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Horoscope For Today: Thursday, July 11, 2024

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Today, July 11, 2024, Venus enters the sign of Leo, giving us a lot to talk about this Cancer season. Venus in Leo will allow us to feel more connected to others and with the Moon briefly in Virgo, it can boost our confidence and desire for success. The Moon enters Libra on the same day, enhancing the themes of this Venus transit and bringing clarity for projects due to this Cardinal energy. It is a good transit to initiate and see the fruits of your labor. See how the transit will impact your rising, sun and moon sign.


Today will brighten up your energy as you go full speed ahead with what brings you passion and desire to your heart. Venus is in Leo, adds romance and inspiration to new experiences. You feel braver and more prepared to initiate plans and take the lead. It is also a time to get in touch with your artistic side. Abandon fear and try something new creatively.


Venus has entered the sign of Leo and it will allow you to connect more with your family and roots. It is also a time of growth and learning. The energy now and for the next several weeks will be pivotal to get you back on track if you were seeking some motivation. You will be able to set your sights on new plans and goals for the next several weeks.


Bringing the fun and joy, the transit has you prepared for success and adventure. Venus adds a lot of quirkiness to your communication, it makes you more confident and assertive. Get ready to meet some interesting people who will serve as inspiration for you.


A period where you will feel much more aligned and confident with what you bring to the table. Venus in Leo gets you motivated to research your finances and to add a nice plan for the next several weeks. You will be mindful of your spending habits and may also reflect on adjusting your current goals.


Venus enters your sign today and will remain for the next several weeks. The transit infuses new adventure, financial opportunities and helps you to show yourself some love. A new cycle initiates which will bring more confidence to the table. You will not stand back when it comes to fulfilling your dreams.


Healing and reflection are tied with this transit. Friendships can feel curative and medicinal during this time. You may feel a lot more patient with yourself and may even incorporate self-care into your routine. This is also a very good period to edit and restructure any projects.


Prepare yourself to receive accolades and praise for the next several weeks. Venus enters today to celebrate your triumphs and achievements. You are also much more open to collaborating with others to bring success. It could also be a good time to find your muse who will allow you to have breakthroughs.


A potent transit with Venus traversing the highest point of your chart. A time to dream big and not settle for anything less. You are learning about your growth, potential and objectives. Learn to trust yourself and the process with the Moon imbued with radiance giving more confidence.


As a fire sign; the lovely energy can make you reflect on your accomplishments with school or work. You could set your sights on initiating a new cycle of learning. The year has taught you that you have the potential to be successful in any field as long as you pace yourself. Praise yourself and remember to go at your own pace.


A transit filled with empowerment and reflection as the Moon enters Libra, shining a light into the highest point in your chart. You are prepared for the challenges and are ready to push through without feeling stopped. However, for the next several weeks you may be more focused on adjusting your routines with Venus in Leo, pushing you to evolve.


The next several weeks present lovely opportunities to socialize, make strong bonds and bring transformations to your partnership house. Stepping into this new era, you will be able to see what you are willing to compromise in relationships. You may develop a new and more mature mindset with the partnerships you make.


Connecting with you will be a theme of the transit, you are finding your power, courage and place in the sun. Venus in Leo gives you the power as well as the insight needed to surpass others and to prepare yourself for a new learning experience. A new cycle is initiated this week, as it will help you overcome challenges in the next several months.