How Each Zodiac Can (And Should) Grow As A Partner
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How Each Zodiac Can (And Should) Grow As A Partner


Aries, you have an impulsive streak, but spontaneity isn’t always welcome in a relationship. You don’t want to spring things on your partner at the last second or go out without giving them an idea of when you’ll be back. Try to keep them in the loop. Try not to disappear on them.


Taurus, you have a stubborn side, but compromise is important in relationships. Next time you’re in an argument with your partner, try to see the situation from their side and give their ideas a real shot instead of automatically shooting down whatever they say.


Gemini, you have trouble sticking to decisions because you change your mind all the time, but you can’t go back and forth after making a promise to your partner. Only say what you mean. If you aren’t sure whether you can deliver on a promise, don’t make it. Your words have power, so be careful with them or you could lose your partner’s trust.


Cancer, you love to help your partner’s in any way possible, but you don’t want to make them feel like you’re underestimating them. If you baby them too much, they could feel like you don’t trust their judgement, like you don’t think they can handle life on their own. Give them a little space. Help if they ask you, but if they want to do something on their own, don’t argue.


Leo, you can be a little bossy, but relationships are about acting as teammates. You don’t want to order your partner around like they’re your employee or child. Treat them like a real equal. Show them respect, even when you’re frustrated or feel like you know best.


Virgo, you like to have a plan, but sometimes relationships need a little spontaneity. Sometimes you need to see where the weekend takes you without figuring out every little detail beforehand. Every once in a while, leave room for impulsivity so the relationship doesn’t feel too structured and rigid.


Libra, you’re non-confrontational, but problems will only grow if you aren’t honest with your partner about them. Bringing up what’s bothering you isn’t rude or inconvenient. It’s essential if you want the relationship to last. After all, the only way you’ll fix the problem is if you discuss the problem.


Scorpio, you can be possessive of the people you love, but you need to give them room to live their own life. You need to encourage their hobbies and passions instead of insisting they spend every free moment with you. It’s important to keep your individual identities, no matter how close you grow as a couple.


Sagittarius, you like to joke around and keep the mood light, but there is a time and a place for this behavior. You don’t want to accidentally minimize your person’s feelings by joking about them when they want to have a serious heart-to-heart. Sometimes, it pays to be serious.


Capricorn, your partner might value your intelligence, but that doesn’t mean they want you to correct them whenever they speak. If you argue with everything they say and nitpick little things that they get wrong, they’re going to feel like you feel they’re stupid, and you wouldn’t want that. 


Aquarius, you have a tendency to distance yourself when you’re stressed, but you don’t have to hide your darkest thoughts from your partner. You can and should open up to them about how you’re feeling. Don’t worry about burdening them. They want to be there for you. They want to help.


Pisces, you want to be there for your partner whenever they’re upset because it kills you to see them sad, but sometimes they need space more than anything else. Listen to what your partner wants instead of assuming they need a shoulder to cry on. They might just need some time.