Harry Styles

Here’s Which ‘Harry’s House’ Song You Most Relate To, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


You definitely have a way of falling for people’s general vibes—it’s difficult for you to really be interested in someone you don’t click with—and once you fall for someone, your heart is deadset (you probably relate to the lyrics “Darling, is it cool / if I’m stubborn when it comes to this?”). Cinema has a sexy, “come hither” feel to it that you’ll definitely appreciate.

Taurus—Music For A Sushi Restaurant 

Music For A Sushi Restaurant is all about indulgence—in your palate, in your experiences, and in your love life. You know how to enjoy the finer things in life, and let’s face it, nothing is finer than the trumpets on this track. This song is fun, upbeat, and impossible to ignore—just like you.

Gemini—Little Freak

Are you the little freak in the song or the little freak lover? Knowing your duality, probably both. You’re certainly the kind of person who leaves a mark, whether you intend to or not. But you also have a tendency to get caught up in your memories, wishing things could be different—but also accepting that they aren’t.

Cancer—Late Night Talking

When you fall for someone, Cancer, you really fall. You think about them constantly and want to do anything you can to make them smile. “I’ve never been a fan of change / but I’d follow you to any place,” Harry sings, which is something you can relate to—you’re not the type of person who will go out of your comfort zone often, but for love, you’d do just about anything.


You love so incredibly hard, Leo—even if you don’t always like admitting it. Once you’ve chosen your person, you tend to be pretty ride or die, which makes it hard to move on from them when things come to an end. If you had the choice, you’d prefer to stick with them through it all.


This isn’t the most uplifting song to have associated with your zodiac sign, but hear me out. Virgos are incredibly logical on the surface level, but deep down, you have a certain optimism that leads you to turn a blind eye to bad behaviors when it comes to the people you love. You give people too many chances, if only because you love so deeply—and that in itself is not a bad thing.


You’re a proper romantic, Libra—it’s easy to lose yourself in the thought of the perfect person, the perfect situation, or the perfect life. In fact, you may find yourself hiding from the tougher, more stressful realities of life by chasing these ideals or indulging in other luxuries. Grapejuice is all about hiding away from the world with the perfect lover and the perfect glass of wine—the perfect afternoon for you.

Scorpio—Love Of My Life

Love will always be a bit of a melodramatic thing for you, Scorpio—something big and beautiful and probably a little heartbreaking. You know better than most how intense true love really is and the way it changes you when it’s gone, which is why it’s only natural that this song resonates with you the best.

Sagittarius—Keep Driving

This song is truly a Sagittarius anthem. You have a tendency to just keep moving (or driving) through everything in life—the good, the bad, whatever comes your way. Your prefer it when your life is a montage of different moments and different places, especially when it involves the people you love most.

Capricorn—As It Was

You struggle quite a lot with change, Capricorn, so it’s no surprise to anyone that you also have trouble moving on. While you may come off as unconcerned to people who don’t know you well, you have a lot of deep, heavy emotions to process, even though you probably prefer not to talk about it much—just know that change is natural.


You’re often stereotyped as being detached, but truthfully, when you fall for someone, you tend to be down bad. Love can often feel like a daydream to you—to the point where you might over-idealize your lovers a bit or harbor some unrealistic expectations. But hey, as long as it’s not hurting anyone, it sure is fun!


You have a tendency to get stuck in cyclical relationships where you just can’t get on the same page, even if you struggle to understand why. You’re not always great with distance, but when your person needs space, you’re probably willing to wait for them—even when it seems to be a lost cause.

Bonus: Every Sign—Matilda

Let’s face it: We all need the reminder every now and then that we’re allowed to walk away from toxic connections, even if they’re family. We’re allowed to be happy, whatever that means for us.