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Horoscope For Today: Tuesday, March 26, 2024

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Eclipse season is well underway now, and if you made it through yesterday’s penumbral lunar eclipse at 5° of Libra without crying, breaking up, or texting your ex, consider yourself fortunate! There are most likely going to be lots of celebrity relationships scandals unveiled around this time, along with similar drama in your friend group.

This could come in the form of seemingly unexpected breakups, engagements, shotgun weddings, and friends texting exes. There’s a reason notorious heartbreak anthem queens Olivia Rodrigo and Fletcher are both trending on TikTok right now.

While the North Node of fated events is currently in war-hungry Aries, the South Node in harmonious Libra represents a possible brief window of peace time. In our personal lives, we can use this energy to call truces with our partners, extend olive branches to our toxic exes, and stay together for the kids. (For now.) Those of us fighting internal battles will feel calmer, more balanced, and less emotionally reactive.

While the eclipse itself is technically over, you can still expect to feel massive impacts unfold over the next several weeks to a year in the area of your chart that was hit. That is to say, if this eclipse felt suspiciously anticlimactic, you might need to wait a little longer to see the full story play out.

In addition, the moon is making some other interesting aspects today. At 1:00 AM EST, for instance, the moon opposes the North Node in Aries at 16°, which is associated with all things Cancer: women, domesticity, family, babies, and reproduction. The moon also makes an inconjunct, or quincunx, to Jupiter in Taurus at 16°.

With so many difficult aspects and lots of female energy amplifying the energy of two very prominent placements, what could this mean for the world at large? For one, women’s issues are bound to be highlighted in a massive way. Jupiter expands everything it touches, while the North Node fixes us on our collective fated path. Today could represent a turning point in women’s rights and values, and it’s possible some of us will have a difficult time staying silent about our convictions. Ask yourself what you’re willing to sacrifice for your rights.

With all of that out of the way, what can you expect on a personal level today? Let’s discuss. Read the forecast below for your rising sign for the most accurate insights.


In the aftermath of the lunar eclipse in your seventh house, you’re feeling emotionally raw and wrung out. Your relationships likely took a hit, with doors closing for many of you. These chapters of our lives are important, but they are not necessary to carry into the future. If you and your partner ended things, release them and understand that something—and someone—is waiting for you on the other side. Chances are, some of you are feeling empowered to follow your purpose: to carve out a brand new, independent path, rather than stay shackled to a partner who doesn’t support your biggest and wildest dreams. Early this morning, the moon’s opposition to the North Node in your first house, and quincunx to Jupiter in your second, will set the stage for your departure from psychological and financial entrapment. Many of you have been feeling crippled by your inability to be yourself in your relationship—and grow your own wealth. Are you determined to make it on your own? As an Aries, it’s your birthright.


Your work environment changed dramatically under the lunar eclipse in your sixth house, exposing toxic habits, coworkers, and patterns you keep repeating. While some of you may have said goodbye to jobs this weekend, others are grappling with the realization that all your hours of hard work are adding up to an unsatisfying and unfulfilling life. You might feel as though you are trapped in stagnancy, but there is hope just around the corner: with the moon aspecting the North Node in your twelfth house and Jupiter in your first, you’re in need of some alone time to think, reflect, and make plans for your future. You’re typically a hard worker, so you might not request PTO voluntarily; instead, you may find rest through illness, or have to spend time at home with a pet who is convalescing after surgery. During this time, keep an eye on the symbolism that appears in your dreams, meditations, and prayers. Your intuition is strong right now.


Under the lunar eclipse in your fifth house, your latest short-term affair might have ended abruptly, but don’t worry if their “it’s not you, it’s me” excuses didn’t sit right with you initially. You’re allowed to mourn what didn’t work out, but dust yourself off and get back in the race soon. You’ll be forced back out there before you’re necessarily comfortable, thanks to your broadening social network. In the early hours this morning, the moon makes two significant aspects: an opposition to the North Node in your eleventh house, which invites fated new friendships and partners into your life; and a quincunx to Jupiter in your twelfth, giving your dreams more vividity and power—and your intuitive abilities a chance to shine. You might wish to reflect on your metaphysical beliefs or try a new practice, like lucid dreaming, to get in touch with your spiritual side. You’ll need to carry mind, body, and spirit into your next phase of life. Don’t hyperfixate on one to the detriment of the others.


Fresh off the lunar eclipse in your fourth house, there is a persistent, nagging sense that your family is not exactly what you believed them to be. Most likely, some unpleasant secrets were revealed, particularly about relationships—either your own, or those that laid the foundation of your childhood. You might be discussing marriage with your own partner, or looking into buying a home together. Be sure this is the best possible decision for you, and that you’re ready to make things super public, because a hard launch is likely in store for many of you, with the moon opposing the North Node in your tenth house and forming a quincunx to Jupiter in your eleventh. This eclipse season, it is valuable to remember that if there is rot at the root of your family life, it will begin to expose itself in your public life, no matter how hard you try to put on a façade. Be cautious of what you choose to share on social media.


If you and your partner have been more communicative lately, count it as a win—unless you feel they’re not sharing quite as much as you’d like, or trying to keep the peace a little too much. You’re expecting a bit more, maybe even—dare I say it?—eager for a bit of a fight. If you’re not partnered, your siblings and neighbors are showing up in this way instead, either conversing too superficially for your liking or refusing to acknowledge issues in your relationship. Sort out whatever is happening behind the scenes, familial or otherwise, because you’re about to be forced more into the public eye. This is due to two significant aspects the moon is making: first, to the North Node in the ninth house, giving you a boost of religious and ideological conviction; and second, to Jupiter in your tenth, giving good fortune in your career. What you sow inwardly, you will reap outwardly.


