A Tarot Reader Predicts What Every Zodiac Sign Should Expect In August


Your card: Temperance, reversed

There’s a good chance you’ll feel off this month, Aries, but there’s also a chance you may not completely understand why. More likely than not, it means something in your life has become off-balanced and now it’s beginning to wreak havoc on your life. This could mean you’re struggling with work-life balance, or that you’re putting too much or too little into your relationships, or you’re struggling to juggle everything that you want to do in August. The best thing you can do is step back and look critically at your routines and the way you’ve been approaching the situations in your life. Balance is important to your mental health, and if you let it keep going on like this, it’s going to take a serious toll.


Your card: Nine of Wands

You’ve been through a lot, Taurus—and like the bull you are, you continue to persist. It’s important you bring this strength into August, because a lot of things are going to be testing you and it’s absolutely imperative that you remember your own courage and tenacity. It will be exhausting and maybe even feel hopeless, but hold tightly to this knowledge: You will make it through. You will be okay. You just have to let it run its course and bravely face the obstacles as they come. So long as you can do that, I assure you, there are sunnier days ahead.


Your card: Queen of Swords, reversed

August will likely be an emotional month for you, Gemini—something no air sign really wants to hear. But your feelings are getting the best of you in some way or another, whether that means you’re becoming too emotionally invested in a situation that’s only going to hurt you or you’ve closed off entirely for one reason or another. Whatever it is, it isn’t healthy, and it’s time for you to check in with yourself and start being brutally honest about what’s going on. It may be time to start setting boundaries, removing yourself entirely from certain situations, and start looking into mental health resources. You may think you can handle what you’re going through, but I promise you it’ll be easier once you get real with yourself not only about what you can handle but what you should handle.


Your card: The Star, reversed

This month, you may find yourself losing faith, Cancer—you may feel astray, like you’ve lost your spark or like the things that once made sense to you no longer do. You’ve lost your guiding light, and suddenly, the world feels dark. Just know that this isn’t the sort of thing that lasts forever and that we all find ourselves in these hopeless places every now and then. Instead of succumbing to it, choose to search for the sparks of hope when you can. Focus on the things that make you feel happy, safe, and at peace. If there’s a specific area of your life that is making you feel particularly hopeless, focus as little energy on it as you can. Your North Star is still there, it’s just hidden behind the clouds, so use this darkness to rest and rejuvenate. Remember to be easy on yourself.


Your card: The Empress

It only makes sense that your birthday month (for some of you, at least) is full of abundance and growth. The Empress is known for being as dynamic and nurturing as you are, Leo, so take a page from her book and use August as a time to focus on sensuality, self-care, and creativity. Surround yourself with beauty whenever you can and don’t forget to treat yourself, because it’s only when your own cup is full that you’ll be able to properly share it with others. Let yourself feel completely encompassed by the good vibes, and use that feeling to inspire the direction you’ll go in the next few months.


Your card: Ace of Cups

New beginnings can be terrifying for you, Virgo—change can be stressful and exhausting, and you often prefer your routines. But sometimes beginnings can also feel exciting, energizing, and even spiritual, and August is the time to tap into these emotions. Something is shifting in your life, but in the very best way—it will make you feel purposeful, passionate, and emotionally fulfilled. If you can, share these newly-found emotions with others in your life, because your inner radiance is something many people sorely need now more than ever. Your cup is so full its overflowing, so be sure to shower the world with it every chance you get.


Your card: The Devil, reversed

This month is a time of change for you, Libra, but it won’t be the kind of change that comes out of nowhere. No, this is all you—you have the power and the control in this situation, and it’s finally time for you to take hold of it. There have been situations in your life that have been holding you back or hurting you, but you’re finally starting to realize that things can’t go on like they have been. If there’s been a devil on your shoulder, it’s time to silence it; if you’ve felt chained to a bad situation, it’s time to break free. It probably won’t be easy, but the most important things usually aren’t. Start taking the small steps toward a better place, because even if it feels impossible now, someday you’ll look back and realize this was the moment that got you to the beautiful place you’ve always wanted to be.


Your card: Seven of Cups, reversed

If there’s a downside to free will, Scorpio, it’s that we often have to make our own choices, even when they’re difficult. Even when it feels absolutely impossible. Even in the very worst situations, we usually have choices to make—most importantly, where do we go from here? Sometimes the weight of our own actions feel so heavy that we feel completely frozen by indecision, and sometimes we have so many options that it feels less stressful to just not choose any at all. It’s time to get out of your own head and recognize that sometimes we just have to move forward. Truthfully, sometimes it doesn’t even matter what you choose, just that you’re choosing something, because you’ll always be stuck spinning around in circles if you can’t find a way to take that first step. Trust that no matter what, you’ll be okay.


Your card: The Lovers, reversed

You may feel out of sync with life this month, Sagittarius, and especially with the people around you. You can’t seem to get on the same page as your loved ones—or maybe, deep down, it’s that there’s a sense of disharmony deep inside of yourself. Whatever it is, you feel out of tune, one step behind everyone else or on a different path entirely. This is often the result of being in a situation that isn’t right for you—maybe a relationship that no longer seems to work, a job that doesn’t properly fit with your own talents and strengths, or an environment that constantly makes you question your own worth. Whatever it is, choose to confront it with compassion for both yourself and others. Sometimes communication and a healthy dose of honesty can help you figure out why the situation feels so off—and where you should go next.


Your card: The Magician, reversed

This month, you may find it’s more difficult than usual to move forward with your goals and plans, Capricorn. Success feels far from your reach, and your usual approach just isn’t working, so it’s time to go back to the drawing board. Ask yourself: Is your end goal clear enough? Have there been certain factors that you’ve been ignoring or opportunities that you’ve overlooked? Is it possible that you’ve lost your motivation and are no longer putting in the work for the right reasons? If you can’t glean any answers, it may just mean it’s time to explore other paths along the way. Instead of getting stuck on these setbacks, use it as a time for exploration, to figure out what you want and new ways to get there. If anyone can do it, it’s you.


Your card: Five of Cups

You feel heavier than usual this month, Aquarius. You’re holding tightly onto something from the past, mourning over what could have been or wallowing in self-pity. Let me let you in on a secret: There’s nothing wrong with feeling this way. We’ve all known disappointment before, and there’s no need to sweep it under the rug or bottle it up completely. But sometimes we get so caught up in the past that we forget that there is still the future waiting for us, offering more than we could ever know in this moment. To get there, though, we must first let go of what’s holding us back. Feel your emotions, but don’t let them control you. If anything, use them as a catalyst for positive change, because you cannot alter what was but you do get a say in what is. Use that beautiful brain of yours to find the beauty in all of this pain.


Your card: Two of Wands

You may feel more inspired than usual this month, as if someone has opened the floodgates of your mind and now everything is spilling out. Instead of reveling in the mess of it, though, now is the time to take all this energy and make a plan. There is so much waiting for you out in the world, but it’s important to look before you leap and figure out what it is you actually want. Let this expansive energy continue to push you forward, opening the doors you never realized were there—but don’t be afraid to close them if they don’t feel right. Whatever is in the air feels magical, all-encompassing, but at the end of the day, you’re in control of your life and you get the final say about what you do with it. Let your passion and your intuition guide you, because if you do, you can never go wrong.