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These 3 Zodiac Signs Are Going To Have The Most Beautiful Week When Mercury And Mars Go Direct

If Capricorn season felt like it was lasting a little too long for some of you out there — welcome to a fresh start. With both Mercury and Mars going direct, alongside the fact that the last few weeks within Capricorn helped for a lot of you to take on a sense of empowerment and authority in your lives — there is light on the horizon. The sun has started its dance through Aquarius, and its energy is coming in hot to shake up your world, and to encourage you to cultivate your hopes, and dreams. 

If your sun sign, or rising sign, happens to fall under any of the below zodiac signs, you’re being especially favored this week. Brace yourself for a lot of beauty! 


Gemini — this week you’re front and center, and you’re taking on a leading role in your life. You’re going to feel inspired to experiment within your social networks, and you may even find yourself presented with an exciting collaboration when it comes to your career. This is all coming to a head on January 24th when the sun teams up with Jupiter, which will shine some much needed light into your 11th house of acquaintances, community, and personal freedom.  You are being encouraged to embrace this energy, and to stand in your power. Don’t hesitate to indulge in a little self promotion either, Gemini — the world is watching.

With that  being said, you’re getting a little more help from the Universe when it comes to the impression you are leaving on those around you. When Venus merges with Pisces this week, she is influencing your 10th house of reputation, which is going to funnel a lot of abundance into your life. While all of this is happening, on the 29th the sun is catching up with Mars in your sign, which will inject a lot of motivation and delicious opportunities into your world. It’s all coming up you, Gemini. Welcome to the spotlight!


Cancer — it’s time to get social! Uranus is coming in hot to shine a little influence into your third house of communication, technology and environment. If this wasn’t already an outpouring of positive energy, the sun is dazzling in Aquarius and beaming into your 8th house of joint ventures. To translate, your connections are about to be set on fire — in the best way possible. Remember that this doesn’t always have to resonate within romantic relationships, Cancer. You could be taking an opportunity to collaborate to the next level, instead. Either way, the Universe has your back. 

If you do happen to have your eye on someone special, luck is also on  your side this week. Venus is making her presence known in Pisces, bringing a lot of magic and awe into your heartspace and turning up the volume on passion in your life. Flirt away, Cancer — you’re magnetic right now! 


Aquarius — the sun is taking a welcomed journey through your sign, but that isn’t the only energy that is helping you to level up this week. Uranus is finally stationing direct, and you’re finally in your solar season, meaning that you are being encouraged to take advantage of the momentum that is pouring into your world. Take this to heart especially on the 24th, when the sun is sextile to prosperous Jupiter, raining good fortune down upon you. Remember — when it comes to energy like this, the Universe is pushing you to embrace who you are, and to express your uniqueness through your vision, your art, and the way you exist in this life.

With that being said, people are listening to you this week, Aquarius. If you see an opportunity to express yourself, not just romantically but also socially within the things you’re passionate about, take advantage of your spotlight. When Venus connects with Pisces in a dreamlike merging, your second house of value, finance and security is being favored. On January 26th you’ll start to feel the positive effects of this partnership, so get ready to have your self-confidence, and even your money, soar to new heights. Fly high, Aquarius!