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Birth Months Ranked From Best To Worst, Based On Their Zodiac Duo

1. October  (Libra & Scorpio) 

A Libra in both months is arguably the most social of all signs. They make friends everywhere they go and always seem to know people wherever they might be. An October Libra is the most charismatic and charming in every room they walk into. They have an air of sophistication and refinement to them, which makes them so unique. Because they have such a large social circle, they are often always busy, which makes maintaining relationships hard. They can sometimes be described as flighty or inconsistent, although they do have genuine and pure hearts—it just takes finding the right people who value and appreciate them. 

An October Scorpio is the most intense and highly emotional of all. They are highly competitive and view dating as just that—a competition to win against others. Being overcome with insecurity and jealousy are some of their negative traits that influence their relationships. But it isn’t that they are controlling. Because love is something so unpredictable, they are overcome with the fear of getting their heart broken—they want to control their story and be emotionally prepared if something were to go wrong. An October Scorpio is their own worst enemy and toughest critic. If they fail, lose, or do not achieve perfection, they turn inward and analyze what they could have done better or differently. While they might be very guarded, appear cold on their exterior, and are quick to put up walls, they love the hardest and are one of the most loyal people you’ll ever meet.  

2. June (Gemini & Cancer) 

The most disciplined sign of all is a June Gemini. Filled with hard work, integrity, and humility. They will outwork everyone in every room they find themselves in. This kind of work ethic will lead to success, but it isn’t the kind of thing that will ever get to their head. Despite where they are or what they have achieved, they carry themselves with a welcoming humility that makes them both likable and approachable. Where they struggle a bit is in their emotions because they judge themselves based on what they bring to the table—they have trouble expressing emotions. In their relationships, they might not always be able to show what it is they are feeling or comfortable fully expressing that. What they will do is what they do best is show appreciation through doing things. They are one of the most loyal of all signs and value family and friendships above all. 

A June Cancer shares a lot of the same personality traits as a June Gemini. They work extremely hard and are disciplined. A Cancer in June, though, has the strength of showing their emotions and being able to express clearly what they are feeling. While they show their emotional side to only a select few, they are very sensitive but appear to have a hard exterior. They too think emotions could be a weakness, so they keep themselves a bit guarded and are very protective of themselves and the people close to them. They are an excellent judge of character, and while they might forgive you for mistakes, they never forget a thing. If you cross them, they might be civil, but they will never let you get too close. 

3. December (Sagittarius & Capricorn)

A December Sagittarius is one of the most adventurous and lives for the thrill. They get bored easily, so they are constantly seeking what the next thing is. Considered a healer, they are the first to want to help others, listen, and provide solutions. However, they often cover their own pain and strive to deal with their own struggles internally. They are full of empathy and understanding of others because of their own experiences and strive to shine light in the darkest places they have known. Full of positivity and love towards others, they strive to find that in their relationships and seek someone who will cause more peace than anything else. 

Like a January Capricorn, a December Capricorn works extremely hard and are high achievers, putting their career above everything else as their top priority. They are extremely goal-oriented and thrive from crossing things off of to-do lists, hitting goals others set for them, and their strict schedules. They get a high off of reaching new levels, whether it is in their career or personal life. They have minds that are constantly racing and thinking about the next thing, which leads to struggles being present or something as simple as sleeping and relaxing. In their relationship, the perfect partner for them is someone who will teach them to slow down a bit and enjoy the life they have worked so hard to build for themselves. 

4. November (Scorpio & Sagittarius)

A November Scorpio is a bit mythical and mysterious. Often considered free spirits and going with the flow of things, they value truth and honesty and consider themselves always students striving to continue to learn more about themselves, the world around them, and others. They have a pure heart and want only the best for everyone. They feed off of the energy of others, which is why they are very selective with who they invest time in. They even enjoy being alone and feel energized by investing time in themselves and what they need. They are very creative and artistic, and while they can’t always articulate what they are thinking or feeling verbally, through art they can communicate most clearly. 

A November Sagittarius is similar to a November Scorpio. They come with hints of mystery and are very spiritual and philosophical. They have very strong personalities and say exactly what they are thinking, even if it is offensive to others. If it is honest, they say it. Unlike a Scorpio, they are extremely extroverted and get their energy from socializing and talking to others. One of their top values includes friendships and family. In their relationships, they want a partner who will be their greatest adventure but also want someone who will feel like home. 

