Alena Shekhovtcova

Horoscope For Today: Friday, April 5, 2024

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We’re well into Aries season now—and Mercury retrograde, adding a more cutting, brutally honest edge to our communication style right now. This morning we awaken to the sun and North Node conjunct at 15°, a degree associated with Gemini. There is a heavy emphasis on speaking our minds right now, and we are unlikely to hold back.

But what is the world focused on right now, specifically? The moon transits through the latter degrees of Aquarius this morning, placing special attention on issues that impact all of humanity.

These days, the main way most laypeople express their views is through social media, also ruled by the sign of the water-bearer; it is the marketplace of ideas and the proverbial town square. That said, you can expect to see some incendiary tweets sent out very early this morning, with the crowd fighting back against perceived injustice and growing increasingly braver about voicing their opinions.

By 7:15 AM EST, however, the moon will ingress into the dreamier territory of Pisces, where it will remain for the rest of the day. This lends a slightly more creative and romantic vibe, meaning that you may wish to explore your darker emotions through art or music. Writers who wish to convey their ideas would do well to schedule posts to go live after the moon is stationed here, in softer Pisces. They will likely be more well-received.

At approximately one minute after midnight, Venus ingresses from the mystical and spiritual realm of Pisces into 0° Aries, where it is notoriously uncomfortable. Venusian beauty and harmony is shaken up by the intensity of Aries, the warrior who wishes to conquer. While society might not always appreciate the assertiveness of women, Venus’ transit through Aries is always a good time to hold the line, stand up for what you believe in, and embrace your dark feminine side.

How will all of this play out for you on this particularly wild Friday? Read on, according to your rising sign, for a general forecast.


With the sun and the North Node conjunct in your first house, you’re motivated to take physical action and move towards your goals with tenacity and independence. Those of you with placements in the mid- to-late degrees of Aries will feel this ambitious push even more strongly, as though you are being forced in the direction of your dreams without your consent. If you have been holding back out of fear, you may have to accept that you are not entirely in control of your destiny, release, and let go of the doubt that has been crippling you. Meanwhile, the moon in your twelfth house gives you a host of spiritual insights that will allow you to creatively express yourself. Venus in your first house gives you a rewarding glow-up, making you appear more attractive and alluring to others. Some might be intimidated by your energy; others will find it extremely sexy. Don’t be afraid of putting yourself out there and asking for what you want, whether it’s from a partner, a boss, or a potential client.


The sun and North Node conjunct in your twelfth house offers you divine insights, so don’t be afraid to keep your dream journal open and ready by your bed. You might just wake up with a great idea that seemed to surface out of nowhere. You will move fast towards your ambitions now, feeling empowered and spiritually guided as you make big moves. Meanwhile, the moon in your eleventh house gives you a dreamy and whimsical quality that may cause others in your broader social network to dismiss your ideas as silly or frivolous. While your mind is wide open, theirs may be closed, creating friction as you try to balance your head and your heart, the material and the metaphysical. Try to incorporate your nascent creative glow-up into your daily grind today. Venus entering your twelfth house today promises a highly artistic—and potentially romantic—few weeks ahead, but don’t come on too strong. Let them come to you.


It’s time for you to team up with like minded individuals who can give you a career and popularity boost, as the sun and North Node places you in the company of everyone you’ve ever dreamed of working with or around. Don’t be afraid to schmooze. You’ve got your foot in the door, your idols are becoming your rivals, and this is a window of opportunity that fate will force you through kicking and screaming if you resist it. The moon in your tenth house puts you right in the spotlight, granting you accolades from bosses and people of authority. Venus in your eleventh only further emphasizes how far you’re going to go in your chosen industry—and might bring you some workplace romance, too.


No one is being highlighted more than you right now, with the sun and North Node joining forces in your tenth house. Your career is about to be shaken up in a major way, placing you on a global stage, though your past words are likely to be scrutinized; if you wish to avoid becoming the latest victim of cancel culture, clean up your old social media and try to fly under the radar in the meantime. On the other hand, if you have a heart for justice, and you know how to speak convincingly to a wide audience, this might be your green light. The moon in your ninth house suggests you’re tempted to shift your focus to your religious or ideological convictions, allowing them to guide your life decisions more than the tempting allure of more money or a better position at work. Stay true to your values no matter what the cost. It will pay off in the long run. Venus in your tenth house gives you a boost of good fortune and paints you in a dramatic, passionate, yet ultimately positive light. Even those of you facing scandals will likely move through them gracefully.


Your ninth house is crowded right now, and the conjunction of the sun and North Node gives you a sudden zeal for your philosophical and religious beliefs. You’re not afraid to take them public now, risking whatever controversy comes along with that. Undaunted, you are motivated by the desire to reach the widest audience possible: one that is global, not local, and reflective of a diversity of cultural values. The moon in your eighth house drives you inward, in an uncharacteristic act of defiance—whoever heard of an introverted Leo? The temptation to hide out and process your thoughts and feelings will be strong, but if you have a good support system around you, you can talk these things out without judgment. Try to make sense of what you believe and why, so you can better articulate it. Venus in your ninth provides a new opportunity to monetize your beliefs, as well as make romantic connections within your religious or academic community. Some of you will begin long-distance affairs, too.


