Thiago Schlemper

Horoscope For Today: Friday, April 19, 2024

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Today is full of positive vibes and potential for the zodiac signs!

Happy Taurus Season! The Sun moves into the Venus-ruled Earth sign today, and the shift from energetic Aries will be felt. Taurus pushes us to take a slower, more grounded approach and appreciate the natural beauty around us.

In addition to slowing things down, Mercury continues its retrograde in Aries while forming a conjunction with Venus, making today an opportunity for us to slow down and think before we speak in our conversations with others and our aesthetic choices. Aries may prefer to act first and think later, but all signs point to being intentional rather than impulsive.

Additionally, Mars in Pisces forms sextiles to Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus today. These aspects could encourage a desire to take action and pursue what you want, particularly in embracing your freedom and autonomy. If you’re striving to do something, it’s a great day to go for it!

Naturally, there is a little tension today, as the Moon in Virgo forms an opposition to Saturn in Pisces for a few hours in the late afternoon. However, this doesn’t have to throw your day off course—it’s best to try and take care of yourself and avoid any heated arguments that could escalate quickly. 

Check your signs below (Sun and Rising!) to see what today has in store for you!


Today is meant for you to move slowly but confidently in your decisions, Aries. You have a strong sense of yourself and have the potential to communicate your thoughts and feelings effectively. However, it will require you to think before you speak rather than lean into your impulsive nature. Being intentional and thoughtful about what you share and how you share it allows you to stand firm in your convictions rather than backtracking and apologizing later. You may wrestle with some tension since you’re moving slower, but the discipline will pay off in the long run.


Happy Taurus season! As the Sun enters your first House of self and identity, don’t be surprised if you experience a surge of confidence today. You may also feel more motivated than usual to be social and connect with your friends, especially after keeping to yourself more during Aries season. You may want to take some unusual or riskier approaches to your life today, but keep in mind that with Mercury still in retrograde, you’ll want to think things through before going too overboard.


You might be feeling like you need a recharge starting today, Gemini. Several planets, including the Sun, are sitting in your 12th House of Isolation and Subconscious, making it a good day to do inner healing or take a step back from doing too much. Particular causes or ways to help people may be heavier on your mind today, and you long to do what you can to help—just ensure you have some patience with yourself and others as Mercury, your ruling planet, continues its retrograde and meets up with Venus. Your passion for helping others may serve you well, so don’t fear embracing it with more certainty today.


Your social skills can get you places today, Cancer. You could feel more empowered to approach others with new ideas or insights you’ve been holding onto, which may not only your friend circle but also your views on certain topics. Some new creative ideas may also show up unexpectedly regarding your work, so ensure you slow down and communicate them clearly to make a good impression. You may feel a little out of your element or slightly intimidated by some of what is shared or expressed, but ultimately, this could lead to better connections in the future that may help you when you need it most. 


Today could be your time to shine at work, Leo. As the Sun enters your 10th House, you may feel more assured about your place in your career or chosen path, and you’re prepared to make some moves to keep things going in the right direction. In fact, some of your initiatives could lead to more money or stronger contracts with those you work with or for, and some particularly insightful ideas on how to expand your views and take on new approaches could be the key to pushing you forward. However, be sure you think through these ideas and approaches before committing as Mercury continues its retrograde. While you may feel some uncertainty as you try to balance making bigger moves with keeping a firm grasp on security, know that you won’t get anywhere if you can’t put yourself out there occasionally. 


Today could work well for analyzing and exploring what you want for your future, Virgo. As Taurus season ushers in a new appreciation for expanding your horizons, Mercury in retrograde forms a conjunction with Venus, asking you to slow down and re-evaluate how you connect deeply with others and the bonds you share. Today could push you to figure out how your current relationships could fit into new paths you want to take in the future, and you may find that your relationships are bound to motivate and encourage you. Take the time to figure out what you want—you will likely have the support to go for it.


You could feel more introspective today, Libra, and it’s worth exploring. Taurus season ushers in focus on your bonds and shared resources, which can range from finances to intimacy. You may feel more motivated than usual to tackle these issues head-on, but you need to be able to identify them first before you can take action. It’s worth having conversations with your close relationships, though be mindful about what you say and how you say it to avoid unnecessary confusion. You’ll also want to give yourself some time and space to process things, as you could become easily overwhelmed. Trying to hurry things won’t work how you want—give yourself the time and attention this needs to see it through.


Your relationships are getting some extra attention today, Scorpio. Taurus season lights up your 7th House of Partnerships, and today specifically pushes you to explore your connections through the lens of joy and what makes you feel alive. You could feel more confident putting yourself out there, and if you’re willing to lean into what makes you happy, that will only make you feel more attractive to those around you. The key today is putting the action behind the desire—you won’t get much out of the day if you aren’t willing to do something about it. Just be wary of rushing things too quickly—embrace the flow if things don’t go exactly according to your plans.


Don’t even think about texting your ex today, Sagittarius—you’ve got more important things to focus on! Taurus season brings a jumpstart to your routines and habits, and you may feel more prone to pitching in and helping others out when and where you can. Today, your efforts may focus more on home and those you live with. If there are some projects or tasks you’ve been putting off, today may be a good day to try and tackle them. You could push to take everything on yourself or find more innovative ways to take care of things, but don’t get too upset if your efforts aren’t immediately noticed or rewarded. If you’re doing things only to get a reaction, it won’t be as fulfilling as you want it to be. 


It’s a good day to find joy in the little things, Capricorn. Taurus season lights up your 5th House of Creativity and Pleasure, allowing you to focus more on what brings you joy and how to best express yourself. However, this doesn’t mean you must travel far to experience it—you could be surprised at what motivates and inspires you in your local community or immediate environment. You may even try to make some aesthetic changes to your home (though don’t go too big or too permanent with Mercury still in retrograde). You may worry you’re missing out on exploring things in a bigger context, but again, there is so much that can open your eyes around you if you’re willing to shift into a new perspective. 


Today could be perfect for staying in, Aquarius. As the Sun enters your 4th House of Home and Roots, your attention may turn towards your home and ways to improve it or carve out more distinct places for yourself. You may feel motivated to take some hard-earned cash and make some purchases you’ve been contemplating, especially if it enhances the space. You could also feel a stronger motivation to clean and organize things to feel better about yourself. Regardless of your approach, don’t underestimate the value of making your home feel more like a space you want to be in, not just a place you have to come back to.


You may end up reconnecting with some old friends today, Pisces. As the Sun appears in your 3rd House of Communication and Local Community, you may feel inspired to reach out to friends nearby that you’ve lost touch with. Of course, with Mercury still in retrograde, you may want to think through what to say and how to reach out, especially if not hearing back will deeply hurt your feelings. However, sometimes getting in touch with people who knew us really well helps us become the people we want to be, or even lets us see how far we’ve come. You may even feel part of you wanting to sink back into old patterns to keep the connection going, but stay firm in who you are—you’ve changed for a reason.