Anastasia Shuraeva

A Tarot Reader Predicts What Each Zodiac Sign Should Expect This February


Your card: Seven of Wands

You’ve worked hard, Aries, and you’ve finally found yourself in a good place. But the downside of getting everything you wanted is that you now suddenly have something to lose, and there are certainly people who want what you have. You might find yourself having to defend your position or protect what you’ve gained in fear of having someone snatch it away. Just know that you have earned this happiness and that this is the time to hold your ground. Things may not be particularly easy for you this month, but it’s not all that bad, either—after all, you’re still basking in all that you’ve gained and achieved. Don’t let anyone take that away from you.


Your card: King of Cups

Good news, Taurus: You can expect a lot of good vibes this month. You’re finally in an emotionally stable and fulfilling place, and so long as you set strong boundaries and make sure to periodically check in with yourself, nothing can knock you off balance. Considering it’s February, the month of St. Valentine’s Day, this might be an indication that this will be a time of great love for you, too—whether that’s with a partner or finding the self-love you’ve always needed inside of yourself. Allow yourself to flow with compassion and open your heart to whatever may come—you are finally ready to receive the beautiful gifts that are heading your way.


Your card: Six of Wands

Congrats, Gemini—you’ve fought long and hard, and you’ve finally triumphed. This month will mark an important milestone for you, proving that you truly do have what it takes. This is the time to bask in your success and truly allow yourself to feel proud of what you’ve done or appreciate what you’ve gained. Seriously, celebrate it! You deserve to have your efforts recognized, both by others and by yourself. However, it’s important to remember that this is likely not the end of your journey—you may not have made it to the finish line, but you’re significantly closer, and this will be a great reminder that if you keep going, you can succeed.


Your card: The Magician, reversed

This month might feel particularly stagnant for you, Cancer. It may be that you’ve been so busy planning that you haven’t bothered putting these plans into action; on the other hand, you might be trying hard to move forward but always find something blocking your path. It can be frustrating to feel so stuck, but don’t let it drag you down—instead, take a step back and take a new look at the situation. Ask yourself what you really want and if there’s only one way to get there. You may need to take a few steps back before you can move forward again, or you may need to work hard and nurture a new skill to help you get to where you need to be. Just know that you won’t feel like this forever—once you can recalibrate, you’ll find yourself on the right path once again.


You card: Eight of Wands, reversed

You’re notoriously fiery, Leo—when you want something, you aren’t afraid to go for it. But this is a sign that it might be better to slow down and really think about what to do next. This month will require patience from you, and it will likely make you feel frustrated or even hopeless. It’s okay to be disappointed when the timing doesn’t seem right, but it’s also important to learn how to slow down and really think about your next steps. Understand that this doesn’t mean what you’re hoping for won’t happen, it might just mean it’s not going to happen right now. This could be a good time to try a new approach or simply submit to the will of the universe—trust in its divine timing and learn to enjoy the process of getting there.


Your card: Nine of Cups

February will be a great time for you, Virgo. Your heart is overflowing with gratitude and love—whether for someone else, yourself, or your life circumstances in general. You may have been through hardships in the past, but this is the sign you’ve been waiting for that indicates that things are getting better and you’re allowed to fully appreciate everything going on in your life right now. In fact, you should—instead of worrying about losing what you have, be sure to recognize the good in your life and enjoy it while you have it. Good things may not always last forever, but for now, they are totally and completely yours.


Your card: Two of Cups

What a fateful card for February, especially with Valentine’s Day just around the corner! The Two of Cups is all about love—something you know a thing or two about, Libra. But what’s special about this card is that it doesn’t just signify your own emotions but a requited and equal partnership. Your cup is overflowing with love, and you have enough to share with someone else. Whether this is about romantic love, friendship, or even a business partnership, the message is clear: this will be mutually beneficial for you, and you’ll likely spend much of this month on Cloud Nine. Enjoy it!


Your card: Seven of Cups

You have a lot on your mind, don’t you, Scorpio? Well, if you don’t yet, you likely will soon. When this card comes up, it means you have a lot of different choices and a decision you must make—and it likely won’t be an easy one. You may find that a wonderful opportunity appears out of nowhere, but upon further inspection, you realize it all seems too good to be true—and it likely is. This is not the time to act recklessly or jump in without taking the right precautions. Take a step back and assess your moves this month. It’s better to act slowly and mindfully than to lose yourself in the heat of the moment—because it’s likely that you just might regret it if you do.


Your card: The Empress

This month will be a time of abundance, Sagittarius—and what that means is entirely up to the situations you encounter. Maybe you’ll find yourself bringing in more money than you imagined you would; maybe you’ll find a new relationship is blooming; maybe you’ll just feel fully and wonderfully at peace. Whatever it may be, lean into it and let it nurture you. Take in the beauty around you and indulge in the simple pleasures. Honor yourself and the growth in your life, however it manifests itself. There are beautiful things waiting for you.


Your card: Judgment, reversed

Use this month to reflect and really connect with yourself, Capricorn. You’ve been through a lot, and instead of giving into your impulse to run from your past, it’s time to really sit with it. Process what you’ve been pushing away and show yourself forgiveness when necessary. If you’ve been ignoring something or pushing away certain opportunities or emotions, it’s time to really ask yourself why and reckon with the aftermath. Introspection can be scary, but this is not the time for self-judgment or shame—instead, regard yourself as if you’re a beloved friend and pick through the pieces of your life with compassion. Things will get better for you, Capricorn—but first, you must heal and release.


Your card: The Fool

There’s adventure in the air, Aquarius—or at the very least, the sense of change. In February, a new cycle of your life will begin, and with it brings uncertainty and excitement and perhaps even fear. But you have always been a curious one, Aquarius, and it’s likely that when given the chance to jump, you will—just be sure you have the right safety nets in place first, because this card is called “The Fool” for a reason, and you don’t want your naivety to get the best of you. But once you’ve taken the right precautions, let yourself get caught up in the newness of it all. There are great things waiting for you out there—this is only the beginning.


Your card: Two of Swords

You might find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place this month, Pisces. You likely have a decision to make, one that seems to have no right or easy answer—and knowing your knack for indecision, you’ll probably find yourself stumped and frustrated with all of your options. But this isn’t a time for dread or anxiety (though it’s likely you’ll feel both). Instead, take a step back from all the pressure and allow yourself to meditate on your answer. To find it, you’ll have to practice balance—between your head and your heart and between what you want and what you need. Once you allow yourself to see the situation with some objectivity, it’ll be easier to figure out where to go next. Just know that you can’t avoid the problem forever—and that you can’t ignore it out of existence, either.