5. January (Capricorns & Aquarius) 

January Capricorns are incredibly ambitious as well as high achievers. When goals are put in front of them, not only do they achieve them but they go above and beyond what is expected of them. Their self-discipline makes for a very successful life, but they struggle in knowing how to relax. While they are the kind of partners to protect and provide, their relationships are very intense and serious. This can sometimes be a turn-off when the expectations they have for their own life translate into wanting a partner to be as goal-oriented and serious as they are. They love deeply, but sometimes struggle in showing it or fear showing it. What they are good at is grand declarations, which can sometimes be overwhelming. 

An Aquarius is one of the most emotional signs in all of astrology. While they wear their heart on their sleeve and are one of the most caring and considerate people, not many people realize it. Their guarded demeanor and habit of pushing people away and putting up walls makes it hard to have any kind of relationship with them. But once you get past that, you will have a friend for life or a really strong relationship. They are loyal to no end to people who show that loyalty in return and keep a very small friend group. When they do things, they want to do it perfectly. They are highly critical of themselves. They will make sure in their pursuits that they not only conquer it but that they do so by becoming the absolute best at it. Their temper can be one of the greatest downfalls in their personality and their ability to cut people off without an explanation makes for many enemies. 

6. February (Aquarius & Pisces) 

The greatest difference between a January Aquarius and a February one is their ability to make choices based on logic rather than emotion. They keep their cards very close to their chest and no one quite knows their next move. They are a little more social and outgoing, still with that guarded nature but also with a keen ability to read others and excellent judgment. This translates into their careers, as they can sell anyone or anything on an idea they believe in. They work incredibly hard and some would even describe them as a workaholic. They will be the life of every party they walk into. In their relationships, while they might be the more outgoing and outspoken one, the partners they choose are so important because, at the end of the day when their walls come down, they need to be able to turn off a bit. It is in their relationship they will reveal their true most authentic emotional self not everyone gets to see. 

Another one of the most emotional signs in the zodiac is a February Pisces. Filled with compassion and empathy, Pisces base a lot of their life on how they feel, but this doesn’t always work in their favor. They tend to choose people who see their good and try to use them. Seeing the good in everyone tends to blind them to people’s bad sides; they hope they can influence them and change them. But in their attempts to strive to be healers of others, they give up parts of themselves in the process. It is their own healing they have to invest time into, as they get hurt often. The greatest thing that sets a February Pisces apart from a March one is a February Pisces will turn their pain into power, using it creatively to help others. 

7. September (Virgo & Libra)

Quite opposite of their counterpart, a Virgo born in September might be a little shyer and reserved. They both work equally as hard and often deal with burnout in the workplace. The greatest difference though is a September Virgo will internalize the need to slow down or take on less, as they are not being good enough. Next to a March Pisces, they are the second most critical sign of themselves and not always nicest to their own reflection. While they are confident only in the things they consider themselves experts in, when they speak, people listen. They have a quiet confidence in themselves and an ability to not always be the leader in a room but an ability to be the most influential. 

A September Libra is social and charismatic, just like an October Libra, but the biggest difference between these two is the priority they make in their relationships as it relates to love. They truly believe this is one of their most important relationships and will invest most of their time in seeking the right relationship. The greatest challenge in dating is finding partners who are quick to take without reciprocating. This often leaves a Libra feeling drained. Overcome with the fear of conflict or causing anyone else stress, a September Libra will often stay in places and tolerate things they don’t deserve to keep others’ peace, even if it isn’t their own. If a September Libra saw themselves the way friends and family do, they would be the most confident pursuing the things and people that deserve them rather than striving to prove something themselves. 

8. March (Pisces & Aries) 

A March Pisces will take that same pain but turn inwards a bit, closing their closest friends and family out. Overcome with a great fear of being a burden, their walls will come up and they will turn quiet and try to solve all of their problems on their own. The irony, though, is these are the kinds of people who would be the first to help others if needed. They often overextend themselves by saying yes to everyone and everything, even if the cost is their own exhaustion. They desperately want others to like them and fear rejection. The irony again is when they look at their own reflection they don’t see themselves accurately but rather with harsh judgment and criticism. A March Pisces is one of the most unkind to themselves and need a lot of reassurance in their relationships. The things they need, though, do not compare to how much they give and how far they are willing to go for others they love and care about. 

