Ike Louie

How To Know When Each Zodiac Sign Is Secretly Unhappy In Life


They act more impulsive than ever. When Aries is secretly unhappy in life, they basically do whatever they can to feel alive again and usually this comes in the form of being reckless. This includes staying out late, starting fights, slacking off at work, etc. While Aries is impulsive as it is, they become even more rash the unhappier they become.


They start treating themselves like crazy. Taurus is a steadfast and practical earth sign who is usually extremely level-headed and responsible. However, when life isn’t going Taurus’ way, they tend to self-soothe through treating themselves to shopping, nice dinners out, and other luxuries. This is their way of trying to fill a void.


They distract themselves. With pretty much everything and anything. Think social events, work, studies, new hobbies, dating, you name it; Gemini will do it. Gemini would rather run themselves into the ground than face what could be wrong. If Gemini is over-scheduling themselves, consider this to be a red flag that they’re hurting. Big time.


They stay home even more than usual. While Cancer does love to hunker down and stay home, when they’re secretly unhappy, Cancer will isolate more than normal. As the sign of the crab, this is a self-protective technique, not dissimilar from the crab hiding in their shell. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though, as Cancer recharges with alone time. This gives them the space to self-reflect on what isn’t working so they can start making the moves to fix whatever it is that is ailing them.


They stop taking care of themselves. Leo is seriously struggling with feeling content with their life and themselves when they stop practicing self-care. Everything they do is the literal bare minimum when it comes to taking care of themselves. And it’s showing.


They become super anxious. Virgo’s resting state is on edge. Add unhappiness to the mix and their perfectionism goes into overdrive, triggering their anxiety even more. When Virgo is unhappy with life, they will try anything and everything to fix it and themselves. But sometimes, this self-improvement bender can actually make the dissatisfaction that much worse.


They hyper-focus on the area they believe is causing their problems. When Libra’s life feels off-kilter, the sign of the scales will overcompensate in the life area they believe to be the culprit in order to restore a semblance of balance and harmony. This could be their relationship, their work, school, or even themselves.


They become irritable over seemingly insignificant things. When Scorpio is feeling some type of way about life, and that type of way is Very Bad, these emotions will pour into every area in life. Minor inconveniences become catastrophes. Small disagreements become brawls. Bad days become horrific nights. You get the picture.


They’re not as optimistic. In fact, you might even describe Sagittarius as negative when they’re not vibing 100 with their life situation. Sagittarius is an incredibly positive at baseline. They are hopeful for the future and make the best out of any problem. But when they’re feeling deeply discouraged with their current state of affairs, this colors their perspective of everything else too.


They are completely exhausted. When Capricorn isn’t happy with their life, they become utterly lethargic. It doesn’t matter how much sleep or downtime Capricorn seems to get, it is never enough. Even work, their favorite thing, seems to be losing Capricorn’s engagement. Essentially, Capricorn is totally shut down and tired.


They’re totally MIA. The telltale sign that Aquarius is feeling disillusioned with their current circumstances is that they completely go off the grid. You want to reach them? Good luck! Aquarius will go inward to try to self-reflect. Aquarius has a logical approach to unhappiness; figure out the root. And sometimes, alone time is the only way to get the focus needed to get to the bottom of it.


They always seem to be distracted. When Pisces is secretly unhappy in life, you’ll notice that they seen completely disconnected from the present moment. You’ll catch them staring off into space, zoning out during important conversations, and ultimately being anywhere but here. They’re basically using daydreaming as a coping mechanism to escape whatever less-than-ideal reality they’ve found themselves in currently.