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Horoscope For Today: Friday, March 29, 2024

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This Good Friday, we awaken to the moon in the dark and moody sign of Scorpio, where it makes a close opposition to Jupiter in Taurus just after midnight EST—and an exact trine with Venus in Pisces at 21°, a degree associated with Sagittarius, and therefore freedom, expansion, growth, and yes, religion. (Today is, after all, one of the holiest days of the Christian liturgical calendar.) The former is likely to give us a boost of delusional excitement for the day ahead; the latter, a stroke of actual luck.

And that’s not all. As the morning progresses, and the moon moves through the house Scorpio rules in your personal natal chart, you will find it makes more than a few aspects with significant planets.

At 9:09 AM, the moon forms a quincunx with Mercury in hotheaded Aries at 26°, a degree that reflects Taurus and all things beauty. If you work in communications, PR, journalism, or any other profession in which writing plays a crucial role, this is not quite a green light, but it’s the closest thing you’re going to get today.

If you have to release a statement, such as a press release, or share a potentially polarizing message on social media, this is the brief window of time in which you can express controversy in an eloquent way. Use your words carefully, and pay attention to headlines that are released around this time—are they crafted in such a way as to play to both sides? Mercury isn’t quite retrograde yet, either, so you are less likely to be misunderstood.

At 11:40 AM, the moon trines Neptune in Pisces at 27°, a degree typically associated with Gemini and communication. If you’re a creative, especially a poet or musician, you’re going to enjoy this energy, as it provides a very powerful foundation for the idyllic dreamy afternoon. Just be cautious you don’t let your flights of fancy lead the way. Our minds are already prone to wandering on Fridays, but you’ll feel particularly dissociative during this transit, daydreaming and fantasizing about what the weekend holds.

Finally, at 3:52 PM, the moon completes its transit through Scorpio and enters free-spirited Sagittarius. The mood for the evening will be one of adventure, thrill, and passion. Plan your date nights accordingly. Or, if you attend a Good Friday service, expect the spiritual high to be more intense.

What does the day ahead have in store for you on an individual level? Read your forecast below, according to your rising sign.


As the moon makes its way through your eighth house this morning, drawing attention to the darker aspects of your life, it also makes several significant aspects: a quincunx with Mercury in your first house, giving you the confidence to eloquently express your potentially controversial thoughts; and a trine with Neptune in your twelfth house just before noon. This is the best time to take a break, do something creative just for yourself, and speak affirmations over yourself, as your mind is likely to feel a little cloudy. Just before your evening commute, the moon enters your ninth house, revealing the light through the dark clouds, the rainbow after the storm. Dream your biggest dreams.


The moon transits through your seventh house this morning, placing your focus on your closest relationships, and gradually making aspects with various other planets throughout the course of the next few hours. It’s an action-packed morning, with the moon forming a quincunx to Mercury in your twelfth house, at which point secrets may begin to surface—be wary of anyone with a spitfire tongue, because they might tell you something that is difficult to hear. Later, the moon trines Neptune in your eleventh house, adding further mystery and illusion to your broader social network; don’t be too quick to reveal any gossip you’ve heard and if someone shares something private, promise to take it to your grave. Late in the afternoon, the moon enters your eighth house, giving you a lot to think about over the course of the evening.


This morning the moon will transit your sixth house, making it a good day to start a new habit at work or the gym. However, it will make several important aspects with other planets throughout the course of a very busy morning, putting extra emphasis on your public reputation and career. First, there’s a quincunx with Mercury in your eleventh house, giving you the assertiveness you need to speak your mind to your coworkers, give a presentation, or schmooze at a networking event. Then, soon after, there’s the trine with Neptune in your tenth house. You may be confused about your social standing, wondering how a certain message was perceived. By the time the evening rolls around and the moon ingresses into your seventh house, you’ll feel more comfortable, placing your trust in your direct, one-on-one relationships and potentially sharing a romantic evening with your partner.


You might feel extra creative and romantic this morning as the moon transits your fifth house, giving you the urge to isolate yourself, go deep, and journal your thoughts. When the moon makes a quincunx with Mercury in your tenth house, your ideas—and ideals—will be elevated into the public forum, and potentially misunderstood. Try your best to translate your streams of consciousness into clear and concise language. Express yourself with boldness and courage. Next, the moon will form a trine with Neptune in your ninth house, which may cause you to doubt your convictions. This evening the moon will enter your sixth house, so you might feel the urge to do something practical and constructive, like catching up on chores or taking on an extra freelance gig. Try not to burn yourself out.


As the moon transits your fourth house this morning, you might feel sluggish and unproductive. You’ll prefer to work from home, and if you can, take the opportunity; you’ll get more accomplished on your living room couch than your office cubicle. The cosmos is active this morning, presenting you with two windows of influence: the moon’s quincunx with Mercury in your ninth house, during which time you are primed to lead ideological or philosophical conversations or deliver potentially controversial messages; and the moon’s trine to Neptune in your eighth, during which you may feel overwhelmed by emotion and confused about your place in the world. You may wish to isolate yourself even further, fearing the naysayers. Trust yourself. The moon will ingress into your fifth house this evening, placing you in a more creative and dreamy state of mind. Have a drink and unwind while listening to your daylist.


