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Horoscope For Today: Tuesday, March 12, 2024

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Today we replace the hazy film reel of the Pisces new moon with a bright, bold, and energetic moon in Aries. At midnight EST, the moon forms a conjunction with both Chiron and the North Node at 17°, bringing fiery passion and daring attitude.

This morning you will feel driven not only by emotion but divine guidance, so take comfort in the knowledge that you are moving in the direction of your karmic path. Your energy, which may have waned during the new moon, will come back with a vengeance, making this an excellent day to get things done. By 8:29 PM, when the moon moves into Taurus, you’ll feel more inclined to wind down and indulge in some self-care.

Yesterday one very significant transit occurred: Venus moved from Aquarius, where it has been sharing a close conjunction with Mars for the past several weeks, into the dreamier and more mystical territory of Pisces.

Traditionally, Venus does remarkably well in Pisces, providing a wealth of opportunities for us to create beautiful works of art and sink into lush romantic daydreams. While the darker side of Pisces represents illusion and deception, and it is certainly possible that some will find themselves enraptured by a charismatic pathological liar. Be wary of online dating; catfishing, filtering, AI, and fraud are going to become more common under this transit.

On the other hand, artists—especially musicians—will find this energy very useful for creating emotionally expressive works that are simultaneously raw and melodic. If you’re not a creator but an appreciator, lose yourself in the worlds of cinema, music, and visual art while Venus occupies Pisces. Plan to go visit a museum or watch an avant-garde French film. This energy gives you permission to be pretentious.

How can you expect today to unravel according to your rising sign? Read on for the details.


After an especially disorienting new moon in your twelfth house, you’re grateful to be bouncing back. The moon in your first house gives you renewed confidence and emotional openness that others respect. You’ll appear more approachable and relaxed today, while also commanding ownership of your values. Meanwhile, Venus is now hanging out in your twelfth house, drawing attention to matters of romance and luxury that you may be depriving yourself of. Pay attention to your dreams and allow your subconscious to slowly reveal to you what you’ve been repressing. The moon will ingress into your second house tonight, putting your focus on your material reality and finances; treat yourself to something nice or cook a delicious meal.


The moon in your twelfth house today is likely to activate your intuitive abilities and encourage creativity, but it might also give you some weirdly vivid dreams. If you feel inclined, jot down whatever you remember in a dream journal. Venus in your eleventh house will inevitably broaden your romantic opportunities through your social network, but keep an eye out for any Hinge profiles or Instagram DMs that seem just a little too good to be true. The moon will ingress into your first house this evening, putting the focus on you and giving you a boost of self-assurance. Take time for an everything shower and set aside enough time to do your full skincare routine before bed.


With the moon in your eleventh house for most of the day, you’ll be popular and capable of collaborative work—but be aware that your passion for leadership might be taken the wrong way by colleagues who feel unheard. Try to give everyone space to share their ideas. Similarly, Venus in your tenth house will put you in a very prominent position at work, offering you lots of opportunities to shine creatively. If you are hoping to impress a boss or superior, the stars are aligned in your favor today. This evening, the moon ingresses into your twelfth house, which will potentially cause a bit of a crash from your long day. Do a guided meditation or pop a melatonin gummy before bed tonight.


You’ll be shouldering lots of responsibility today, with the moon transiting through your tenth house for most of the day and placing you in the spotlight at work. You might feel as though there’s almost too much to accomplish in a short time, but if you take it slow and steady, you can achieve everything you need to. Avoid overconsumption of caffeine today, as you might be feeling more anxious than usual. Meanwhile, Venus is now in your ninth house, providing the opportunity to meet interesting and artistic individuals from beyond your culture. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. The moon will enter your eleventh house tonight, so the group chat will likely be on fire tonight as you unwind in bed. Keep the conversation flowing. This is the time to broaden your horizons.


The moon in your ninth house today places your focus on growth and learning, especially in philosophical matters; you will likely experience this as a welcome relief after the new moon in your darker eighth house. The ingress of Venus into your eighth house, however, will keep the doors to that realm wide open. You might be surprised just how many psychic and intuitive women come into your life over the next little while, providing opportunities for you to monetize your creativity—and potentially offer to fund your artistic pursuits. The moon will move into your tenth house tonight, giving you a boost of popularity in the workplace and on social media. Schedule your posts to go live after you’ve already gone to bed.


