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Horoscope For Today: Thursday, March 28, 2024

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Today may feel intense yet eye-opening for the zodiac signs!

The Moon is in Scorpio, which can bring our emotions to a reserved yet deeply introspective state. In some ways, we may not want to be forthcoming about how we feel, yet we may also have difficulty managing our feelings if things get overwhelming. 

The Moon forms a few aspects throughout the day, notably a trine to Saturn in Pisces, which can be supportive of emotional issues that need to be resolved, as well as giving a strong determination to any meeting or business that needs to be taken care of. Later, the Moon will form oppositions to Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, leaving us feeling more impulsive with our finances or taking risks we shouldn’t. The urge to shop and splurge on things may be extremely tempting, and our moods can feel unpredictable. However, when the Moon forms a trine to Venus in Pisces that night, we may lean more into our support systems of partners or friends and family and feel more optimistic about things!

Check out the signs below (Sun and Rising) to see what today has in store for you!


You’re working towards creating a secure foundation today, Aries. However, when tackling issues of finances and self-worth, not to mention how delicate these topics show up in relationships, you may experience emotional ups and downs as you figure out the best solutions. On the plus side, settling debts or making business connections works well in your favor in the morning. However, try not to put the cart before the horse—your excitement in securing and settling financial issues may lead you to want to celebrate in big, extravagant ways that you could end up paying for later. Romantically, you may feel more affectionate and romantic towards your partner, and it can be a great opportunity to sort out any unresolved issues between you, but if money issues are brought up, try to be open-minded and not take things personally.


Your relationships and friendships are major themes for you today, Taurus. Earlier in the day, you may experience a more focused approach to your close friends and how their views and visions align with yours. You may find you have closer kinship to certain people than others, especially due to their determination. These social causes and directions in life may impact you personally—you may feel more inspired to be yourself or feel seen for who you are. However, these strong values and perspectives may put you at odds with those closest to you, and you could find yourself in heated disagreements due to the views or your approach to them. It’s mindful for us to examine ourselves and our role in things, but if it’s deeply important to you, then stand your ground. 


You’re working hard, Gemini, but it can take a toll if you aren’t careful. The good news is that your work ethic and intention may pay off today in your job or career path—you may find someone who can mentor you or help you get where you want to be. This may especially be notable if your career (or the one you want) aligns with your values. However, it may lead you to burn yourself out, especially if you’re overworking your body, going over the top, or trying too hard to make an impression. While you want to embrace opportunities when they come along, remember that your work and diligence are what has taken you this far, and you can’t be successful if you self-sabotage your mental health in the process. 


Themes of where your place is in the world may be significant today, Cancer. Exploring the world outside your comfort zone—whether through education, travel, or new beliefs—may make you come alive in ways you couldn’t anticipate. You may feel deeply inspired and, in the process, may stumble across groups or other like-minded individuals to whom you can relate. However, your desire to find yourself and figure out what makes you happy may conflict with the sacrifices and demands of being part of a larger group with specific views, and you could set yourself up for conflicts or intense emotions surrounding those subjects. However, you know who you are and what deeply matters to you—you know the right path (s) for you to follow. Trust yourself. 


Your home and family life are in focus today, Leo. You may find support or your family legacy playing an important role in your life and could impact you more emotionally than expected. You’re also working to heal past baggage; potentially issues or bonds laid on your shoulders by your parents or other authority figures in your family, and you may feel supported. However, your home life and your privacy could be in conflict with the ways you’re expected to follow, especially if the example was set by your parents. You could end up in heated arguments or disagreements surrounding new ways of doing things, and the temptation to lash out or criticize could be at a high, so think through your words before you speak. However, the privacy of your home and the support of those you live with could help you find the right balance without compromising your values.  


