Igor Rand

How Each Zodiac Sign Deals With Anger This Winter


Aries is a fiery cardinal sign. They are naturally assertive and passionate, making it difficult to hide their feelings. Though they may explode with rage at times, they won’t hold a grudge for too long.


Taurus is slow and steady with most things in life — including anger. A slow build-up of fury is brewing inside them until they explode.


When a Gemini is angry, they tend to express it playfully, even though they may be fuming inside. They use sarcasm and humor to deflect.


Ruled by the moon, Cancer embodies sensitivity. Cancers aren’t the best at expressing anger and tend to take a passive-aggressive approach. 


The Lion is a bold creature with an endless amount of fiery passion. They will often take the high road (since they have better things to do with their time than argue). 


Libra is the least aggressive sign of the zodiac. It takes a lot to get them angry enough to vocalize it. They’re known as a voice of reason due to their rational nature. 


Virgo individuals are always down for a good debate. Being the bold, opinionated beings they are, they are never ones to back down from a fight. 


Scorpio feels emotions very deeply, including anger. They tend to stay quiet while planning their next move. 


Sagittarius-born natives are all about intelligence; when angry, they tend to get a bit snarky. 


Capricorns are all about productivity and working smarter. They view anger as a weakness (and a waste of precious time_. 


Aquarians are all about expressing their emotions with words. They want to talk through their anger and get to the issue’s root. 


Pisces is one of the most forgiving signs of the zodiac, so their anger tends to dissipate quickly. If they are angry, they keep it hidden from the world.