Joabison Retratos

Horoscope for Today: Tuesday, July 2, 2024

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It’s a jam-packed day of shifting energy, so prepare to ride the waves! Things get off to a surprising start at 4:29 am, when the instinctual Moon conjuncts independent Uranus in luxurious Taurus. Our collective impulse will be to break away from stressful routines in favor of self-care. At 6:40 am, compassionate Neptune goes retrograde, making everybody more short-tempered toward other people’s flaws and eccentricities. A supportive Mercury-Neptune trine at 7:53 am is perfect for manifesting what seems like an elusive dream.

Entertaining Mercury moves into dramatic Leo at 8:40 am, improving our storytelling skills. At 11:43 am, a sextile between the Moon and Neptune encourages us to trust our instincts; do what feels best, instead of what seems right to the outside world. The Moon starts its tour of intellectual Gemini at 11:50, helping us practice mind over matter. 

The Moon makes a sextile to Mercury at 12:16 pm, leading to some stimulating lunchtime conversation. A trine between the Moon and Pluto at 2:11 pm is great for working with an authority figure to implement changes that boost morale. At 9:41 pm, appreciative Venus trines focused Saturn. When we celebrate what’s going right, the Universe delivers more of the same. 


It’s a good time to relax and appreciate the comforts of home. Withdrawing from public view won’t make people forget you. On the contrary, they’ll clamor for your company. It’s good to know you’re wanted, needed, and desired. Enjoy this break from the spotlight. Sleep late, get a massage, and order some delicious food to be delivered. Your body and spirit will thank you.


Working on a creative project gives you an attractive glow. People may ask whether you’ve had a makeover. The secret to your allure is simple: devoting more time to the activities you enjoy. A well-connected friend will be so impressed by your work that they’ll write you a letter of recommendation. Take this opportunity to interview for your dream job. 


Mercury, your ruling planet, enters your 3rd House of Communication. This is a great time to showcase your ideas, go on interviews, or post a dating profile. People are charmed by your gift for words and warm personality. Don’t feel pressured to form alliances with all your admirers. Practice discernment. Choose to associate with people who can advance your career. They’ll feed you, not drain you. 


Don’t hold back when someone asks your opinion. You have excellent ideas on turning a mediocre project into a stellar one. Making a presentation to a diverse group of people will bolster your reputation as a powerful innovator. In addition to new professional prospects, you’ll also attract some romantic possibilities. A cultured person will pursue you in an old-fashioned, courtly way. Enjoy!


In the past, people accused you of being a flatterer. While you enjoy making others feel good with praise, you’re not a liar. You’ve always been able to find things to genuinely appreciate about others. In the rare case you utterly despite somebody, it’s because of something they’ve said or done, rather than due to who they are. In those situations, you don’t hesitate to make your displeasure known. Keep up the good work today, when you encounter either a genius or a fool. 


A flirtatious encounter makes you feel like you’re walking on air. Fortunately, Mercury, your ruler, makes you a stimulating and witty conversationalist today. Not only do you make your admirer laugh; you’re also able to make a heartfelt connection over music, art, books, or film. It’s possible you’ll keep this romance under wraps in the early stages. Take this opportunity to enjoy each other’s company away from prying eyes. 


Venus, your ruler, is moving through your 10th House of Career. This leads to improved professional prospects. Getting a raise or promotion is a distinct possibility. Alternatively, you could land a job in your dream industry. Although the responsibilities will be heavy, they won’t drain your energy. That’s because you’re doing what you love—and getting paid well for it! Don’t be afraid to venture into unfamiliar territory. You’ll be a terrific success in this new environment. 


A deep attachment to a piece of property or home prompts you to make some big changes. Maybe you learn a new trade that allows you to work overseas. Possibly you will change your spending habits so you can purchase a place that’s close to your heart. It’s even possible you’ll leave your current domestic situation to live in a space that allows you more creative freedom. Be willing to adopt a way of life that lets you live where you want. 


Working from home is a great arrangement for you. It allows you to focus on tasks and dispatch them in record time. Even if an element of your work involves face-to-face communication, you should take this opportunity to learn skills that allow you to function independently, at least part of the time. Spending more time away from your official workplace lifts your spirits and enhances your sex appeal. 


Having a positive outlook is all about practice. If you’re immersed in a toxic environment, focus on a subject that gives you great joy. It could be anything from a love of archeology to a passion for coin collecting to a fetish for fragrance. Spend a few hours going down a rabbit hole that captivates your imagination. When you return to real life, it will feel and look considerably better. Keep up the good work until your 3D shifts. 


Uranus, your ruler, is touring your 4th House of Domesticity. At times, this has caused some painful emotions to bubble to the surface. Treat these upsets as opportunities to tell a new story. If you had to struggle for money when you were growing up, insist that prosperity has always flowed easily into your life. A history of bad breakups can be overwritten with a story of eternal, passionate love. Overwrite those bad programs and watch your life change. 


You take your dreams seriously, even when others mock your idealism. This refusal to be swayed by public opinion is incredibly attractive. While pessimists mock your aspirations, fellow visionaries flock to your side. If you’re looking for love, you could find it with an artist who makes you feel years younger. Together, life will feel like a big playground instead of a desert of duty. It’s a great dynamic that serves you both well.