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How Each Zodiac Deals With Loss


Aries tend to channel the pain associated with loss through anger. They lash out at others when they feel their emotions are too much to handle.


Taurus will not hesitate to contact their loved ones for support when dealing with loss. They need reassurance that everything will be okay from the people who know them best.


When dealing with loss, Gemini tends to withdraw completely. They pull away from the people who love them the most because they want to be alone with their thoughts. 


When dealing with loss, the Crab will find any reason to blame themselves for whatever went wrong. They feel overwhelming amounts of unwarranted guilt. 


When dealing with loss, Leo lets everything out. They give themselves permission to cry and feel all their feelings.


When dealing with loss, Virgo tries to rationalize what happened and make sense of it. They tend to choose facts over feelings when dealing with tough emotions. 


When dealing with loss, Libra will try to fix whatever happened, even when it’s beyond their control. They have a hard time accepting loss and reality.


When dealing with loss, Scorpio uses humor to mask their sadness. They try to laugh off the pain and protect themselves from the hurt. 


When dealing with loss, a Sag will blatantly ignore their pain. They distract themselves by staying busy and having fun, so they don’t have to think about it.


When dealing with loss, Capricorns throw themselves into work. They stay as busy as possible so they don’t have time to be sad.


When dealing with loss, Aquarians often turn to unhealthy habits to cope. They distract themselves in the only way they know how.


When dealing with loss, Pisces will withdraw from life altogether. They prefer to grieve privately and shut out the rest of the world until they feel stable.