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Horoscope For Today: Thursday, March 21, 2024

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We’re now well and truly out of the Piscean haze and newly energized as we enter Aries season. With the astrological new year upon us, it’s a good time to make good on any abandoned resolutions from back in January and start new projects you’re excited about.

Additional fiery energy is at play today as the moon transits through the prideful and ego-driven sign of Leo, giving us all a boost of much-needed confidence. If seasonal affective disorder has been bringing you down, you’ll feel more enthusiastic and motivated today.

At approximately midnight, the moon in Leo makes a trine to the North Node in Aries at 16°, encouraging us to harness our collective strength and power as we move into an uncertain future. At 4:06 AM EST, the moon will make the same trine to Chiron in Aries at 18°, reflecting the often-tumultuous path towards healing that many are undergoing right now, as apocalyptic themes of violence and war dominate our cultural consciousness.

Mercury in hotheaded Aries also keeps a tight conjunction with Chiron throughout the day, suggesting that we will be more willing to express opinions motivated by our deepest and most profound wounds. This is unlikely to be a quiet news day; if you are triggered by reactionary debates on Twitter, delete the app off your home screen today to avoid the very temptation. If, however, you are feeling prepared to ruffle some feathers today, this is a good time to let your voice be heard.

If you thought we were entirely out of the Neptunian haze, the conjunction between Venus and Saturn in Pisces at 12° will give you a harsh reality check at 10:35 AM, when our attitudes towards romance, luxury, and creativity are restricted by outside forces.

This is a time during which some committed couples will take the next step in their relationship, while others will notice the honeymoon phase dying out. It is the mundane, everyday expressions of love that ensure a relationship can survive; it is on this foundation that marriages are built.

How can you expect your day to play out, depending on your rising sign? Read on.


With the moon illuminating your fifth house today, your focus is uniquely creative and you are motivated by your own ego-driven pursuits—for better or for worse. If you need to take the lead on a project for work or have been waiting for the ideal day to start a new side hustle, the window of opportunity is open for you. Meanwhile, Mercury and Chiron closely conjunct in your first house offers the chance to speak about your physical and emotional wounds in a productive yet potentially disruptive way—you might offend a few naysayers, but those who are within your tribe will understand and relate. The time to speak your truth is now. When it comes to your relationships, beware of the urge to romanticize anything and everything about your partner; your twelfth house is foggy right now, thanks to the Venus-Saturn conjunction. It might be wise to pay attention to what your dreams are telling you. Your subconscious is speaking more loudly right now about your true desires.


The moon in your fourth house draws your attention to the domestic sphere, prompting you to beautify your space and get a head start on your spring cleaning today. Constructive activity with your hands will keep you from getting too in your head, as Mercury and Chiron form a close conjunction in your twelfth house and tempt you to be more emotionally reactive than usual. Try to express your feelings openly and honestly to your family, rather than brooding silently and trying to power through it on your own. The conjunction between Venus and Saturn in your eleventh house provides you with the opportunity to expand your network, especially if you are seeking older mentors—or to date someone in a position of power or authority. If you are partnered, this might be the time you choose to blend each other’s friend groups or make a hard launch on Instagram.


Today the moon is transiting through your third house, so you’re likely to be more communicative and eager to express yourself. Be careful not to let your ego lead the way, though; remain open to constructive criticism. Keep yourself open to meeting new people in your local community today, although there is potential for projection from individuals in your wider social circle, due to the Mercury-Chiron conjunction in your eleventh house. If someone’s words come across as offensive, consider what they might be going through in their personal life and extend them the same grace you would want for yourself. As Venus and Saturn join forces in your tenth house, you may receive a pay raise at work—but only with additional responsibility, which you may find burdensome. Remember that nothing worth doing is easy.


The moon in your second house draws your attention to your finances today, and if you get some extra money in your wallet, you might be tempted to spend it just as quickly. If you can afford to indulge in a little self-care, it might be wise to invest it in something that boosts your confidence or helps you look your best, as the Mercury and Chiron conjunction in your tenth house forces you to express potentially painful or disappointing information to the public. You may not enjoy being the bearer of bad news, but it’s your responsibility to shoulder right now. Do it as tactfully and kindly as possible. Meanwhile, Venus and Saturn conjunct in your ninth house may bring new romantic possibilities with others outside of your cultural or religious background. Broaden your horizons and consider what you can learn from those who are different from you.


As the moon transits your first house, your emotional—and egotistical—side takes over, putting you at risk of coming on too strong. Try to avoid reactive displays of anger, even if you feel have been slighted unfairly. There are undoubtedly going to be cultural and ideological clashes between you and your peers at this point, with the conjunction between Mercury and Chiron putting special emphasis on your ninth house. Though you will undoubtedly want to fight for what you believe to be true, others feel just as strongly about their own convictions; it’s a good day to agree to disagree if you can. Meanwhile, Venus and Saturn conjunct in your eighth house makes you especially serious about your partnerships—especially if you are planning to launch a new business or get married.