A March Aries is arguably one of the strongest and most confident signs of all. They are headstrong and the first in a group to speak up if needed (or not). They are the kind of presence you’ll know when they enter a room. March Aries is the kind of direct you’ll never wonder what they are thinking or what they meant. They will tell you. If they are interested, they will pursue you very intensely. This strong personality, though, isn’t always liked by everyone. Some would describe them as cocky and arrogant, when in reality, they too have insecurities, with rejection being the most crippling. 

9. May (Taurus & Gemini)

May Tauruses work very hard and are very creative. They care so much about little details. This translates to their relationships because they remember birthdays, anniversaries, and important dates in the lives of the people they care about. A May Taurus is an excellent judge of character and leads with both empathy and logic. They are probably one of the best judges of character and are often right about people in the beginning. Because of this, they are very selective with who they invest their time in. Some would describe them as a bit cold and unkind, but the truth is, they just aren’t fake and won’t spend time trying to win the wrong people over. 

May Geminis are workaholics and choose their career above everything and everyone. While some people might look down on this, they believe in being the person to build the life they want and doing it all on their own. They live by the motto “work hard and play harder.” The standards they have for themselves match what they expect in others. In relationships, this comes as a turn-off sometimes because their partner doesn’t always get what they need emotionally. When they meet someone who is just as career-oriented, neither are willing to compromise, putting a relationship even on the same playing field as their career. They both just end up too busy. As busy as they might be in their career, they fill the rest of their life making friends and family their second priority.

10. April (Aries & Taurus) 

An April Aries has only a few differences from one in March. While both carry that same confidence and headstrong nature, an April Aries is very emotional but hides it very well. On the outside, they are intimidating and challenge you, not letting up until the outcome is in their favor. As you get to know them, what you’ll come to learn about them is how sensitive they are. They just struggle in knowing how to express what it is they are feeling. What comes out is a lot of feeling and chaos, but they really just care so much and struggle to find those words. An April Aries will gravitate towards music and art with admiration of someone who can clearly express what they feel. April Aries are very particular—they want things done a very specific way (they are almost perfectionists, in a way) and think they are the only ones that can do it. This leads to being the kind of people who are the first to raise their hand for things, be a host, and volunteer. While some might describe them as controlling, the reality is they are overcome with the fear of something going wrong and they want to take the lead. 

 An April Taurus is one of the more stubborn signs who approaches things with both confidence and conviction. Even in moments where they might be wrong, you might not even challenge them because they were so convincing. They work so hard in their careers, in their relationships, and in every challenge they might have—they really will give it their all until they have nothing left to give. They are resilient and someone you can rely on. An April Taurus finds it hard to know how to turn it off. They are driven by success and accomplishment and are always looking for the next thing without knowing how to be present and in this moment. This might lead to a bit of unhappiness despite how great everything in their life might look. 

11. August (Leo & Virgo) 

Like a July Leo, they carry confidence and high expectations in all areas of their life. The greatest difference between a July Leo and an August one is an August one is the stronger of the two and not just leads but influences others doing it kindly. They are louder and make it known when they are in a room. They love being the center of attention and likely already have next year’s birthday planned. They are the planner of their friend group and the one who keeps everyone together. A Leo is the friend you want and family you’re lucky enough to have, and if you are their partner it comes with a loyalty you’ve never known and a love so deep. 

An August Virgo is very organized in every aspect of their life. From finances and budgeting to calendars and showing up to everything or just making sure they have a clean home. They care about details and listen closely to things you tell them, remembering everything like their brains are notepads. In their career, they are high achievers and very goal-oriented and often gravitate towards a social career, allowing them to talk to people and be in the spotlight. Some would describe them as a lot because they are but they are just big personalities. 

12. July (Cancer & Leo) 

A July Cancer is very almost too emotional like an emotional rollercoaster. They lead with emotion and not logic. But once they learn how to control their emotions and use it for good it becomes one of their strengths. While their insecurities are sometimes very obvious and they don’t appear to be the most confident sign, the things they are confident in are their values which are family above all. While loyalty is a strength, loyalty to the wrong people or parties can sometimes hurt them and cause someone who is so sensitive more pain. 

 A July Leo has one of the kindest hearts of all. They care so much about others and lead with both empathy and compassion. In both their careers and in their relationships passion is their driving force. Because they give their best, that’s what they expect in return, but those standards of being on and at 100% all the time aren’t always something a partner can live up to. All Leos have a confidence about them with the expectation to be treated like a king or queen. That need to be admired in such a way can sometimes be a turn-off and that confidence can sometimes be mistaken as cocky.