With a stellium in your eighth house, including the sun and North Node conjunction, you’re focused on your own mortality—or someone else’s. You’ve likely been opening up more deeply to the occult recently and engaging in profound shadow work. You’ll begin to reap the rewards, both financially and psychologically. The temptation to wear a mask and avoid your own dark side is likely to be great, but during this period of time, you will be forced out of your comfort zone and placed on a (potentially large) platform to express some of your more taboo ideas, even if they’re simply an extension of your natural spiritual interests. Those of you raised in staunchly religious households may go public with your astrology obsession, for instance, or begin capitalizing on your psychic abilities. The moon in your seventh house will place a certain amount of focus on your relationship sector; partners might provide emotional support or join forces with you as you enter this new phase of life. If you’re single, it will make you very happy to know that Venus in your eighth house offers the potential for you to meet a wealthy partner—or at least one who is prepared to splurge for you.


Today the sun and North Node conjoin in your seventh house, providing some healthy illumination to the sector of your life associated with your relationships. If you’ve been back and forth, wondering if your person is the person, this might be the time when you reach a breakthrough. If you don’t feel absolutely certain about them, the universe will swiftly remove them—and likely replace them with someone better for you pretty quickly. Any secrets they might have been keeping from you are likely to be revealed at this point, either through verbal or textual conversation. Meanwhile, the moon in your sixth house distracts you by putting your focus on work, work, and more work. As previously mentioned, even those who break up under this transit are likely to find someone new. Venus in your seventh house amplifies this possibility, turning your charm and charisma up to eleven.


If your work life has been feeling stagnant as of late, the sun and North Node conjunct in your sixth house will inevitably push you out of your current position and into one that is more closely aligned with your soul purpose. If you lose your job at this time, don’t panic; when one door closes, another is bound to spring wide open. Don’t lose faith. The moon in your fifth house intensifies your creativity and heightens your sensitivity, but it also puts you in the position to be swindled by a charming stranger who is not all they appear to be. If you’re into casual dating, at least be wary of who you agree to meet from Hinge. They might be pulling a fast one on you. Venus in your sixth house suggests you are more likely to meet someone through work or through another aspect of your daily life, like at your gym or on your daily commute. Keep your eyes open to all unlikely romantic possibilities.


The sun and North Node joining forces in your fifth house gives you a new lease on life, laying out the pathway for you to transition into your most creative and intuitive self. You’ll also be quick to meet romantic partners in every area of your life; if you wish to engage in short-term affairs rather than committing, this is the time. Just be cautious, because every relationship you experience at this time is likely to feel fated and karmic. Every partner has the potential to get under your skin. These are unlikely to be whirlwind, casual hookups, but instead soul-bonding adventures. Not up for that? Channel your sexual energy into artistic pursuits instead. The moon in your fourth house puts your focus on your home life and gives you space to indulge: in a wine night with friends, a spiritual ritual, or a cleansing self-care night. Venus in your fifth offers you unrealized strength that others can immediately sense, even if they’re somewhat intimidated by you. You’re a force to be reckoned with. Don’t give your power away to just anybody.


Your domestic life and family of origin are going through major shifts right now, with the sun and North Node conjunct in your fourth house. You’re likely to receive life-altering news now, whether that’s a mortgage approval or news that you have to move back to your hometown to care for a family member. Your independent streak will have to take a backseat for now, as your duty to your family is amplified. The moon in your third house today puts the focus mainly on your siblings and extended family, so expect to hear from them—or if you don’t, try extending an olive branch. Even if you’ve been feuding over something, blood is thicker than water, and at the end of the day, there are few things more important than family. Venus in your fourth house gives you the opportunity to catch up with an old hometown ex (if you so desire), or meet someone down the road from your childhood home that you never thought twice about before you moved away. Life is full of surprises, and the invisible string theory is often a little too real for comfort.


The sun and North Node conjunct in your third house gives you a fiery tongue, which you will use to create major change through your words. Don’t stay silent right now, even if you risk offending a few people in the process. You know what you believe in and you are willing to do whatever it takes to stand up for it. Let your voice be heard far and wide. What you say right now has the potential to create a ripple effect that lasts the rest of your life; you were born to speak truth to power, and now you have the opportunity. The moon in your second house suggests that you will experience either loss or gain, financially, as a result of your choices; try not to become too emotionally overwhelmed regardless of your bank balance, and don’t let it define your sense of self-worth. You are more than your income. Venus in your third house lends you the possibility of charming a potential partner with your words, possibly in your own neighborhood. Don’t dismiss the locals. You might find the love of your life right around the corner from you.


Money is on your mind today, and the choices you’ve been making recently are adding up—no pun intended. The sun and North Node are hanging out in conjunction in your second house, delivering you a reality check regarding your income. If you’ve been saving wisely, you might see a return on your investments; if you’ve been throwing money away too casually, you might have a harsh wakeup call in the form of an overdraft or a maxed-out credit card. Either way, you will take a good hard look at the state of your financial affairs and make the necessary changes to succeed—and thrive—moving forward. The moon in your first house offers you a dreamy, mystical appearance today, drawing in emotionally sensitive people who may drain you of energy. Don’t give more than you’re able to right now. It’s okay to set boundaries. Venus in your second house might show up in the form of a sudden raise at work, a side hustle that helps you secure some more money, or a winning scratch ticket. Good fortune is on your side. Just remember that you have to work hard to earn, and that not everything in life comes easy.