Your local community and how you interact with it is emphasized this morning, as the moon transits through your third house. This is a strong time for communicating powerful ideas, and when the moon makes its quincunx with Mercury in your eighth house you are even more likely to succeed at taking your most polarizing and taboo thoughts public. If you’re a creative, it’s a good time to release poetry or music with a certain authentic rawness, art that truly cuts to the heart of the matter. When the moon trines Neptune in your seventh, however, you may feel disillusioned by your partner—or swept up in a fantasy about a new lover that is not grounded in reality. Be wary of catfishes and suspicious DMs that seem too good to be true. This evening, the moon shifts into your fourth house, making it a great night to stay in.


Your finances will be on your mind this morning as the moon transits your second house, and when it makes a quincunx with Mercury in your seventh house you might have a productive conversation with your partner—romantic or business, whatever the case may be—regarding the merging of your shared resources. If you’ve been planning on getting married or shifting the direction of a business you share with someone, these thoughts will be weighing heavily on your mind this morning. When the moon makes a trine with Neptune in your sixth house, your practical approach to daily life may be disrupted by external circumstances: plumbing mishaps, miscommunications, heavy rains. Early this evening, the moon’s ingress into your third house will open the doors to conversation with your neighbors and siblings, who may be able to take some burdens off your shoulders.


With the moon transiting your first house, you will likely wear your emotions on your face today, and in turn, attract the emotional vampirism of bad actors. Avoid this by setting boundaries and a hedge of protection around yourself. You don’t need to be everyone’s agony aunt today. The moon will make a quincunx with Mercury in your sixth house, giving you the energy to take on the tasks necessary at work—a good energy to possess on a Friday, especially right before the long weekend. If you have to pick up the slack because no one else is pulling their weight, try not to get too annoyed. The moon will also make a trine with Neptune in your fifth house, offering you a healthy dose of delusion in your romantic sphere: if your situationship is draining you of emotional energy, you might feel more unhinged than usual. Don’t be too reactive. Wait until the waters are calmer and you can communicate with them on a more level playing field. The moon will enter your second house this evening, perhaps delivering a surprise bonus at work or a monetary gift from a relative.


Blame the moon if you wake up with the lingering memory of a nightmare. It’s currently hanging out in your twelfth house, which often brings weird and dramatic dreams. This morning, the moon will also make several aspects to important planets, including a quincunx to Mercury in your fifth house. You’ll feel emboldened by this fierce creative energy—and possibly ready to confess your feelings to your crush. Soon after, the moon will make a trine with Neptune in your fourth house, infusing your home environment with more of the same mystical and hazy artistic energy. Use it to your advantage by creating something of value, or enjoying a romantic afternoon with your partner. The moon will ingress into your first house early this evening, making you the star of the show—and encouraging others to open up emotionally to you.


As the moon moves through your eleventh house, you’ll be focused on the external world around you and your place within it. Your broader community will be important to you, but when the moon forms a quincunx to Mercury in your fourth house this morning, you’ll feel the tension between your public and private life more intensely than usual. If you have to deliver news to your family that won’t sit well, do so in a tactful and kind manner to avoid agitating anyone. Later, the moon’s trine to Neptune in your third house will make communication slightly more challenging; avoid conflicts with siblings and neighbors if you can help it, as your words are likely to be misinterpreted. Come late afternoon, the moon will move into your twelfth house, enabling you to indulge in your more mystical and spiritual side. Put on a white noise machine and keep a dream journal by your bed. The veil will be thinner for you tonight, and divine revelations more accessible.


The moon holds court in your tenth house for most of the morning, putting pressure on you to stay true to your ideals and convictions in the face of the public. You are likely to stand your ground when the moon makes its quincunx to Mercury in your third house, giving you stronger communicative abilities—especially if you work in a field that requires you to craft a public statement about something that might make a few people angry. You’ll be able to pull it off with the power of tactful and persuasive language. Soon after, the moon’s trine to Neptune in your second house might cause some confusion or disillusionment surrounding your finances and values. You might be unsure if the way you make money is aligned with your personal code of ethics. In the early evening, the moon will ingress into your eleventh house, as your social life gets more active and your group chat lights up. Spend some time with your friends this weekend.


The moon in your ninth house this morning gives you a greater appreciation for your religious or spiritual practice, and it would be ideal to spend some time in meditation or prayer this morning if this is part of your usual ritual. The moon will form a quincunx with Mercury in your twelfth house mid-morning, encouraging introspection and helping you reveal important messages to others with a boldness that is uncharacteristic of you. Trust your intuition, as it’s probably going to lead you well today. Soon after, the moon’s trine with Neptune in your first house will draw attention to you, as you appear ethereal and mysterious to others. Use this to your advantage if you’re looking to charm a boss or a potential lover; set boundaries and refuse to engage with stalkers if they come out of the woodwork. Remember that this is a time when others will project onto you much more than usual. The moon will ingress into your tenth house this evening, putting you in the spotlight for Easter weekend.