Anna Tarazevich

Every Person You Meet Is A Lesson, So Don’t Take Them For Granted

People cross our paths for a reason.  We’re meant to meet someone in an exact moment for something other than just meeting them. We’re meant to learn lessons about life through people, whether they be good or bad.  Whether those lessons be filled with happiness or be a really hard truth to face, they’re meant to change us.  They’re meant to cause us to learn a little something we didn’t know before.  They’re meant to question particulars about life or honestly make life worth living.

Your first love.

This was fun and this was easy.  This is what everyone had been talking about.  Your first love teaches you so much about yourself and your ability to love and be loved back.  It teaches you your limits and your possibilities.  This love is not intended to last but to show you exactly what to look forward to.  This person is meant to be the person you compare every relationship to.

Your best friend.

There are a lot of hard truths here.  Most people meet their best friends when they’re younger and many carry that friendship forever.  As you get older and start families, life becomes hectic.  You begin changing who you once were and valuing things in life a bit differently.  You go from being very similar and wanting to call them with everything that happens in your day to having busy lives and different paths where those phone calls become hard to come by.  Your best friend teaches you to love someone unconditionally, even when you can’t seem to find the words and the paths chosen for the two of you lead you in very opposite directions.  Your best friend teaches you to trust to no limit.

Your collection of wrong companions.

These were HARD TRUTHS.  One was someone you thought you’d spend the rest of your life with, but for whatever reason, he kept finding himself slipping and falling in the wrong vaginas.  The next was one you weren’t even looking for but found anyway.  He was sweet and kind until he just wasn’t anymore.  He always needed something and nothing you ever did was good enough or made him want you for more than the physical attraction.  The last one was the one that literally sucked the life right out of you.  He was EXHAUSTING, to say the least.  He was toxic and self-centered, and he taught you to be kind to people regardless of their stations in life.

While all three of these were hard lessons, they were lessons nonetheless.  They all caused you to feel something.  Rather it was hurt beyond measure, the constant need to be something for someone, or realizing that you deserve better, you learned a lesson.

The first man to have your heart.

This is your father.  This is the man who helped create you and is no longer here to watch you grow.  This is the man who won’t be there the day you get married or to meet his first grandchild.  He’s missing several milestones in your life, but believe it or not, he taught you something as well.  He showed you how precious and short life truly is.  He taught you to hug the ones you love and do it often.  He taught you to never take life for granted and ride the wave for you and no one else.

Your soulmate.

After every wrong companion, there seemed to be nothing but doom.  However, you were the light at the end of the tunnel.  You were the rainbow after the storm.  You were the silver lining I had waited so patiently for.  You taught me how to love and how easy that can be.  You taught me that life isn’t supposed to be so hard.  You taught me to have patience and be kind.  You taught me how great it is to leave my insecurities at the door. You taught me what it felt to be loved without question.

These are the big people and the big lessons.  But the gas station attendants, the girl who does your eyebrows, your mom, your nephew, business partner, employees, everyone, these are all people who were put in your life for a reason.  Embrace every part of that by being kind always and realizing everyone matters.