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How Loyal Are Your People? Based On Their Zodiac Sign


Though a dedicated Aries is one of the most loyal signs, Aries can also be fiery and impulsive. Even the best-intentioned can be led astray by a magnificent opportunity, or the perfect words on a perfect night. You don’t need to watch them like a hawk, but be aware that a change in attitude can be indicative of a larger issue. And they certainly won’t be the type to stand down if they begin to feel your judgment.


It’s impossible to be as stubborn as a Taurus without also being loyal, too. Tauruses are generally very devoted partners and friends. If they’re having a problem with you, they’ll say it. They’re not the type to sneak around and be deceitful–on the contrary, they’re likely to confront you immediately if there’s a complication that needs addressing. They aren’t covering anything up by being direct.


Once a Gemini is sure about you, they’re as loyal as can be. In the meantime, however, it’s hard for them to stay focused on just one person, just one exciting thing at a time. This is most evident in the early stages of your relationship with them, where you may feel like you’re walking on thin ice trying to keep your partnership together. Don’t panic if it feels shaky–they’re just trying to see if this is worth settling down for.


If you want someone to go to war for you, to defend you against friends and family, to stay beside you even when life makes living unimaginably difficult, Cancer is the sign for you. Because Cancers love so deeply, this makes them fiercely loyal to anyone that they take into their inner circle. You don’t have to worry about how they act when you aren’t around–chances are, it’s even better than when you are around.


Leos are incredibly loyal but you have to earn that loyalty. They aren’t just going to shower love and affection over the first person they come across. Once you’ve proven yourself to be a worthy partner, then Leo will pull out all of the stops. If you feel a Leo drifting away, you might want to have a conversation about where the relationship is headed before anyone gets hurt. Otherwise, you’re in for a happy life.


Loyalty is a quality that Virgos hold highly, but that doesn’t mean they always follow it. Though they seem assured on the outside, Virgos can be very indecisive when it comes to love. They want to be sure that the person they’re committing to is worth their time before putting in the effort to be loyal and honest with them. It may feel like a slow-moving process, but just be patient. If it’s meant to be, Virgo will show up for you.


You might expect the notoriously indecisive Libras to be unloyal, but Libras are generally loyal partners. There’s nothing they love more than the feeling of being in love, and they’ll do anything to preserve it once they have it. However, if the doubt begins to creep in, Libras will probably look elsewhere for affection, preferring to go down in flames than fade quietly into nothing. Be loyal to them and they’ll be loyal back.


When a Scorpio is truly in love, they’ll be more loyal than you could possibly imagine. However, given that Scorpios are so difficult to read and are comfortable hiding their emotions, it might not seem like they’re very loyal at all. But you must look for it in the little things–how they put their arm around you in public, or how their friends treat you. It’ll shine in the mundane even if they don’t outright say it.


Typically, Sagittariuses are quite loyal. But that loyalty can be shaken seemingly at random. Due to their flighty and inconsistent nature, Sagittariuses are always looking for the next fresh, exciting thing to attach themselves to. Sometimes that’s just a new vacation or new piece of media, but sometimes it’s people. Remember, you don’t have to put up with anything that makes you feel less than valued. 


Though Capricorns are steady, consistent, and reliable, it’s rare that they invest full loyalty into any of their relationships. Before anything or anyone, Capricorns know they must protect their hearts and minds from sorrow. They build walls between themselves and true happiness as a means of preservation and, in the process, block themselves off from experiencing full loyalty towards another. It can be learned, with time.


Aquarians love the feeling of being in love, but they don’t always love feeling tied down to one person. This doesn’t mean that they’re unloyal, but that until they feel convinced that your relationship is built to last they may be keeping their options open. There’s nothing Aquarius likes more than a good conversation, so don’t be afraid to address any concerns you may have with them directly. 


More than just loyal, if a Pisces feels strongly about a person then they are 100% all in. A dedicated Pisces will do anything to prove themselves as a worthy partner, and unwavering loyalty is part of the package. You’ll never have to wonder where you stand with a Pisces–they’ll make their joy and their unhappiness known in equal parts. You can rest easy knowing that they’re telling you the truth.