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A Tarot Reader Predicts What Every Zodiac Sign Should Expect In September


Your card: Six of Swords

September is going to be a big time of change for you, Aries. You’ve come to accept that a certain chapter of your life has come to an end and that it’s time to move forward. This transition might be emotional for you, or even a little bittersweet; you might be too exhausted to fully appreciate what waits for you ahead. That’s okay—you deserve some time to rest, to grieve, to make peace with your situation. Just know that you’re moving in the right direction and what’s ahead of you is better than what you’re leaving behind—it may not seem like it right this moment, but you have to trust that this is a necessary change.


Your card: Two of Pentacles

A lot will be going on for you this month, Taurus. You’re staying busy, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing so long as you’re ready to do the work it takes to balance it all accordingly. Time management will be your friend in September, especially if you’re feeling especially burnt out or overwhelmed. Just remember that the balance isn’t all about responsibilities and obligations—it’s also about making sure that you’re doing okay through all of the chaos. Carve out time to relax and recharge, because it’s only going to be harder to keep up with everything else if you refuse to do the necessary self-care. Even with everything else going on, your well-being should be your first priority.


Your card: Five of Swords, reversed

The times have been difficult for you lately, Gemini. You’ve been stuck in conflict that never seems to get resolved, have fought tooth and nail to get what you believe you deserve, and have been left stressing over the situation for far longer than you’d like. No matter how much you’d like to leave this all behind you, you keep failing. That may be because it’s time for a new solution: Instead of fighting to win, it’s time to compromise. Instead of continually inviting this situation into your life, find a way to cut it out completely. Instead of holding on to a grudge or your self-righteousness, learn to let go and move on. You’re all about communication, so sit down with all other parties and clear the air—apologize when necessary, listen when you can, and do what you can to make amends. You have the power to change this situation.


Your card: The Empress, reversed

You may feel more stagnant than usual this month, Cancer. You may have fallen prey to a creative block or are struggling to see the progress you’re used to attaining—you’ve planted the seeds, but you’re afraid they’re never going to grow. This is also a sign that you may be giving too much to others right now, leaving little left for yourself and your own personal growth. Whatever it may be, the solution is clear: It’s time for a little self-care. Focus on filling up your own cup and redirect your energy to things that make you feel passionate, fulfilled, and happy. Spend time with people that make you feel loved; create just for creation’s sake. Have a spa day, spend time in nature, take that trip you keep putting it off. Sometimes it’s worth investing in yourself.


Your card: Ace of Pentacles

September is full of possibility for you, Leo. If you’ve felt stuck, this is a sign that new opportunities will arise to help you continue moving further on your journey. A good word for what you’ll be seeing this month is “potential”—opportunities that offer a lot of promise, ideas that could change your life, and strangers that will become some of the most important people in your life—you just have to be willing to take the gamble. There’s no guarantee that what happens this month will lead to the conclusion you’re hoping for, but it’s worth figuring out what you really want and taking the risks that seem worth it. It’s time to plant the seeds that will continue to grow for the rest of the year—so choose the ones you’ll actually want to nourish.


Your card: Queen of Pentacles, reversed

This month, it’s important you focus your energy on yourself, Virgo. You’re naturally a helper, the kind of person who will go to great lengths for your loved ones or even your job, but now is not the time to give too much of yourself to others. Instead, do what you can to nurture yourself first and invest primarily in yourself, either financially or energetically. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself or take some time away from the rest of the world—others can wait, but right now, your soul requires some TLC and some healing.


Your card: Ace of Cups, reversed

As we say goodbye to summer and get ready for the cold months ahead of us, it’s time for you to practice a little self-love, Libra. It’s possible that right now you’re struggling to express your feelings or may be ignoring your emotional well-being altogether. The truth is, you sometimes have a problem with getting lost in other people, and you often feel most yourself when you’re in a partnership—but because of that, sometimes you struggle with filling your own cup. That’s why September asks you to really focus on yourself—make time for your healing, for your growth, and for nurturing fulfillment in your life. Once you start the inner work and offer your soul the nourishment it needs, everything else will start to flow naturally.


Your card: Three of Wands

This month, expect the world to start opening up for you, Scorpio. The theme of September will be expansion, progress, and movement—both metaphorically and perhaps even literally. You’re finally in a solid place in your life, which means it’s time to start using this stability to gain momentum and start moving forward with your plans. It’s also a good sign that if opportunities start popping up along the way, they may be worth considering, even if—or even especially if—they’re out of your comfort zone. Dream big—this sort of energy doesn’t come around every day, so take advantage of it while it’s here.


Your card: The Sun

This is a great omen for you, Sagittarius. In tarot, The Sun signifies positivity, success, and abundance—all things you have a special appreciation for. If you’ve been going through a rough time, this is a sign that the clouds will soon disappear and you’ll soon be back to basking in the daylight. It’s also a great sign if you’ve been waiting to hear back about an opportunity or a certain situation. This is the perfect time to step into your power and harness your natural fiery spirit to create good in the world—and in your own life.


Your card: Four of Swords, reversed

This month, you’ll be feeling particularly stressed, restless, or even exhausted, Capricorn—but this is a sign that instead of taking your usual approach and pushing forward relentlessly, it’s time to step back and take a break. You have a tendency to overwork yourself and judge yourself for not being able to take on everything you think you should, but by doing this, you’re only hurting yourself more—and the longer you go without resting or focusing on your well-being, the more likely you are to burn out, become depressed, or even put your physical health at risk. Remember: Self-care is important, and you’re more likely to be productive and successful if you take care of yourself first.


Your card: Ace of Wands

This month is full of energy and potential, Aquarius. You may find yourself more inspired than usual or encountering new opportunities you never thought were possible. If you’ve been hesitant to start a new venture or have been going back and forth about a certain situation, this is a sign to move forward with confidence. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get the outcome you’re hoping for, but your energy is in the right place to get a strong start toward possible success, so long as you continue to put the work in and nurture what you must.


Your card: Three of Pentacles, reversed

This month, you’re struggling to get on the same page with others—something that’s especially difficult for someone like you to come to terms with, Pisces. You prefer harmony and cooperation, but for some reason, there’s a discordance between you and those around you. It’s possible that you aren’t properly valuing other people’s insights or that your general mindset has become “my way or the highway.” This card is also a sign that you may be struggling to keep organized, especially when it comes to work or a project. If you don’t want the problem to get worse, it’s time to put in the work: it’s time to put a system in place to keep you accountable, to listen to others when they speak up, and to compromise when it’s necessary. It won’t always be easy, but it’ll be worth it.