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Horoscope For Today: Thursday, February 8, 2024

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Today is full of emotional shifts for the zodiac signs!

Starting earlier in the day, the Moon, which rules our emotions and inner world, moves into the logical air sign of Aquarius. This gives us a more pragmatic approach to thinking and attempts to level out our emotions, though we must learn to balance each side.

Also in the morning, at 5:45 am (EST), the Sun in Aquarius forms a square to Uranus in Taurus, which may leave us feeling erratic and impulsive, even irritable. It’s good to keep your ego in check, but temperaments may arise, so it’s good to prepare yourself!

Throughout the rest of the day, the Moon forms aspects to multiple planets—first a conjunction to Pluto in Aquarius, which may bring our mood and emotional levels down a bit, or we may search for meaning and validation in the nearest places. Later, the Moon forms a conjunction with Mercury in Aquarius, which may serve as a good conversation period to get things off our chest or even make better business decisions (as long as they aren’t super impulsive). Finally, the Moon forms a square to Jupiter in Taurus, which may leave us feeling more lethargic than usual, but it isn’t a good time to take big risks, especially if your emotions are involved. 

Check out the signs below (Sun and Rising!) to see what today has in store for you!


You could feel you’re not fully valued in your friend groups today, Aries. We want to be valued for our contributions, but today, even an innocent snub could feel much more deliberate, which could result in high tempers and emotions. Rather than caving into emotional outbursts, touching base and talking things out with a level head is best. You’ll feel better in the long run, but ensure you don’t go too far to the other end and become apathetic towards the people you spend your time with. 


You want to be known, but you know what it could cost you reputation-wise Taurus. You may feel impulsive and want to take bigger risks to prove what you can do, but remember that everything has a time and place. If you can ease into it, your ideas and propositions are more likely to be accepted rather than glossed over—and some rest at the end of the day could be more beneficial than rushing into the next task. 


You’re potentially feeling a little lost today, Gemini, but it’s part of the journey. Regarding your beliefs or your next steps, it makes sense to question possibilities and figure out what resonates with you. This could cause some tension between you and others who may not agree or judge you for exploring other avenues, but arguing until you are blue in the face won’t alter their perception. While we love to discover, making those changes can be daunting and even emotional. Be sure to leave some grace for yourself to take chances, but you don’t have to come to terms with everything today—too many risks could deliver unwanted results.


How to navigate the inner and outer worlds you live in feels more delicate than usual today, Cancer. On the one hand, you’re experiencing some significant changes in your inner world and your healing process—but naturally, that can bring up old wounds and difficult moments to reflect on. You have support and those who care for you, but they may struggle to be that ideal support system, making you feel a little resentful. Understand that it can be true that their help isn’t what you need and that they are trying their best, so communicating with them about what you do need will serve you all better down the road. 


Your relationships are taking more of a priority today, Leo. Initially, this could feel not easy to balance, especially if other areas of your life, such as your career, are having to take the backburner as you adjust and work on your committed relationships. You’re experiencing new shifts that will leave room for growth in the long run relationally, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t exhausting. Just know you can’t rush the process, and it’s okay to take your time rather than taking gambles that cost your reputation down the road.


You could feel a little stifled today, Virgo. You are dedicated to the work at hand, but at times, you can feel it’s holding you back from exploring and knowing yourself on a deeper level. You can even feel resentful towards those who are farther ahead in that journey. A key step is to reexamine what you’re doing daily and why—finding the purpose even in the mundane and altering your relationship to it if necessary. Ensure you aren’t taking any big risks or making permanent changes today since they may backfire or not have the desired outcomes. 


You’re redefining your relationship with creativity and joy, Libra. You’ve been working on how you express yourself and what you do with that energy, and today, in particular, can introduce some pressure on how seriously you’ve been focusing on this aspect of your life. You may feel more impulsive and erratic in your creativity or how you interact in relationships today. However, remember that things you create or people you try to form relationships with today likely won’t last down the road, so keep your expectations level. The important thing is to figure out how to show yourself authentically, and this won’t happen all in one day—but it’s good to take the first steps in that direction. 


What does home look like to you, Scorpio? You have been reassessing things on this topic lately—both regarding a physical home and the homes we create as a safe space for ourselves. You could deal with potential disagreements regarding this idea with the people you care about. Decisions you make or rigidness about what is correct may cause some arguments, but taking a step back and keeping a level head can help significantly. You may also find that researching and discussing things with others gives a clearer perspective on what you want. You may feel drained by the end of the day, so taking time to yourself may be for the best.


The desire to learn and be heard feels more important than usual, Sagittarius. You may feel frustrated by work or other necessary tasks that you feel get in the way of you learning or mastering other skills, and this could lead to feeling more irritable or reckless today. Emotionally, you feel more inspired and even transformative in how you see things, and you long to share those discoveries with others—keep in mind that if you force it too hard, you may not get the desired responses or validation you are looking for.


You’re really leaning into security today, Capricorn, but what does that mean? It’s no secret you want stability, and today, you may feel more and more like relaxing and leaning into more playful parts of your life threatens the security you’ve consistently built, but that may not be the truth. Today, you could begin to shift perspectives on what security and stability look like, which never hurts to do once in a while. However, there is no need to go to the other end of the spectrum and forego your responsibilities altogether—there is a way to balance it out. 


You’re focusing on who you are more than usual today, Aquarius. Of course, you are still discovering so much about yourself, and today may feel like a more significant day for revealing new depths of the person you are and who you’re becoming. Today may involve some tension from family who don’t understand these changes or some insecurity about how differently you are from who you were raised to be. However, change is good, and as long as you aren’t taking risks that put you or others in danger, it’s important to keep moving on that journey, even if it isn’t the easiest.


Today feels very introspective for you, Pisces. You are becoming increasingly aware of certain parts of yourself that desire healing, and you want to honor that, even if it means unpacking things you’ve kept away. Today, you may struggle with some self-doubt on what the point of all this reflection and introspection is, but deep down, you know the answer. While it can feel tempting to become lethargic, it’s essential to sit with the feelings and listen to what they want to tell you—you’re better off for it.