Kate Gundareva

How Each Zodiac Sign Can Develop Psychic Awareness

The concept of Chakras is rooted in spiritual and religious traditions and beliefs. Chakras are energy points that run from the base of our spine all the way up to the crown of our head. The one that is talked about the most is the Third Eye. It is the 6th chakra located on the forehead, near the brow line. It is above the Throat Chakra, which balances emotion and reason, and below the Crown Chakra, the center of enlightenment.

The Third Eye is the portal to our intuition, a place of clarity and imagination. When our Third Eye is blocked or unbalanced, we might experience memory problems, vision problems, headaches or migraines, insomnia, feeling lost and stuck, and a lack of imagination. However, when the Third Eye is open and balanced, we will feel more aware, optimistic, imaginative, and intuitive.

This is what each zodiac can do to open and balance their Third Eye:


You are a very energetic, somewhat aggressive individual. To open your Third Eye, engage in martial arts, pilates, or yoga. These activities require focus and discipline, and that kind of mindfulness is crucial.


Not only do you value stability and groundedness, but you connect deeper to Mother Nature than most people. Try meditating in nature and going for a barefoot walk on the Earth. This is a great way to open your Third Eye.


Curious and adaptable, you are open to mindfulness techniques that can open your Third Eye Chakra. Try yoga — specifically the child’s pose, plow pose, or the supported shoulder pose. These are beneficial for stimulating energy and balancing your Third Eye Chakra.


You are most connected to the Third Eye Chakra, making you incredibly empathetic and intuitive to others’ needs. To open this Chakra, engage in activities that enhance your intuition, like writing down your dreams first thing in the morning, or practicing poetry.


You can be quite confident and expressive, so what better way to open your Third Eye than through creative activities and means of expression? These pursuits are a great way for you to be more mindful and present.


You are incredibly analytical and judgemental of yourself. If you want to open your Third Eye and step into your Higher Self, you first have to believe you’re capable of that. Speak words of affirmation to yourself, including mantras like “I trust my intuition.” or “I have a healthy mind.”


You seek balance and harmony and living in a peaceful environment. Curate your space to be comfortable and quiet, with candles, incense, and soft pillows. Then, meditate and practice deep breathing exercises.


You are incredibly passionate, intense, and mysterious. To open your Third Eye, practice deep introspection like shadow work or Reiki. These will be incredibly transformative for you.


As a free spirit with an open mind, you are able to explore spirituality and philosophies easily. To open your Third Eye, try outdoor yoga and meditation. Being in nature will be a comfort to you.


As a disciplined and practical individual, it’s unsurprising that your Third Eye is closed. That is why mindfulness meditation and other self-reflection practices (like journaling) are incredibly beneficial for you.


You are more open-minded than anyone else. You are more likely to buy a bunch of crystals and essential oils and engage in unconventional spiritual practices. Try lucid dreaming or simply breathwork techniques to open your Third Eye Chakra.


As an empathetic, intuitive individual, you are more likely to have an easier time opening your Third Eye Chakra. But to be sure, try tarot or seeing a psychic to connect with your spirit guides through meditation.