The moon in your twelfth house puts you in a moody and introspective state that is good for your inherent creativity. Unleash your emotional turmoil in the form of art, or journal about your emotions instead of projecting them onto others around you. With Mercury and Chiron forming a conjunction in your eighth house, you can expect discussion surrounding debts, taxes, and inheritances to ramp up, along with fears abour your own mortality. You may choose to speak to a financial advisor today or start writing your will, guided by the solemn reminder that life is short and often very unpredictable. Fortunately, many of you are becoming more serious with your partners, and as Venus and Saturn conjoin in your seventh house, there will be a lot of talk about commitment and marriage for those of you in happy relationships. If you are single, you know what you’re looking for by now—and you’re determined to find someone who can withstand the highs and lows with you.


The moon in your eleventh house makes you the star of the show today, placing you in the very center of the social drama at your workplace or within your friend group. How you choose to handle this responsibility is entirely up to you, but your partner or your best friend will likely occupy more space in your brain today. This is due to the Mercury and Chiron conjunction in your seventh house, which is triggering painful but ultimately healing discussions about your interpersonal relationships. If something hasn’t been working, you’re likely to hear it from them today—and don’t be surprised if they come at you with harsher words than they characteristically use. Saturn and Venus make a conjunction in your sixth house, helping you navigate the day-to-day challenges that may be causing resentment and bitterness in you or your partner—or both.


As the moon transits your tenth house, your reputation becomes increasingly important, both to you and to everyone around you. If you’re feeling hesitant to step into the spotlight right now, it’s probably because you’re feeling under the weather: a lingering health issue, or friction with people in your day-to-day work environment, make this an uncomfortable day to step up as the de facto leader. Mercury and Chiron in a close conjunction in your sixth house might bring some unpleasant news into your work environment, but you’ll feel compelled to speak up if something is just plain unjust. Even if you must take the fall for it, you’ll be happy to do so for the greater good. Meanwhile, Venus and Saturn link up in your fifth house, putting the brakes on any romantic or creative ventures that weren’t going anywhere. If you’ve been growing tired of casual dating, delete Tinder from your phone today and choose to focus on yourself. You’re about to transform into a more serious version of yourself.


The moon in your ninth house places a strong emphasis on your convictions and values today, while also sparking your curiosity about other cultures and countries abroad. You might be feeling the urge to book a flight or take an extended vacation. Your fifth house is currently occupied by Mercury and Chiron, both of which are reflecting your pain and healing surrounding past relationships and creative pursuits; you might finally feel like reaching out to your ex for closure, or allowing yourself to get deeper into the flow state when you journal. Self-censorship is out; raw authenticity is in. Meanwhile, Venus and Saturn are conjunct in your fourth house, bringing new responsibilities into your domestic sphere. This could mean moving in with a partner, spending more on home renovations, or finally starting to house hunt with your spouse.


The moon is currently transiting your eighth house, putting your emotional focus on the drama associated with death and taxes—all of life’s cruel yet unavoidable realities. Whether you’re worrying about an elderly relative’s relocation to a care home or how to manage your inheritance, you’ll be in your own world today. Significant news will come from your family, whether you live nearby or not; the Mercury-Chiron conjunction in your fourth house will send you a reminder that you can never run too far from your roots. If a quick trip back to your hometown is necessary, you might run into an ex and have your own Hallmark Channel-style trip down memory lane. The Venus-Saturn conjunction in your third house narrows your romantic focus to your immediate surroundings and keeps you grounded in reality. Could your person actually have been living down the road from your childhood home all along? For some of you, the answer will turn out to be a resounding “yes.”


Your partner is likely going to occupy most of your attention today, with the moon in your seventh house giving you all the feelings. However, the romance may have to wait, since difficult—and constructive—conversations with your siblings and neighbors are likely to come up. If conflicts have been brewing for a while, you won’t be surprised that today is the day the dam fully breaks. The Mercury-Chiron conjunction in your third house is indicative of hostile words, but you can keep the energy flowing in a more positive direction by communicating with kindness and empathy. Try to see things from all sides and refuse to allow your emotions to control the show today. The universe could deliver you a very positive—and prosperous—reward. Venus and Saturn are joining forces in your second house. You might be surprised to learn you’re getting a raise or a promotion, or you might match with your rich celebrity crush on Raya. Expect the unexpected.


The moon in your sixth house places you in the best possible position to get shit done, including the tasks no one else at the office feels like tackling. You’ll feel comfortable taking the lead today and showing up when others are staring out the window longing to enjoy the good weather. Your single-minded focus is a good thing, especially since Mercury and Chiron are conjunct in your second house, presenting you with some harsh information you can’t ignore about your financial situation. Have you been ordering out too many nights a week? Did you start to rack up more credit card debt? It’s the perfect day to schedule a meeting with a financial advisor or a mentor who’s been there, done that, and is now living the debt-free life. The Venus-Saturn conjunction in your first house is helping you mature and take responsibility for yourself, but it’s also offering you a major glow-up that others can recognize.