Drew Wilson

Horoscope For Today: Thursday, July 4, 2024

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We’re tempted to dream the day away instead of getting out in the world and enjoying it to the fullest. The distracted Gemini Moon forms a square to elusive Neptune in Pisces at 4:44 pm. It’s better to fight the impulse to spend the day in bed and go out and socialize instead. Otherwise, a fateful meeting could slip through the cracks of time.

The urge to connect will increase at 4:51 pm, when the Moon wades into caring Cancer. Mixing and mingling with people that make us guffaw like dorks will make this a lovely day to remember.


The reason you feel drained is that you’re talking to the wrong people. Although you love your friends dearly, certain people are happier complaining about life than changing it. It’s time to expand your social circle. Head to a new gathering place where you can connect with those who share your positive outlook. Enter a trivia competition, participate in a neighborhood bike ride, or check out a book club that sounds interesting.


You’re caught between doing and dreaming. An ultra-practical person like you is aware that journeys require a first step. This sometimes makes you reluctant to embark on any path, knowing it will take you away from your comfort zone. Take comfort in the knowledge that excitement is coming to you today. All you must do is welcome it. Imagine yourself as a powerful magnet drawing the educational opportunity you desire. 


You’re ready to go out and have a terrific time, but none of your friends seem up for fun. Don’t let that stop you from causing some trouble. Head for the water, whether it’s an ocean, river, lake, or swimming pool. You’ll meet a quirky character who adores your comic timing. Even if you don’t fall in love, the two of you will form a fruitful partnership that draws on your respective creative talents. 


After an irritable start, the day becomes better and better as you realign with your highest self. Resist the impulse to focus on circumstances and people that get under your skin. Instead, turn inward and contemplate things that fill you with joy. These thoughts can include anything from a favorite pet, a heartfelt desire, or a fond memory. The longer you dwell in your happy place, the easier it will be to attract a chance to showcase your talent.


Lately, whenever you think about a cherished goal, you feel dread. Contrary to what you might think, this isn’t because your dream is unattainable. It’s just because you’re not in the right mood. The great news is that you, of all people, can summon love, happiness, and contentment on a dime. The sooner you embody the person you want to be, the faster your wishes will manifest. 


Don’t let a glum romantic partner or best friend rain on your parade. While their life is challenging, yours is flourishing. Take this opportunity to celebrate a recent victory. Treat yourself to a massage, piece of jewelry, or addition to a cherished vacation. If anyone dares calls you selfish, give them a pitying smile and head out for a night on the town. You’ll turn heads wherever you go. 


It feels like you’re a beautiful fish that has outgrown its pond. Don’t despair; a channel to a bigger body of water is available to you. You don’t have to knock down doors and shout your frustration from the rooftops. Rather, you can simply attend a party, send a charming email, or go to a book signing to connect with someone with great connections. In other words, do what comes naturally, Libra


Worrying about money makes no sense. As a Scorpio, you have the natural resources to generate a fortune. It’s simply a matter of owning your power. Stop asking yourself how you’re going to pay for bills and get out of debt. Instead, assert that you’ve always been a wealthy person, that it’s easy for you to conjure money out of thin air, and for every dollar you spend, you make two more. 


If you’re being breadcrumbed by someone, take some deep breathes. Stop obsessing over the unwanted treatment and start bombarding yourself with the love you deserve. Make your needs first in all things. When people ask for things that you don’t want to give, draw a boundary. If you see something that you want to buy, grab it. Above all, shower yourself with compliments and don’t stop. Set the tone for others to follow.


Take a step back from your desk and enjoy yourself. Work can wait for a few days. Stop feeling bad for a need to take a break. If there are duties that absolutely need to be carried out, get someone else to cover for you while you rest. An earth sign like you needs to frequently connect with nature to restore your equilibrium. Head for a beach, forest, desert, or prairie and let your soul soar. 


Not everybody shares your idea of fun, but that’s their problem! Of course, if your jokes or irreverent remarks hurt somebody, find another audience for your material. Better yet, write a screenplay, story, or song that expresses your offbeat outlook. You’ll be so delighted with your work that you’ll actually attract a job offer that lets you get paid for sharing your unique perspective with the world. 


When you feel blue, it’s important to remember that moods are temporary. You may not be able to change your bank account, body, or health condition in a heartbeat, but you can raise your emotional vibration. It’s as simple as listening to upbeat music, watching a funny movie, or simply taking time out to cuddle a pet. As the shadows lift, a golden opportunity to express yourself romantically, creatively, or both will fall in your lap.