Lucas Andrade

How To Get Each Zodiac To Bare Their Souls


Get them alone.

Aries are always politically correct, so if you want to learn what they’re really thinking, you’re going to have to wait until the crowd disperses. They won’t criticize anyone or voice an unpopular opinion openly, and you’ll never get to know an Aries if you’ve only heard their approved talking points. They are extremely complex and loyal individuals, and they won’t open up to you until they feel a distinct bond between the two of you.


Prove you have taste.

A Taurus is never going to talk shop with someone who doesn’t know the trade, and that includes talking about themselves. You’ve got to show you have more than a shred of credibility in their area of interest. Prove that you’ve done your homework. Display your ability to craft and articulate your own opinions. There’s nothing they hate more than the laziness of repeating a mere soundbite without understanding the context. Let them hear your hot take.



Geminis are busy; there’s no getting around it. If you really want to get to know them, a few days of texting isn’t going to cut it. They’re going to be at work, with friends and family, grinding away at their side hustle. Just because you’re new to their life doesn’t mean you’re entitled to their constant attention. Make plans in advance, and keep chipping away at them one conversation at a time. Put in the work.


Close listening.

Remember the last trippy sci-fi/murder/mystery show you watched? How every little detail connected to the larger plot line and reveal? That’s exactly how you describe getting Cancer to open up. You have to pay close attention to the breadcrumbs they feed you, and there’s no rewind or captioning available. Keeping up is your only option. Connecting the dots and asking your own questions. They will reward your dedication by satisfying your curiosity. 


Give them a microphone.

All jokes aside, Leos just need an audience. Sure, they might have a little stage fright, at first, but all they really want is to know someone wants to listen to them. It’s what they’ve been dreaming of and waiting for since they were young. Hype them up a little, and let them know how enthusiastic you are about hearing what they have to say. They will give you an encore without making you beg. 


Tease them.

I don’t want to endorse negging in any way, but you have to show a Virgo you’re not intimidated by them, otherwise, you’ll never separate yourself from their fans. They have an inherent wisdom that manifests itself in the tough love people line up around the corner for. If you can poke a little fun at the self-importance it gives them, you will crack through their shell and separate the human from the myth. 


Elevate the topic of conversation.

A Libra is not going to get deep with you talking about anything basic. Taylor Swift, sports, and the weather have no place in the conversation. It’s your job to demonstrate that you are capable of complex, emotionally intelligent, and intellectual thinking. Name the game, and a Libra is ready to sit across the table from you and play. They won’t go easy on you once they realize you’re in their weight class.



It’s going to take time and consistency on your part, but in order to get a Scorpio to open up, you must, must, must prove to them that you’re telling the truth. They have a deep understanding of emotion, which makes the mechanisms of manipulation all too apparent for them. They know how others take advantage by exhibiting false interest. So just make good on your word. Their trust must be earned before you can enjoy it. 


Get them to mirror you.

A Sagittarius loves wandering off to a corner of the party with someone they see as shy or quiet and getting to know everything about them. It’s their opportunity to play an interview host. But the sweet thing about them is that when you bare your soul, they’ll never leave you hanging out there alone. For every secret you tell, they’ll spill something about themselves so you’ll feel you’re in good company.


Show some integrity.

Capricorns need to see that you’re not the office gossip. Keep what’s said between you in confidence, and don’t run off and talk about them behind their back as soon as they give you anything juicy. They know news travels fast in small circles and don’t believe in incessant trash-talking, no matter how frustrated they are. It’s not a good look for anyone, and they pride themselves on rising above the pettiness.


Listen to their spiel. 

It’s natural, to want to know everything about an Aquarius. They are intriguing individuals. But the way you crack that nut is to let them do their thing. They are always working on a project, or for a cause, and you simply need to listen to what they want to talk about. There is always a segue between what they’re doing and who they are at their core. You just need to follow the thread.


Interrupt their daydream.

The only way to get to know a Pisces is to highjack their attention. Show that you can tell they’re deep in reverie while staring out a window, and ask them what they’re thinking about because it’s clearly not the surroundings or the weather. They keep their ideas to themselves because they assume most of the world isn’t tuned into the scope of what their mental world has to offer. All you have to do is buy a ticket.