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Even If You Don’t See It Right Now, God’s Plan Is Always Better

Even if you don’t see it right now, even if you don’t feel it, even if you’re losing faith day after day, there’s a better plan awaiting you. “How?” you may ask when it seems like the odds are against you and your prayers seem to have evaporated into space, but it’s all part of God’s bigger and better plan. At least, that’s what I’ve repeatedly seen in my life—that even when things seemed unfavorable or when prayers were delayed or ignored, it led me to something unexpectedly better for me. 

Even if you don’t believe it right now, even if it doesn’t make sense because your pain has been lingering or your problems just keep piling up, God knows something you don’t know. God heard what you didn’t hear and saw what you didn’t see, and there’s always movement happening behind the scenes that will likely get you what you want or will lead you to a whole new path that will change your life. One thing I’ve constantly witnessed in my life is the change of heart that suddenly occurs to me about a certain job or a person or a situation. I believe that’s part of God’s plan—moving you away from something when it’s time to end it and guiding you towards something else. 

I am sure you have also seen that in your own life. It happens all the time with changing careers or failed relationships or toxic friendships. You suddenly feel compelled to act in a certain way or take action that you wouldn’t have taken before. It may feel like God gave you the opposite of what you wanted at times, but it ends up being better for you in the long run. The problem is, we are too focused on the here and now and God is focused on the bigger picture. Sometimes God shows us what we didn’t know we needed. 

And sometimes the best part of God’s plan is that he wants you to work on yourself. He wants you to believe in your own abilities and strengths to get what you want or leave what’s not right for you. Sometimes he pushes you to find the answers on your own by making many mistakes or learning a lot of hard lessons. Sometimes he knows that your past wishes or desires were coming from a version of you that didn’t feel worthy of better things in life, and he wants you to wish more for yourself or aim higher. Maybe the journey is painful at times, and maybe you think you know what’s better for you, but God’s plan is always the best. It may not be exactly what you had in mind, but the end goal will always be the same. 

You may not always know how things will play out, but I believe God’s plan will always bring you what you want. It will bring you happiness, love, security, peace, abundance, health, and prosperity, because God won’t plant a desire in your heart without giving it to you. It’s just the how that may confuse you or differ from how you envisioned it. God will constantly reshape and remove things in your life when you’re ready for the next level. Step by step, God’s plan will be revealed to you, and you will then understand why things had to go wrong or why people had to change.

So, you may not see it or believe it right now, but whatever you’re going through is bringing you closer to something more meaningful and better for you.