Depending on how you’ve been managing your finances lately, the lunar eclipse in your second house either sent the debtors to your door or delivered a nice lump sum you didn’t expect. If it’s the latter, you earned it—through hard work and diligence. If you’re fighting to earn more money, whether through a side hustle or a promotion at work, you’re definitely capable of achieving that this eclipse season, as it unfolds over your money axis. However, be cautious: this is a time when you might need to pay out of pocket for some unexpected bills or expenses. You don’t need to be a total cheapskate, but some frugality would be wise right now. The moon opposes the North Node in your eighth house, indicating the possibility to expand your income through unconventional or taboo paths. It also forms a quincunx to Jupiter in your ninth house, so if you are hoping to immigrate, study abroad, or join a new religious practice, it is your time. Just anticipate some growing pains in the process.


You, along with your Aries counterparts, are the stars of this eclipse season—for better or for worse. You likely experienced large revelations surrounding your physical appearance or bodily health, and you’re going to spend the next two weeks or so grappling with the fallout. Strap in and prepare to indulge in some serious self-care. Your relationship to yourself and your partner might take several hits, but if it makes it through, you know you’re likely in it for the long haul. With the moon opposing the North Node in your seventh house, relationships that you form or commit to at this time are fated—and while some might withstand the storm, others will need to be released through this chaotic cosmic season. The moon’s quincunx to Jupiter in your eighth house will accentuate painful truths about life, death, and shared resources. Those of you who do get married during this time will experience this most potently as you merge households, values, and finances. Those who break up, on the other hand, will likely come to terms with their shadow selves—and learn how to live independently, not codependently.


If the lunar eclipse in your twelfth house didn’t give you crazy dreams, it likely stirred up the desire to indulge in some escapism—be that through substance use, maladaptive daydreaming, or the creation of some very authentically raw art. Some of you will face up to mental health struggles you’ve been denying to yourself for a while, while others will be hospitalized for a brief period of time. Each of you will experience a more solitary period than you’re used to, whether that is self-imposed or forced upon you due to illness or recovery. The moon’s opposition to the North Node in your sixth house complicates your relationship to work and your daily habits, perhaps making you too emotional to function at the material level. There is nothing charming about the mundane anymore. Take an extended leave of absence or cash in some of your PTO. The moon also makes a quincunx to Jupiter in your seventh, promising relationship challenges in the future. Are you staying together because it’s comfortable or because it feels as though you can truly build a life together? Are you certain “your type” is really the best type for you, long-term? These are the questions you should be asking yourself.


With the lunar eclipse in your eleventh house now in the rearview mirror, you’re likely beginning to see the roots of some new friendships taking hold. Your community is expanding, and you might just find your person amongst the crowd. If you’ve struggled with introversion in the past, try stepping out of your comfort zone and indulging a blind date or two. The moon’s opposition to the North Node in your fifth house will likely complicate your love life, thanks to your new routine, and its quincunx to Jupiter in your sixth will bring expansion to your workplace, perhaps enabling you to work from home on certain days or travel more frequently. Your creative and romantic side are intrinsically linked with this. At first, you might avoid the prospect of getting involved with a colleague, but many of you inevitably will. Whatever is meant to be will be.


The lunar eclipse in your tenth house put the spotlight on your reputation and career, putting all of your secrets right out there for everyone to scrutinize and speculate on. If you’re a public figure, this is easy enough to navigate; it’s par for the course, and you probably anticipated it anyway. If you’re more introverted by nature, you might be hating every second of your sudden virality, wishing you could hide in your house until eclipse season is over. Your partner is likely involved in some way. This past weekend some of you soft-launched, some of you hard-launched, and some of you were outed against your will. Whatever the case may be, remember that your relationship is unlikely to be the most exciting news for very long, in our fast-paced memetic society. With the moon forming an opposition to the North Node in your fourth house, you’re undergoing changes in your home and family, such as cohabitating or caring for a sick grandparent. With its quincunx to Jupiter in your fifth, you might find solace in creativity, romance, or children. Spend time enjoying the little things and try to stay off social media until the fervor blows over.


You survived the lunar eclipse in your ninth house, but some of you lost your religion in the process. Your convictions and ideals were held up to the fire and tested very strongly, and some of you came clean about beliefs you hold that others find controversial. The strength of your convictions will carry you through the rest of eclipse season, even if you are persecuted for what you have to say; the moon’s opposition to the North Node in your fourth house enables you to make emotionally provocative and potentially game-changing statements that help create lasting change, while the quincunx to Jupiter in your fourth brings comfort and stability to your family life. Those who truly know you will accept you, even if the rest of the world is clamoring to burn you at the stake.


The lunar eclipse on the eighth house end of your money axis likely delivered one of two things: a reminder that debts can’t be avoided, or a surprise gift from your partner. Some of you decided to get engaged or merge resources in another way; for instance, he might have offered to help you pay off your student loans while you search for a higher-paying job. Don’t overthink other people’s kindness too much. Accept their offers if they appear sincere and understand that none of us are meant to live in isolation. We all need help sometimes. Meanwhile, the moon opposes the North Node in your second house, which indicates your own financial status is under cosmic review and likely to grow over the long term; the quincunx to Jupiter in your third emphasizes how important it is to be communicative these days. Let your voice be heard, even if it takes you miles out of your comfort zone. Start a blog or self-publish a poetry book. You never know where it will lead.