A Tarot Reader Predicts What Each Zodiac Sign Should Expect This January


Your Card: Ten of Swords

January is all about endings for you, Aries—and unfortunately, it may not be an easy one. Whatever it is may left you feeling wounded or betrayed, and you might have a hard time picking yourself up in the aftermath. There’s no point in resisting change—it is often inevitable, and more often than not it is for our highest good. Know that you’re allowed to feel your feelings, to cry and withdraw and even mope, so long as you don’t drag it out longer than you need to. Remember that going through your emotions is healthy, but holding on to them tightly is not. The bright side is that once you make it through this, whatever is hurting you will no longer have that same power over you again. Just know that if something is ending, it is only because it must—there are better things waiting for you in the future once you finally learn to let go.


Your Card: Six of Cups

You’ll start the year off with a time of reflection, Taurus, but it will ultimately be good for you. You may find yourself sifting through old memories or feeling the sudden urge to reach out to old friends; on the other hand, someone from your past might make an unexpected appearance. Instead of resisting it, allow yourself to take a walk down memory lane and reacquaint yourself with who you were when you were young. This card embodies the positive aspects of childhood—fun, creativity, innocence, harmony, safety—as well as indicates the peacefulness that comes after weathering a storm. This is a good time for you, Taurus—I hope you make the most of it.


You Card: Strength

You’re starting the year off on a strong note, Gemini—literally. This card is all about power and determination, especially on a soul level. You’ve been through a lot over the years, but you’ve learned how resilient you can be, and you’re no longer afraid to face what comes next. Of course, that won’t stop people from underestimating you, and you may even begin doubting yourself. Just know that you have the strength and courage to overcome any challenges that present themselves to you in January. That mindset alone will do you wonders.


Your Card: Two of Pentacles

January will be a time of balance for you, Cancer—there will likely be a lot going on in your life, and you will be tasked with trying to juggle it all. This won’t always be easy, especially if you’re someone who struggles with time management, but as long as you prioritize and stick to your schedule, you have the tools to be successful. But while productivity is key this month, don’t forget that rest is just important—sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is to just take a break. It’s not always an easy balance, but just remember that once you make it through this busy season, calmer times are up ahead.


Your Card: Five of Cups

Don’t be surprised if you’re stuck feeling the post-holiday blues this month, Leo. You might be disappointed about something that didn’t go the way you hoped or find yourself stuck in the past, licking old wounds and unable to let it go. Nothing’s wrong with feeling down for a bit, but holding on to these feelings will only ever hold you back. It is often our focus on the negatives that give them power, so it’s important to shift your focus onto the good and remember that even though some things didn’t go the way you wanted, there are plenty of things that still did. Release the past, but hold onto the lessons you’ll learn during this time—they’ll be sure to help you later down the road.


Your Card: King of Pentacles

You have the Midas touch this month, Virgo—whatever you touch turns to gold. This is a great time to focus on your goals (or New Year’s resolutions) and really put in the work, because your efforts will be rewarded. Any wealth or abundance you receive won’t be because of sheer luck but because of your own self-discipline and your ability to turn your visions into reality. But while hard work is definitely a requirement this month, don’t be afraid to take the time to bask in your success and enjoy your rewards to their fullest—treat yo’self, because you deserve it.


Your Card: The High Priestess, reversed

You may be struggling to connect with your intuition this month, Libra. Instead of listening to your gut or looking for the answers inside you, you may find yourself turning to others for validation or advice. While it’s fine to lean on others in times of need, understand that no one knows what you need quite like you do. If you’re struggling with a decision or feel disconnected from yourself, it might be time to get away from the noise of everyday life and focus on your own thoughts and feelings. The outside world’s opinions about you and your life don’t matter right now—this time is all about coming back to yourself and needing no one’s validation but your own.


Your Card: Three of Pentacles

January will be a particularly productive month for you, Scorpio—it’s all about learning, collaboration, and taking the next steps on your journey. You may find yourself working closely with others or leaning on friends or peers more than you’d expect. But this isn’t a bad thing, Scorpio—you may not always feel comfortable asking for help, but sometimes it’s necessary, and that doesn’t make you weak or useless. This is not the time to lean on your ego or fight for the glory. By allowing yourself to become part of a community or a team, you’re setting yourself up for success and taking the next few steps towards your goal. Remember: It’s all part of the process.


Your Card: Queen of Pentacles

You may be feeling warmer and cozier this month than you’re used to, Sagittarius. You’ve worked hard and have managed to get yourself into a stable place, and now you’re in the position to take care of your loved ones—and yourself. This is the time for generosity, nurturing, and love, so if there’s anyone in your life you may have neglected the past few months, be sure to carve out some extra time and attention for them. Spread the good vibes, but don’t forget to save a little for yourself, too—you’ve put in the work and now you deserve some rest and relaxation, too.


Your Card: Seven of Pentacles, reversed

You’re such a hard worker, Capricorn, but you’ve lost your persistent flair this month. It’s possible you’re burnt out or hitting a wall, or it may just be that things aren’t panning out the way you planned for them to and it’s making you frustrated. Either way, you aren’t getting the results you wanted, and you’re running out of energy and resources. It’s time to step back from the situation and start asking yourself what’s really worth it. Is it time to call it quits on a certain situation that’s doing nothing but draining you? Or could you spend your time and energy a little more wisely? It may be a good idea to take some time for yourself and really work out what you want and what you need right now. Just remember that no good comes from being too hard on yourself—sometimes self-compassion is the best first step for getting through a hard time.


Your Card: Seven of Cups

January is full of opportunities for you, Aquarius. It may feel like there are new opportunities popping up everywhere for you, which could make you feel energized or possibly even indecisive. However, while you might be impatient to jump in and get the ball rolling, it might be worth it to really step back and assess everything that is being offered to you. If something feels too good to be true, it’s possible that it is; alternatively, you might get caught up in the idea of something without figuring out how to practically implement it in your own life. Allow your passions to drive you, but don’t ignore your intuition—it usually knows the right choice.


Your Card: Nine of Wands

The bad news is, Pisces, that this month may be a little rough for you. You may feel tired, burnt out, or battered and bruised, but this isn’t the time to give in to your negative feelings. While the Nine of Wands predicts conflict, it also goes a step forward to signal resilience and strength. Yes, you may be traveling through some rocky terrain soon, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. Hold your ground and have faith that you will make it through successfully, because it’s only when you adopt this mindset that you’ll have the strength to prevail. Never forget the end goal, and remember that you aren’t alone in this—you always have your support system, the people who love you, who will be there to protect you from unexpected attacks and cheer you on till the very end. You’ve got this, Pisces.