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Advice For Every Zodiac Sign On Healing Your Heart


Aries, you can’t heal yourself if you’re still holding onto all of the anger you’re feeling towards whoever’s hurt you. Yes, they deserve it. And no, you don’t have to forgive if that isn’t what feels right for you. But you do need to be able to set the pain down, to give it some distance from your body, or else you’ll find yourself stuck in an awful cycle that keeps you firmly in the past. Give yourself permission to step away.


Emotional pain can often feel so isolating. When loved ones come to you offering advice, your instinct is to ignore them. What can someone that hasn’t experienced your pain give you that you cannot give yourself? While there’s truth to the idea that healing often comes from within, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t still something to be learned from the world around you. Open up to it, even if it hurts.


Time doesn’t heal all wounds, Gemini, but it certainly helps. And you can get so tangled up with your heart that occasionally time is all that’s left to heal it with. Be patient with your process. Throw yourself into some new activities and distract yourself from the pain as best you can. Don’t ignore it completely–give yourself room to be honest about your feelings–but don’t dwell, either. Find a happy medium.


I know you’re tired of hearing it, Cancer, but have you gone on a walk lately? Reconnecting with the earth is a great way to give you perspective on your healing, and situate yourself in the greater scope of the surrounding world. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, rather than force yourself to relive the hurt, find a moment of quiet to spend outdoors. It won’t heal you on its own, but it will make your problems seem a bit smaller.


Isolation is the worst thing you could do to yourself in a time of crisis, Leo. I know, you don’t want your loved ones to see you like this–less than magical, less than the vibrant self you normally are–but much like how you celebrate in a crowd of people, so should you grieve, and heal. Seek help from your support system when it all feels like too much to handle. There is great value in being held, physically and metaphorically, in times of need.


Do you feel connected to your body, Virgo? Normally you would say you know yourself, your skin, pretty well, but in the midst of healing all of that knowledge can fall haphazardly to the wayside. Practice mindfulness as you move through the hallways of your heart. When you can feel the world closing in around you, take notice of your place inside of it. Regain control over your life by feeling it in all its shades and tones.


Libra, I know that emotional strife can often make life feel impossible to manage. You feel so deeply that even minor conflicts can linger and make a difference in your mood. Use this time to tap into your artistic side. Even if you wouldn’t call yourself an artist, break out the crayons and grab a coloring book. Buy cheap watercolors and mess around on a pad of paper. You’ll be surprised by how much it’ll ease your heart.


Don’t move on too quickly to the next exciting thing, Scorpio. If you don’t take an appropriate amount of time to heal from one wound before jumping into another potentially harmful situation, you run the risk of reaggravating your mending heart. It’s okay to slow down and sit with your discomfort. Just because it feels impossible to forget right now, that does not mean it will remain that way forever.


They say that you move around too much, can’t sit still in one place for very long, and there’s some truth to that. But when you’re in a state of healing, movement is the last thing on your mind, Sagittarius. Don’t be afraid to lean into your desire to travel. Surrounding yourself with new scenery, new faces, can be just the thing to ease your hurt. There’s no better place to focus on yourself than in a city without memory, with no ties to your past.


Don’t be afraid to take up space, Capricorn. When you put yourself into a metaphorical box and say “this is where I must heal,” it leaves no room for flexibility. I know that you like to have control over your life, and that includes how and where you cure yourself, but when you set parameters on something as mutable as healing then you’re destined to fail. Be easier on yourself. Accept that things won’t, can’t, always go according to plan.


Aquarius, are you comfortable being alone? While having a strong community around you is incredibly helpful in times of stress, you need to know yourself at least a little bit in order to determine the best course for healing. Try writing freely in a journal and see what happens. Or, look in the mirror for five minutes straight, really see yourself. It may be uncomfortable, but getting to know somebody new always is. Embrace it.


This is your sign, Pisces, to be extra kind to yourself in times of healing. If you want to pamper yourself, be extravagant, then give in to that urge. You thrive best in environments that are safe and warm, and you don’t need to wait for somebody else to give that to you. It’s only once you’re completely at ease that you’re able to fully reflect on your healing process without it totally overwhelming you. What’s the harm in a little tenderness?