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How To Know If Each Zodiac Really Trusts You


They will show you their emotions and vulnerability. They love to appear strong, cold-hearted and unbothered, but if you really get to know them and if they really trust you, you will see a very sensitive side. They will tell you all about their previous heartbreaks, they will tell you their weaknesses, and they will be an open book. They are human, after all, but it takes someone very special to bring out that side in them. 


They will show you their goofy side. Although they’re normally reserved, wise, and cautious around people, they have a very foolish, funny, and goofy side that only their closest friends get to see. If they trust you, they will loosen up around you and show you their more playful and unsophisticated personality and they will certainly start pulling pranks on you. 


They will show you their serious side. Geminis are known for their fun, lighthearted, and sarcastic nature. They’re always cracking jokes and making fun of others. You may think they’re incapable of taking anything seriously or having a deep conversation, but the truth is, they actually mask their deeper and more serious side behind all these jokes. They only open up and talk about serious issues to maybe one or two people, so if they trust you, you will see the wiser, more grounded and rational version of them. 


They will show you their box of memories. Although they’re normally more open and expressive than others and they’re not afraid to reveal their emotions, they don’t really let people know the innermost details of their lives. They keep certain memories and certain photos to themselves, but they have it all stored somewhere so they can go through them every now and then. If they show you their grandmother’s diary or the ticket to the very first concert they went to with their best friend, chances are they want you to be a big part of their future and they are giving you a recap of their past. 


If they let you take the lead. Leos never surrender and they don’t trust anyone else to make decisions for them because they believe that they’re smarter than anyone they know, so if they let you make decisions from time to time, or if they follow your plan instead of sticking religiously to theirs, then they trust you enough to follow your lead because they know that you won’t let them down. 


They cry in front of you. Virgos never cry or show their weakness, no matter what they’re going through. They don’t want sympathy or people feeling sorry for them, as they are always the ones comforting others. So if they cry or shed a few tears around you, then they must really trust you to show you a side of them that no one ever sees, not even their parents. 


They tell you their best friend’s secrets. Libras are usually very protective of their friends and their secrets, but occasionally they may spill a few things or seek your advice, so if they tell you about the latest drama with their best friends or ask you for your advice on what you think their best friend should do, they really trust you and they know for sure that you won’t tell a soul what you just heard. 


They will give you their password. Scorpios are usually very private and they hate snooping—that’s why they don’t like anyone to know their passwords or phone passcode. But if they share any of their passwords with you, then you must be really special to them, and they probably know that you won’t go through their messages or emails.  


They will tell you about their failures. They hate losing or quitting or admitting that they failed to do something. They will always sugarcoat their failures and make it look like they didn’t even care to begin with, but the truth is, they can’t shake it off and it’s causing them so much anxiety. You will never know that a Sagittarius is struggling or losing unless they explicitly tell you so, and if they do, know that it’s probably the hardest thing they’ve ever done and it means they really trust you. 


They will invite you to spend the holidays with them and their family. Capricorns love their family more than anything and they’re always spending the holidays and all special occasions with them, so if they invite you over or ask you to spend the holidays with them, then they consider you a part of their family and they feel safe around you. 


They ask you to travel with them. They are known for their love of solo travel and solo adventures, so it’s not common for an Aquarius to ask someone to join them in one of their exotic vacations because they enjoy their own company and they love exploring new destinations by themselves so if they ask you to join, that means they trust you and want to share a part of their world with you because when it comes to traveling, they’d rather travel alone unless you’re someone really special to them. 


They will answer your calls every time. Consider yourself lucky if all your calls are answered on time because they usually take days, sometimes weeks, to get back to people because they take frequent breaks and they ignore messages and calls all the time. But if they trust you and they know that you won’t disturb their alone time, they will likely make an exception for you and answer your calls on time or maybe a day later.