The moon in your eighth house might deliver a pleasant monetary gift from a motherly figure, but it could also give you a harsh reality check when it comes to your resources. If you’ve been cautiously frugal lately, you might feel the urge to impulse buy everything on your Amazon wishlist. Check yourself before you make a costly mistake just to fill an emotional void. Venus is now in the most romantic part of your chart: the seventh house of marriage and partnership. If you’ve hoping for a ring, you might just get it soon. If you’re single and looking, you might have a meet-cute that turns into your greatest love story yet. Meanwhile, you’ll feel inclined to reflect on your religious and philosophical beliefs tonight, as the moon moves into your ninth house. The urge to travel or study abroad might start creeping up, too. Could it be time to leave the nest? For some of you, the answer is a hard yes.


Expect your partner—be it a business associate, spouse, or best friend—to take up most of your emotional bandwidth today, with the moon in your seventh house. Show up for them with love, but don’t be afraid to set reasonable boundaries. You are only one person, after all, and you cannot be everything to one individual. Venus in your sixth house offers the potential to go into business with your partner, or to get swept up in a fairytale office romance; while the opportunity for wealth is significant, you might burn out quickly if you have creative differences. Proceed with caution whenever you mix business with pleasure. Tonight, the moon will move into your eighth house, making conversations about shared resources—and bank accounts—a lot easier, so sit your partner down and have that messy conversation. You can never be too prepared.


With the moon in your sixth house, you’re bound to be productive around the house or at work. Be careful not to overwork yourself and run headlong into burnout; it’s important to schedule some rest into your day, too. Many of you will feel like jumping back into an exercise routine that you abandoned soon after the new year. Consider this a fresh start. Meanwhile, Venus enters your fifth house of romance, fun, and children—meaning that, yes, you could end up conceiving under this transit. If you aren’t sure you’re ready to commit to your current partner, voice these concerns and be proactive about avoiding pregnancy. For those of you who are looking to start a family, though, this is optimal energy. Tonight, the moon in your seventh house sets the stage for an idyllic date night. Let your partner spoil you and take you to the expensive restaurant.


Today the moon is transiting through your fun- and pleasure-seeking fifth house, giving you a boost of passion for your creative pursuits. Whether you’re working in collaboration with a partner, a coworker, or all by yourself, you’ll feel inspired to take the lead on any and all projects that left you feeling drained during the new moon. Pick up where you left off and watch the inspiration return. Venus in your cozy fourth house brings luxury and romance right into your living room. Plenty of you will move in with partners around this time, while others will begin spring cleaning and beautifying their space. It’s a great time to redecorate your space, invest in an art piece, and use your discerning eye to curate a home that truly feels like your own. The moon will shift into your sixth house of work and routine tonight, giving you the energy to finish all the chores you’ve been neglecting—or get back into your long-abandoned workout routine.


While the moon spends most of the day in your fourth house, you might feel compelled to WFH or call in sick to stay in bed, especially if the weather isn’t great. Nonetheless, your work ethic will be at an all-time high, so you might, ironically, get more done from your living room couch than the office. If you have to take the lead on any Zoom calls or presentations today, you’ll feel confident and empowered to do so. Meanwhile, Venus in your third house opens the doors of communication between you and prospective partners. You might choose to delete your dating apps and only meet organically, where you can get a better sense of someone’s offline personality. Those of you who are already happily partnered will find dialogue easier between you and your person. The moon’s ingress into your fifth house will put you in the mood for a quiet, romantic night. Cook dinner together and share some deep thoughts. This is not the time for shallow conversation.


The moon in your third house makes you an expert conversationalist today, leading the way during presentations and team meetings. You will be excited about your shared mission and committed to doing a good job, but you might get ahead of yourself and act a little hotheaded if someone offers a suggestion you don’t love. Try to give everyone equal opportunity to give their input. Your work life will inevitably begin to feel more competitive, with Venus in your second house of finances and values. You might literally be fighting for a promotion or trying to kickstart a side hustle, or you might simply have your own five-year plan weighing down on your shoulders. Try to release any self-critical energy and find joy in the journey. The moon will enter your fourth house this evening, urging you to settle in, do a face mask, and go to bed early. Don’t push yourself any harder than necessary.


After the dramatic new moon in your first house and the subsequent rebranding you gave yourself, you’re focusing your attention on money matters. The moon in your second house gives you the knowledge and instinct to be more responsible. Get a head start on your taxes or start budgeting for next month. Venus, meanwhile, is sitting pretty in your first house. You’re destined to appear more attractive, glamorous, and desirable for the next several weeks, so get ready for more romantic attention. Book a photoshoot with a friend and document this period of time when you’re looking and feeling your absolute best. The moon will move into your third house tonight, inspiring you to write, journal, or communicate your ideas. Text a friend you haven’t seen in a while or search for local meetups if you’ve been feeling disconnected from your community. There is no time like the present.