You have a lot to learn, and talking things out may be the best way, Virgo. Hashing out certain ideas or opinions with those closest to you can create a feeling of security that allows you to express yourself fully. You should be prepared that others may not always agree with your perspectives, though. In fact, those closest to you may be the best teachers to challenge your views and help your growth. You may struggle to accept this and may even end up in disagreements with those who see the bigger picture in ways you don’t, especially if you’re hung up on the details (or vice versa). However, it’s important to remember that your close circle is your chosen family for a reason, and rather than nit-picking every disagreement, take in what they are saying and see if you can find common ground. 


You know your value, Libra, but today may test your foundation surrounding that topic. You’re striving to create a solid work/life balance, and your skills and confidence are aiding in your work life—you may even be getting the recognition you’ve been hoping for in the form of a raise or receiving money you’ve been owed for some time. However, trying to sort out your independence versus depending on others can be difficult to navigate, and you may even feel the need to prove yourself by taking on more work. You could also feel resentful if someone else feels entitled to the money you’ve earned or if you have to turn around and immediately pay off debts, which could result in arguments with those involved. However, you know your value will continue to pay off and pay forward—you can embrace the fact that you can stand on your own two feet. 


You’re trying to figure out how to be yourself and be happy today, Scorpio. You may recognize that the things that bring you joy also make you feel like your best self, and exploring those areas can make you feel more confident and determined in who you want to be. The people closest to you in your life may inspire you or even want you to be happy and want to support your journey. However, when trying to figure out your needs and the needs of others, things can get a bit murky. You long to lean into your self-expression, but others may demand a lot from you or even be a bit reckless trying to get what they feel they need. It’s easy to lash out, especially with the Moon in your sign, but instead, it’s a good time to step back and figure out how to embrace your needs without neglecting others. Conversations can help determine what is reasonable and what isn’t, but your needs matter and deserve to be met. 


It’s a good day to focus on caring for yourself, Sagittarius. In fact, you may find it’s much needed. Unexpected or repressed emotions may rise to the surface, but taking time to yourself at home to deal with them or having strong coping skills to ground you can work well. You could also feel support from people you work with if you’re having an off day or who unexpectedly help you solve an issue. However, the heavy emotions may loom over you or push you into a more melancholy or temperamental state, which could lead to tension or frustration. Taking time once you get home to really sit with the feelings and work through them is the best thing you can do for your mental health and yourself. 


You may spend much of today figuring out what you owe yourself and others, Capricorn. On the one hand, you may feel very supported by the people in your life who share certain goals or visions you have, which can be encouraging. Any creative approaches you take may also have the support of those close by or in your local area. However, issues can arise between what you want for yourself and what others expect of you. When trying to achieve these goals, others may believe they are owed your time, resources, and even creativity, even if you would rather keep some of these things to yourself. You may disagree or feel the desire to act impulsively, but know that it will be more trouble than it’s worth. There is a way to listen to what others say while not allowing your desires and happiness to be exploited—take the time to find it. 


The pressure to figure out a work/life balance is on your mind, Aquarius. You may feel supported or acknowledged for being able to set aside and save money financially—you’re working towards being more responsible with finances, and it shows. Additionally, your home life feels solid regarding the money you’re saving, and things feel secure. However, there may be arguments about your time at work versus home. You could have partners or others who feel you aren’t at home much, or you may notice you aren’t getting the time or rest to recharge the way you need, especially if your work is demanding. The best thing you can do for yourself is to figure out a way to balance, or at the very least, ensure this intense amount of time you’re working is temporary to avoid burnout. 


You want to explore more, and it feels more vital than ever today, Pisces. New revelations or learning experiences may affect you on a personal level or inspire you in profound ways. Stepping outside your usual understandings can help you envision where you want to go in life. You respect the environment you grew up in and how it shaped you over the years. However, the pull between familiar and unknown could make you feel defensive or frustrated, especially if those in closer circles are trying to talk you out of venturing into newer things. It’s important to consider the wisdom of those who know us or have our best interests at heart, but you also know how important it is to take the chance to discover yourself in new and significant ways. Talking things out may be your best way to communicate their importance to you, but even if you can’t change their minds, you at least know what is important to you.