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Horoscope for Today: Wednesday, July 3, 2024

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It’s easy to overestimate our own abilities under today’s transits. A conjunction between the impressionable Moon and overconfident Jupiter at 3:05 am sets the tone for over-the-top behavior and unrealistic expectations. 

At 3:27 am, petty Mercury opposes intolerant Pluto, causing everyone to take offense at even the most insignificant remarks. Finally, the Moon’s square to gloomy Saturn at 9:58 pm makes it difficult to find anything to celebrate about the day, except the fact that it’s over! 


People who get in the way of your good time will get a nasty shock. You don’t hesitate to unleash that famous anger of yours on nay-sayers, rule-followers, and depressives. Onlookers will laugh at these outbursts, but they’ll secretly fear getting close to you. When you feel your temper starting to rise, take a few deep breaths. Consider how your reputation will suffer if you throw a tantrum.


Relatives who have never understood you will criticize things you don’t consider important. Your obvious dismissal of these remarks will pour fuel on a quickly spreading fire. Maybe it’s best to express your anger and resentment toward people who have always tried to break your spirit. Unfortunately, friends won’t provide the comfort and reassurance you want. A little self-soothing may be necessary tonight.


You’re tired of other people taking credit for your fantastic ideas. Not only do they get the acclaim for your brilliance, but your supervisors are also making a fortune from it. A powerful desire to break away from the conventional workplace should be honored. However, you should not make the mistake of cutting ties with everyone in your professional life, as they can help you make a fresh start. 


Carefully observe your self-talk today. While everybody else is bragging about their minor accomplishments, you’re convinced that you haven’t done enough. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s time to stop hiding your light under a bushel. Practice accepting compliments with an open and happy heart. Stop castigating yourself every time you look in the mirror. Above all, dispense with false humility. 


You’re set in your opinions. This refusal to consider other points of view will get you into trouble. Suspend your disbelief and listen carefully to an authority figure you don’t respect. Although their revolutionary attitude offends your royal sensibilities, you must admit that their accomplishments are impressive. Think about offering an affordable service or product to expand your customer base or following. 


Mercury, your ruler, is touring your 12th House of Privacy, making you yearn for isolation. Dealing with colleagues is especially annoying. You’re tired of having to give way to loud, pushy people who only care about themselves. Take this opportunity to apply for jobs that allow you to do your job remotely. If you already work from home, stop giving your power away to others. Embody an air of authority that commands respect.


Memories of a destructive romance are dimming your radiance. Stop dwelling on the past and tell a new story. Get into the habit of imagining yourself as loved, adored, and cherished. Indulge in these meditations at ten-minute intervals for three times a day. Soon, feelings of bitterness and resentment will be replaced by profound happiness. At that point, your love life will burst back into flower. 


Expecting your career to fill an emotional void is unrealistic. No job can give you the happiness you seek. If work is making you miserable, make a bold move and find another opportunity. It might even be time to take a prolonged break from professional life, going on an extended vacation or pouring your energy into a creative project. Onlookers will accuse you of being crazy, but that’s nothing new. Follow your heart. 


Jupiter, your ruler, is prompting you to put too much emphasis on the importance of romance. You can be happy on your own; you don’t need anyone else to validate you. Get into the habit of practicing self-love. Buy yourself gifts, make more time for your favorite hobbies, and dress the way that makes you feel terrific. Many people will accuse you of being selfish, but one admirer will praise you for putting your needs first.  


A colleague will issue a harsh criticism that hurts your feelings. Although you’d never show your vulnerability, these remarks make you question your talent. At times like these, it’s important to remember your inherent worth. By loving yourself—warts and all—you’ll stop seeking the approval of others. Better yet, your newfound self-acceptance will help you reach heights of excellence you never dreamed possible. 


In the interests of productivity, you are issuing stern warnings to anyone who dares slack off at work. Although this results in an immediate uptick of work, a lackluster performance will soon return. That’s because people are best motivated by praise, not fear. Offer incentives to colleagues, relatives, and partners. Whenever you’re tempted to criticize, rack your brains for something positive to say. Otherwise, you’ll have a mutiny on your hands.


Resist the temptation to correct a relative’s behavior. The sooner you accept this family member for who they are, the better your relationship will become. Nobody likes to feel rejected. Use your infamous empathy to consider why this person acts as they do. If their toxic behavior is too much to bear, wish them well and keep your distance. Don’t react to their provocative remarks and hide them on social media if it brings you peace.