love. Your cup is overflowing and you’re finally ready to share that abundance with someone else—likely a very specific someone. You feel fulfilled, open-hearted, and especially compassionate. You aren’t usually pinned as the romantic of the zodiac, Capricorn, but there’s something particularly beautiful about the relationships and friendships you’re forming in this time. Let go of your need to rationalize the world around you and allow yourself to just feel—trust me, it will all be worth it.


Your card: Eight of Wands, reversed

The world around you is changing, Aquarius, but things aren’t quite flowing the way that they should. It’s possible that you’ve had your path figured out for a while, but suddenly there are delays or changes of plan. You may even be resistant to the path you’re currently going down, or alternatively, you know exactly where you want to go but don’t actually have the resources to get there. Whatever it is, you’re disappointed, frustrated, or unprepared for the way your life is evolving. The good news is that if anyone can navigate these choppy waters and rebound from these uncertain events, it’s you. So long as you don’t let it get the better of you and choose to respond with your intellect instead of reacting with your emotions, you’ll make it out of this rut okay and ready to move on to better things in 2023.


Your card: Queen of Wands

You’re finally ready to step into your power, Pisces—if you’ve spent the year struggling with your self-esteem or have felt burnt out, then this is the reprieve you’ve been waiting for. You’ll spend the rest of the year feeling inspired, confident, and ready to take on the world—and chances are, you probably have the strength to. Focus on your goals ferociously and stay open minded to the people and situations you encounter along the way, because what seems like a coincidence may end up becoming a crucial tool for your success. This is the time to express yourself, take the lead, and chase your passions—so throw aside those insecurities and follow your heart.