Maria Orlova

Healing Affirmations By Zodiac For June 11-14

Aries: Both my intuition and my discernment guide my actions.

Aries are known for getting lost in the heat of the moment. Whether you have a bad habit of saying what you don’t mean in an argument, overcommitting when excited, or rushing to get what you want completed, you find healing in developing patience. Practicing the power of the pause changes your life. It gives you a moment to both hear your intellectual thoughts as well as your knee-gut instincts to respond in a way that makes you proud in the long run.

Taurus: I’m allowed to change my mind any time I want or need to.

Being loyal and steadfast is your personal strength. However, your greatest asset can also be the very thing that gets in the way of your own growth. Taurus has a habit of resisting change. Even if making shifts is in your best interest, you likely want to stay in your comfort zone more often than not. This mantra encourages you to open your mind to the fact that you’re allowed to change your mind as often as necessary.

Gemini: I concentrate and focus my efforts.

Your mind is swift, always jumping from idea to idea. You need to gain control of your thoughts before they control you. Repeating this affirmation allows you to recenter. Being scattered in your approach doesn’t allow you to make long-lasting impacts in your life. Remaining focused on one thing at a time brings you the expansion you truly crave when your brain is running.

Cancer: My emotions and intuition are valid.

Cancer is a very nurturing, internalized sign. Therefore, it’s all too easy to downplay or minimize your experience to ensure the comfort of those around you. Repeating this mantra grounds you. Your truth is just as important as the next person’s. To reach the emotional harmony you crave in your connections, remember to give credit where it’s due to your ever-present intuition. Those who care about you will want to support your feelings.

Leo: I allow vulnerability to guide me in moments where my pride could restrict me.

Being a proud fire sign, Leo must remember to remain open-minded. Life is full of twists and turns. Oftentimes, things happen beyond our control. People miscommunicate, relationships shift, and desires cannot be met on time. Rather than taking it personally, we must give grace and be vulnerable about our hurt or disappointment. Allowing others to understand our underlying emotions promotes harmony. Whereas reacting with pride pushes our loved ones away.

Virgo: I am enough, just as I am.

Getting lost in perfectionist standards can drive us mad. There’s no need to expect impossible standards to give yourself human compassion and respect. There’s always more to seek, strive for, and desire in life. If we don’t allow ourselves to be content with reality, here and now, as we are, the next best thing will not fill the void. There’s always more room for growth. This affirmation allows you to hold two dualistic truths at once: you’re enough as you are and are an ever-work in progress.

Libra: I’m allowed to disagree or think differently than my loved ones.

You love harmony, Libra. You love love, too. You’ll do anything to make your loved ones happy. However, your self-sacrificing habits can get in the way of true happiness. This affirmation reminds you not to give up your needs or opinions to appease. When you are in healthy relationships, people disagree or don’t see eye to eye one hundred percent of the time. In fact, some differences make connections more interesting.

Scorpio: I surrender to the divine timing of the universe.

Scorpio, you’re a powerful individual. However, sometimes you need to let go of your tight grip and let things happen naturally without any interference. Trying to control every element in life will leave you feeling defeated and exhausted. This affirmation reminds you to trust the process. There’s more to the circumstances than what you can see. Sometimes, the best thing we can do is nothing at all.

Sagittarius: Stability and structure can be just as liberating as adventure.

You like to experience life in all of its glory. However, forever running from one thing to the next doesn’t leave you with much long-term stability or fulfillment. This affirmation seeks to remind you that security isn’t necessarily boring and non-stop adventure doesn’t lead to happiness. There’s a time and place to run away from your problems. However, concentrating your energy on one place, person, or idea at a time allows you to remain focused.

Capricorn: I appreciate how far I have come, here and now.

Capricorn loves to always raise the bar. As soon as one accomplishment is met, you’re already pushing for the next goal. Imagine the peace that could come with a proper balance of proactiveness with passivity? A life full of striving, starved of relaxation, makes our mind, body, and spirit stressed. This affirmation reminds you to experience and enjoy the life you have in the present moment.

Aquarius: My emotions and nonsensical experiences are valid.

While you try your best to remain objective, life is dull without subjectivity. Emotions make life worthwhile and interesting, even the more difficult ones. While you do well remaining level-headed, this affirmation reminds you that you’re allowed to be human. You don’t always have to have the answers or be at your best. 

Pisces: Self-discipline allows me to remain true to my values and commitments.

Pisces, it’s so easy for you to get swept away in the current. The thing about life is that things never stop happening. There will always be a distraction. That’s why it’s important to remind yourself to remain focused. This affirmation centers you in the clarity that you only have so much time and energy. To waste it away on temporary problems or frivolous aims distracts you from the growth you crave.